Walking Contradiction

I serve as an
Example of someone
In an equilibrium
That doesn't make sense.

I'm a Catholic
Who reads
(And loves)

I'm a girl
Who can
(At times)
Think like a boy.

I am conservative
And liberal
At the same time.

I am sensitive
But I can be strong
And rough when
I have to.

I give people advice
And most times
I don't want them
To follow it.

Needs some glaring
Contradictions in their

It adds variety
And interestingness.


3oh!3 (M.S.O.)

I apologize for the crappy original photography from when I saw these dudes in May 2010.  SO GOOD LIVE.  But anyway, their latest album, Streets of Gold, came out today, and being the good fan that I am, I downloaded it immediately.  I even paid 10 bucks for it on iTunes. And I think it was totally worth it.

These guys have really really fun pop-electro-rap party music.  If you're looking for a deeper meaning, there isn't any.  Well, except for when they talk about how kids are just really messed up on sluts, drugs, and reckless behavior.  When they first came out with the self-titled debut, the music definitely had hip-hop roots.  And then they hit fame with "Don't Trust Me" off their second Want album.  That song definitely had a more pop feel but it was definitely a better direction.  Sure, some may argue that it isn't anything original, but it is definitely the cream of the crop in terms of that kind of music.  I mean, J Bigga and Jeffree Star follow a similar genre, but these guys' voices are way less annoying and the lyrics make sense.  Somewhat.

Plus, who doesn't love an adorable vegetarian and a hot ridiculously tall dude rapping?

Irrationality (R.P.)

Yes, I do have a fear of losing people.  But yay, no one mega close to me will be in combat.  PMS makes me think and write really stupid crap.

Like this half-assed entry due to lack of anything interesting.


One of My Fears

I reread the
Part of Questionable Content
When Faye's dad killed himself

And Jeph went on to talk
About how the suicide or the death
Of a loved one could
Really fuck up someone's psyche.

It got me thinking about
Something me and SCBFF
Talked about.

Us being exes doesn't
Phase or worry me as much
As him being in ROTC does.

Because, I mean,
People can die in every day
Life, just going through their routine.
But he might be in the military,
One day, hopefully never,
Where it's a constant threat.

And my worst fear
Is losing him.

I'd be fucking devastated.
But I won't start
Doing things to prevent
It from happening,
Like superstitions,
But I just want him in my life.

Like, you know,
Not permanently going
Through that dumb phase
When we didn't talk
For about a year.

I'd miss the advice,
The banter,
The dumb moments,
And most of all,
The friendship.



Y'know that song
"Airplanes" by B.o.B.
Where the lyrics are
"Can we pretend that
Airplanes in the night sky
Are like shooting stars and
I could really use a wish right now?"

I don't.

I hate wishing for things.

Because I'm never specific enough,
I guess,
Because when I get something
That loosely interpreted
Is what I wished for,
It's not exactly what I wanted.

And I don't want to
Kill the spontaneity
By being too specific.


I'm impatient
In the sense that
I can wait to get somewhere,
But I would really want to
Get off the same
Road I'm using to get there.

Like with subways.
The more transfers
I can make,
The better the journey is.

I haven't found
A train to
Transfer to
To get on a better one.


Beach Trip With the Besties (B.o.A.)

6/26/2010Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

6/26/2010 by jladz65 featuring Hurley swimwear

Today, Spike and Live are hanging out with me because we haven't met up since spring break.  And yesterday was their anniversary.  So big congratulations to them! (Just an fyi, we found out Michael Jackson died AFTER they made it official)

My bikini is indeed from Hurley, the shorts are also from Hurley, hoodie from some band I got at Zumiez, tote is different but it is red, and I'm wearing vans because I will be driving.  Good thing my head doesn't hurt too bad. 



I could've had a driving lesson,
But decided not to.

I could've gotten my picture taken,
But decided not to.

I could've hung out with Mulan and Tudor Girl,
But decided not to.

I could've made dinner (lasagna),
But decided not to.

I did nothing,
Except study a bit of French.

I did another thing.
But I like to keep a filter
On what goes on the blog.


Prince of Persia (M.R.)

Poster courtesy of The Daily Stab
Stop being distracted by the poster.  Yes, that is Jake Gyllenhaal, a white dude, playing a Persian.  But this is a movie based off a video game, so as long as he remotely resembles the dude in that, I think it is fine.  That being said, Prince of Persia has been one of the most fun action films I have seen in a while.  The movie did well in the plot, stunt, and suspense departments.

