Marie Antoinette

They say you can't have
Your cake and eat it too.

But someone also said,
At one point in history,
Let them eat cake.

I just want fucking cake.
But I can't have any kind of
Cake I actually want.

I guess my favorite is cheesecake.
But in the college front,
I've had to settle for like
Chocolate or something.
You know, something that's still
Pretty good, just not anything you
Were in the mood for to begin with.

In the personal relations department,
I don't think I have any.
Or like, someone keeps taking mine.
Or makes it for me and then tells
Me I can't have it.

Either way, I am cakeless.

But I guess it's better that way, right?
I mean, there's nothing that healthy
Or good about cake anyway.

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