Alejandro Video (N.a.P.)

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Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" video came out yesterday and I watched it, being the good Lady Gaga fan I try to be.  I love Lady Gaga: her songs are catchy and the videos are pretty good.  I can say that about the song "Alejandro" but not about its video.

Since I have not followed Madonna enough to comment on whether or not she is being a copycat, I will not be talking about that.  Due to the diversity of readers I have, I am not going to go on a rant about all the cross-swallowing and latex nun habits (sorry I just find that kind of stuff a bit disrespectful).
I honestly expected a lot more out of the video.  Not in the sense of something outrageous happening, like her setting herself on fire, but maybe the video having more of a story.  Each of her other videos were embellishments of the songs they represented.  "Just Dance" takes place at a party, which is what the song is about.  "Poker Face" is about poker and a girl playing a bunch of guys, which is what that song is about.  "Bad Romance" talks about the relationship between the music industry and artists.  The "Telephone" video has nothing to do with a girl at a club with an overbearing boyfriend, but at least it had a story.  And ended with a "to be continued..."  I expected this video to be that continuation.  And I kind of wanted to see a hot love affair among Lady Gaga, Alejandro, Roberto, and Fernando, somehow explaining the song.

All the sex among her and the men makes the point about how society pushes men into having sex with women (Lady Gaga) to hide the fact that they are gay, but she wants them to be men.  There could have a been more subtle way of showing that.  Like, you know, not making it a porno or a pseudo-porno (yeah, you can tell I was one of those people who had issues with Christina Aguelera's latest video).  I have no problem with dude-on-dude action or girl-mimicking-dude-on-dude-action-with-dude action, but I just do not want to see it.

Subtlety is a lost art.

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