The movie tells the story of a man named Destan, who was taken off the streets of Persia when he young by the king, thus making him a prince of Persia.  After a successful raid and a framed murder, the prince must run away and uncover the secrets of ta weapon that can reverse time.  During the movie, I find myself actually caring about what happens to the characters, especially Destan, even though he does possess ungodly strength.  The movie's plot varies from the video game's because the video game focuses more on monsters and Armageddon caused by the Sands of Time.  The movie just touches on that.  So even though making a video game based off a movie based off a video game sounds silly, I guess people want a game that would mimic the movie.

The stunts performed by Jake Gyllenhaal, probably mostly enhanced by CGI, match video-game style improbability and awesomeness.  Many transition scenes mimicked that of a video game, when you cut away from the hero for a bit to learn a bit of back story.  The fight scenes are like those in a game and sometimes I wanted to just grab a controller and help Destan out.  But me with my gaming skills would not do much.

Scenes involving Destan escaping various armies and fighting off baddies ("boss battles" as I called them during the movie) had me on the edge of my seat.  Bwrah cradled herself a lot, but given that the movie seems like it is being played by a dude on expert mode, nothing bad would happen except for a cut or two.  Even when things got hopeless, I wanted to know how to it would be resolved, and the possibilities were endless.

In short, Prince of Persia was a great way to start off the summer movie season.  I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys action movies that do not feature many explosions and can actually be remembered.

Rating: 9/10

Cinderella Doesn't Know

Cinderella doesn't know what she wants.
She wants the liberation.
She wants the safety of a commitment.

And, she means,
She wants a summer fling.
Something to put water in the desert
For a bit.
But she doesn't think
She'll be good at that.

She also would prefer
A serious relationship.
But she doesn't think,
No she's convinced,
That she wouldn't be too good
At that either.

She wants a fairy tale
And a fairy tale ending.
She just doesn't feel ready.


Sonisphere (M.S.O.)

All images credit: Sonisphere Official Website (would've been easier to find a pic if I spoke Bulgarian)

As many of my friends know, I do not really listen to metal.  Sure, I'll venture into the occasional Atreyu or System of a Down (I don't think they count).  But I can appreciate good music when I hear it.  Last night, Mulbolt took me to see the Sonisphere Festival in theaters which featured the Big Four of metal: Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer, and Metallica.  It was a lot of fun and had me thinking that more bands should do that kind of thing to reach out to more fans, instead of having unknown DVD releases.  Either way, it was a load of fun and I am commenting on each band.

By the way, I will only be talking about the performances and not the actual music.  Even though it was fun, it will not turn me into a metal head any time soon.
I know Anthrax, honestly, because of VH1.  Scott Ian is on most countdowns, commenting on stuff like hard rock music and fads of the decades.  But honestly, I though Anthrax was one of the better performances at the event.  The lead singer was really enthusiastic and the songs were good.  I mean, they each had variety so it was easy to tell when the song changed.  This one happened earlier in the day, so crowd action was not too exciting, except for those random dudes trying to start a mosh pit in an open area (mosh pit fail).

This was my first time listening to Megadeth.  It was nice to see that they are relatively normal looking and not like...those cartoons in Dethklok.  It is a silly comparison, I know. The lead singer must have been high or something because he could barely open his mouth or sing into the microphone.  I thought that was a bit disappointing.  The guitarists were very chilled out, not as much thrashing as Anthrax.  But perhaps they are the chill metal band...who knows.

They really remind me of System of a Down.  Clearly, I am getting any embarrassing comments out of the way first.  Oh, not musically, physically.  Their music was really monotonous.  The intros were good, but I guess it is rather difficult to put variety into shredding on a guitar.  To start with, it is fairly hard enough to play such fast notes live on stage without messing up.  My favorite part was the fan reaction in the theater.  My other favorite was Jeff Hanneman's Heineken-esque logo on his guitar.  I want one.  It would go great with my J├Ągermeister hat.

They are so good live!  I was most impressed with their performance.  There was lots of shredding, but also tons of melody.  Melody is my favorite thing in songs, unless it is minimalist techno.  The lead singer showed much enthusiasm.  One of the more memorable things from their performance was the bassist's epic crab-walking.  I have a feeling he can barely stand up straight on his own.  In that picture, he is leaning against a pillar.  That does not count.  The highlight of the night was when Metallica asked the rest of the Big Four to come out and perform a cover of "Am I Evil" by Diamond Head together, which was, as they said, "history in the making."


Bat Shit Crazy

I've realized
That not all
My breakups lead to me
Going crazy.

None of them did.

Sure, I cried a lot.
Sure, I started working
Out and dieting a buttload.
Sure, I ignored some people.
Sure, I learned a ton of stuff.

But I never
Acted out,
Went on a drug binge,
Went on a eating spree,
Never really hated people
(Except for one person,
But that's got
Nothing to do with a breakup).

Didn't feel it was necessary.
Plus, relationships
Last a few months.
Break-up shock lasts
A few days.
Addictions and really
Bad spur of the moment ideas
Could last years.

I've heard horror stories
Where a woman finds out
Her man is gay and
Just goes completely crazy.
I can see how that works,
Losing trust in what other
People tell you.
But who am I to give advice?


The Talented

They're those kids
And men
And women
Sitting on stoops,
On subways,
And in cafes.

They usually are accompanied
By an acoustic guitar,
But sometimes there's
A bass guitar,
A violin,
A harmonica,
Maybe even an accordion.

These are the kids
And men
And women
Who don't get
Enough recognition for
Their talent
Because there are others
Forced into an instrument
Who treat music
More as a science,
A how-to,
Than an art.

Or maybe they're
The kids who don't have
The connections to
Great music schools
That cost too much
And don't even excel
In genres other than
Classical music.

But these kids
And men
And women
Have a special spark.

As Daniel Tosh would say,
"For that, we thank you."


Toy Story 3 (M.R.)

I have not been to a kid's movie in forever.  A lot of them, as my friend Alice Dork expressed, tend to remind people that they are watching  a kid's movie with ridiculous dumb laughs which apparently only children can appreciate.  But Toy Story 3 had a good balance of plot, laughs, and charm that most people could appreciate it.

The story is basically that their owner, Andy, is going off to college and the toys are uncertain of their fate.  After a mishap with his mother, they toys wind up at a day care center, which seems warm and inviting but is actually a nightmarish hell hole run by mafia-esque bear named Lotso.  So, you can imagine the rest of the movie is about them trying to get away.

Well, thanks to Toy Story 3, I now know how a garbage dump works and what happens to my stuff once I discard it.  But the connection the toys had to their kid was incredible.  And it really showed how important friendship is.  If that does not sell you on the movie, there is a sequence with Hispanic Buzz Lightyear, aka El Buzzo.

The jokes in the movie were funny, such as references to eBay and the toys' ability to use computers and read instruction manuals and what not.  I thought it was really funny.  And the irony of Sunnyside Daycare split my sides.

Me being a teenager and seeing this movie and enjoying it shows that the latest Toy Story installment is appropriate for kids and "kids" of all ages.  I highly recommend it to anyone.

Rating: 9/10


Soccer Watch

Guys, be adventurous!

There's a ball for that.

45 minutes and nothing's happened
Yet?  What the hell is this, baseball?

I mean, I know you guys
Can't break each other's defenses
But still, you can take a risk
And just go for it.

...that really sounds
Like advice I should be giving

Drama Queen

Boy, all you
Need is a sparkling
Crown, a pretty dress,
Some pumps,
A sash, and flowers,
And, hot damn, you'll be
Able to play the part.

You need angst sounds
Coming out like
Puke noises from
Your voice and fake tears
For nothing coming
Out those sweet,
Sweet eyes of yours.

But then you'd have to
Compete against the girls
Who are much better at it
Than you are.

But it's always worth a shot.


There's Truth There

There's some truth
Behind every joke,
Every just kidding,
Every "I'm fine,"
And every awkward silence.

Try it for yourself.


Kitchen Adventures! (N.a.P.)

Well, my friends and I got together today to bake a cake for our favorite webcomic artist, Jeph Jacques.  Happy birthday Jeph!  He writes Questionable Content, a fantastic little comic about indie rock, love, and robots.  This robot is Pintsize.  He's the best: inappropriate, yet totally useful.
This is taco pizza.  Me and PBD made this because we wanted to.  I mean, what's so bad in it?  It's tacos on top of pizza.  Well, there wasn't much mozarella or tomato sauce.  The red stuff is salsa.



Image courtesy of istockphoto

There's a first time
For everything.
And this first time
Was not one of my
It's hard to set a
Tired kid who
Hates going
Too fast  in
A situation where
You have to be alert
And going a bit fast.

But making turns,
Remembering to look around,
Pressing the brake
(Not stepping on it),
Seemed hard at first.
And I'm only going
To get better at it.



I wish I could exude
As much cool
As Franz Ferdinand does
In their songs.

I wish I could be
As comfortable with myself
As Christina Aguilera is
In her music videos.

I wish I could be
As fit as those dudes
In the world cup, even
Though I'm not a dude.

Argh, not this shit again.


Sad Drunks

Dear my friend,

It's okay.  I hope
You know that I still
Love you.

I don't care how hard
You cried on me.
I don't care how emo
And insecure you got.

I still love you.

Friends are there
To love friends
In all types of states.

Be it drunk,
New Jersey,
New York,
I'm to love you at all states.

And I love you right now.




What's not to like?
You're just making food.

Dirty Cinderella

Finding clothes
Last ones
In her size
And on sale
And it's magic
Because most
People don't have that.

Sort of trashy,
Mostly classy,
Chilling out until 1 AM.

A cute body
And red lips
Could get her so far,
As far as getting cute
Boys and leaving
Them at the bar.

She's a dirty Cinderella.
Not the one you
Read about in fairy tales,
But the one that's defined
By the streets and hot spots
Of the modern age.

Photo courtesy of photobucket (Don't remember what I searched, sorry!)


Copa Del Mundo

Back and forth
That green field
In Johannesburg, South Africa.

Teams representing
Countries, playing against each other,
But bringing people
Together as well.

Game after game,
For the next month...
Looks like my life will
Be soccer.

I'm not even that big a fan.

Image courtesy of Fifa


New Moon (M.R.)

Image courtesy of Twimamas
Twilight Saga: New Moon...in status updates!  No way does this deserve a legit review.

"Why does showing the logo take up the first minute of the film?"

"How high is she?  Last time I ran through the streets of Italy, I didn't wind up in a field of daisies with my bf there sparkling.  (For the record, my bf doesn't sparkle.  Or exist.)  (Hers doesn't exist either.)"

"They are not kidding when they say he sparkles.  There goes my eye sight."

"Bella does NOT age well.  Just sayin'."

"OH HO HO HO.  You're so clever, papa Swann.  And random dorky friends."

"Does she know that laughing is acceptable during jokes?"

"The mullet has never looked good on anyone.  Even if you have biceps.  You know who else has biceps AND a mullet?  Hulk Hogan."

"You can give him...YOUR VIRGINITY.  Oh yeah, I went there."

"Some people are crying...what saps.  My school doesn't let us snuggle during in-class movies!"

"People were not joking about the massive amount of dramatic pauses."

"Show me the love = let's stand together and scowl.  I didn't know this movie took place at a hipster concert."

"DUDE NO ONE is that calm when being hurled into a table, or when they're getting stitches."

"You can't protect me.  CLEARLY.  His relative just hurled her into a table and he didn't do anything.  Great job, nonexistant vampire boyfriend."

"I guess when you haven't gotten any in 109 years, a makeout session can lead to jizzing."

"Don't be so dramatic.  He's only going away for a little while.  You can go on with your life without me.  That sounds rational.  Until they start talking about their souls and shit.  Way to take soul mates to such a literal level."

"You sat in your chair.  For a few months.  My God.  You got some shitty friends.  At least your dad cares :D"

"All the people in this movie are so articulate.  Like, seriously."

"Jacob kind of looks like a wolf.  That's hilarious."

"...holy shit.  This movie is Romeo and Juliet featuring the inarticulate.  I'm done.  I am done."

Rating: 3/10

Rain On, Rain Off (B.O.A.)

6/10/10Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

6/10/10 by jladz65 

So I think I am in love with leggings.  They are so comfy and are just like black skinny jeans.  But not made out of denim and actually fit my ass.  Except when I left the house, my legs were fine.  About thirty minutes later, they were burning up.  But then it rained.  And then it sunshined!  And now I don't want to know what's going on.  I also discovered this really cute coffee shop by my house.  Those of you who are fans of Questionable Content should check out Grumpy.  It's like Coffee of Doom except run by dudes.

Shirt is from Esprit, leggings from Tart via Nordstrom Rack, skirt from a thrift store, converse shoes, scarf from Hot Topic, and bag from Coach.

Getting My Permit (B.O.A.)

6/9/10Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

6/9/10 by jladz65 featuring Levis jeans

So yesterday, I went to the DMV to get my permit (meaning, wait in a million lines and take a test and then sit on a bench for a half hour).  I thought I looked really cute in my military-esque jacket from Urban Outfitters, with my blue American Apparel tee, and dark blue Levi's jeans with converse.  I swear though, everyone there was either Asian or didn't know what a red box was or a total fucking hipster.  Seriously, I wanted to take pictures of certain people and send it to latfh.  But yay, I have a permit so that means I can begin that arduous task of learning how to drive.


Alejandro Video (N.a.P.)

Image courtesy of: Metro
Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" video came out yesterday and I watched it, being the good Lady Gaga fan I try to be.  I love Lady Gaga: her songs are catchy and the videos are pretty good.  I can say that about the song "Alejandro" but not about its video.

Since I have not followed Madonna enough to comment on whether or not she is being a copycat, I will not be talking about that.  Due to the diversity of readers I have, I am not going to go on a rant about all the cross-swallowing and latex nun habits (sorry I just find that kind of stuff a bit disrespectful).
I honestly expected a lot more out of the video.  Not in the sense of something outrageous happening, like her setting herself on fire, but maybe the video having more of a story.  Each of her other videos were embellishments of the songs they represented.  "Just Dance" takes place at a party, which is what the song is about.  "Poker Face" is about poker and a girl playing a bunch of guys, which is what that song is about.  "Bad Romance" talks about the relationship between the music industry and artists.  The "Telephone" video has nothing to do with a girl at a club with an overbearing boyfriend, but at least it had a story.  And ended with a "to be continued..."  I expected this video to be that continuation.  And I kind of wanted to see a hot love affair among Lady Gaga, Alejandro, Roberto, and Fernando, somehow explaining the song.

All the sex among her and the men makes the point about how society pushes men into having sex with women (Lady Gaga) to hide the fact that they are gay, but she wants them to be men.  There could have a been more subtle way of showing that.  Like, you know, not making it a porno or a pseudo-porno (yeah, you can tell I was one of those people who had issues with Christina Aguelera's latest video).  I have no problem with dude-on-dude action or girl-mimicking-dude-on-dude-action-with-dude action, but I just do not want to see it.

Subtlety is a lost art.


That Girl (Ill-Advised)

Do you think
She knows what she's doing?

Mmmm I don't think she cares.

I don't think she knows either.
Man, she looks like she
Bit into that dude's throat.

Haha that is the funniest shit
I have ever seen.

(I wonder if having ill-advised
Hook ups like that really is
As fun as it looks).


Lucid Dreams

It's actually pretty scary.
I was so scared
Last night

That I'd like start
And sleeptalking.

When I woke up
The first thing
I did was check
Whether or not I had called
Or texted anyone in my sleep.

Thank God.
I didn't.

Happy birthday to me!


Eighteen! (N.a.P.)

I've been under the impression for the longest time that when you turn 18 something magical happens.  I think it's the journey from being a kid to being legally an adult (and in my case, a graduate too!) that leads to the magic.

I feel good about myself.  I'm happier now.  And hopefully the next year will be awesome.



Nostalgia 5: Graduation Day

So today I am graduating.  I figured I'd like to end the "Nostalgia" series with the top 10 moments of high school, each complete with its own story (which is new).
  1. Kairos (senior year): It's a retreat.  Since I know underclassmen at my school read the blog, specific details end here.  But it was one of the most view-reforming experiences of my life.
  2. Greece trip (sophomore year): Most ridiculous moment of my life.  Hanging out with awesome people, falling in love for real for the first time...it was great trip.  And Greece is a beautiful country, with awesome food and gorgeous views.
  3. Orchestra (freshman year):  I will miss that teacher and the way he ran the music ensembles.  That was my strongest concert and one I won't forget.  I was at my musical forte at this time.  Not so much during senior year.
  4. Physics (junior year): I referenced this in the teachers entry.  But honestly, I don't know anything about physics but the memories are unique and irreplaceable.  As Steve Ward has said many times before, "you can't write this stuff!"
  5. The bathroom incident (senior year): Let's just say, friends don't let friends do stupid things.  Actually, let's say that this is the advice I am giving everyone I know for future reference.
  6. Speech (sporadically all four years):  I think this qualifies as a moment.  Because it's not a continuous thing.  But I've never been so bored or frustrated in all my life.  Honestly, I stayed on the team for the people and me being too proud to quit.
  7. Beginning of sophomore year (sophomore year):  This is something I never discuss.  Ever.  Too many people involved and half the time I start crying.  But Kairos helped me be able to talk about it.  It really changed my view on a lot of things and in many ways has made me a better person.
  8. Green Day concert (between junior and senior year):  They are my favorite band ever.  I still cannot believe I saw them in concert.  It was so much fun and the energy was electrifying.  I am so happy that I didn't leave the concert disappointed.  They remain my favorite band.
  9. First Legit Breakup (junior year): I've never been so upset all my life.  Actually, number 7 takes the cake for that.  But either way, I was not happy.  But I guess it taught me a lot of things.  Like for me personally, long distance doesn't work.  And that it's possible for people to be relatively happy for a while.
  10. Taking Four APs (senior year):  Yes, this counts as a moment.  I want to say "oh my God, never again!"  I am going to engineering school.  Doing too much work too often is going to be my life story.
Here are some songs that I think are nostalgic.  So after this, I begin the next chapter of my life: Cornell.  I'm excited to be living outside of home and being surrounded by lots of people all the time.  Today, I am changing the blog tagline from "Teenagerhood...what a ride" to "So I'm in college...how the f*ck did I get here?"

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    Nostalgia 4: Moments of Senior Year

    The Top 10 Moments of Senior Year
    1. Kairos
    2. Graduation
    3. Prom
    4. Christmas concert/ senior social dancing
    5. Stats class
    6. Bio class
    7. Speech fails
    8. College acceptances/ college rejections
    9. Lady Gaga concert
    10. Spring break



    I looked at pictures
    Of my cousin's boy.

    I haven't seen anyone cuter.


    Prom (N.a.P.)

    Prom in status updates! Same format as with the Cornell entry.

    "Joanna woke up this morning at 7:30 AM. At least I had to be up this early. somuchtodo."

    "Pilates at 8 AM to prevent that fat bitch from entering my field of vision."

    "Hmm...why is it so hot outside? This does not bode well."

    "Getting my nails done. French tips are actually really cute."

    "OMG WTF! I thought we had this afterprom shit in the bag last night..."

    "Thank God, I am getting facebook on my phone."

    "My hair looks really good, now onto makeup."

    "Aw, shit, I shouldn't have ordered that many tickets for afterprom."

    "OMG. I don't think I've looked this good since my sweet 16. I FEEL SO THIN."

    "I think me and Arizohta are looking spiffy :)"

    "Why am I so early to everything today? Knee Replacement must still be getting ready."

    "Aww her house is really cutie. AW DOGGIE! Omg, he's eating my prom date."

    "Aww Ms. Innocent looks really pretty. Man, everyone will."

    "So everyone's here, except for Designer Boy, who will be late. Who's surprised?! :D"

    "Haha, I don't remember the last time I was in a limo...haha it lights up. SHINY."

    "Okay, I figured out how to get into a car. SHIT I RIPPED MY DRESS. Hopefully, there is enough rouching to cover it up."

    "The Water's Edge is gorgeous! I wonder who else is here."

    "That...that's not a prom dress..."

    "Man, her date is awkward. He's a bit uh old."

    "Aww why won't he introduce her to us."

    "Cocktail hour was fun. Now give me some DANCING, BITCH."

    "Lol, I dunno half these songs but they're danceable. Yeah Papaya for dragging us out onto the dance floor."

    "The view of Manhattan is so pretty. This is such a great location."

    "Haha, the teachers are so cute dancing to Bad Romance."


    "Woooo that was fun. Now to take my prom date home and go to that comedy club thing."

    "Everyone in my group is exhausted and the other people are not in prom gear. Haha awkward."

    "I feel bad for Photographer being the token Asian. STOP MAKING JOKES AT HER."

    "Omg, poor Ms. Innocent. I don't think she can relate to any of this."

    "Haha, that was funny. But now I really want to sleep."

    "Home: 3:30 AM. Woke up: 10:15 AM. What the fuck. Oh well, at least last night was REALLY FUN. Seniors 2010!"

    Prom down, graduation and my birthday to go. :)