Nostalgia 5: Graduation Day

So today I am graduating.  I figured I'd like to end the "Nostalgia" series with the top 10 moments of high school, each complete with its own story (which is new).
  1. Kairos (senior year): It's a retreat.  Since I know underclassmen at my school read the blog, specific details end here.  But it was one of the most view-reforming experiences of my life.
  2. Greece trip (sophomore year): Most ridiculous moment of my life.  Hanging out with awesome people, falling in love for real for the first time...it was great trip.  And Greece is a beautiful country, with awesome food and gorgeous views.
  3. Orchestra (freshman year):  I will miss that teacher and the way he ran the music ensembles.  That was my strongest concert and one I won't forget.  I was at my musical forte at this time.  Not so much during senior year.
  4. Physics (junior year): I referenced this in the teachers entry.  But honestly, I don't know anything about physics but the memories are unique and irreplaceable.  As Steve Ward has said many times before, "you can't write this stuff!"
  5. The bathroom incident (senior year): Let's just say, friends don't let friends do stupid things.  Actually, let's say that this is the advice I am giving everyone I know for future reference.
  6. Speech (sporadically all four years):  I think this qualifies as a moment.  Because it's not a continuous thing.  But I've never been so bored or frustrated in all my life.  Honestly, I stayed on the team for the people and me being too proud to quit.
  7. Beginning of sophomore year (sophomore year):  This is something I never discuss.  Ever.  Too many people involved and half the time I start crying.  But Kairos helped me be able to talk about it.  It really changed my view on a lot of things and in many ways has made me a better person.
  8. Green Day concert (between junior and senior year):  They are my favorite band ever.  I still cannot believe I saw them in concert.  It was so much fun and the energy was electrifying.  I am so happy that I didn't leave the concert disappointed.  They remain my favorite band.
  9. First Legit Breakup (junior year): I've never been so upset all my life.  Actually, number 7 takes the cake for that.  But either way, I was not happy.  But I guess it taught me a lot of things.  Like for me personally, long distance doesn't work.  And that it's possible for people to be relatively happy for a while.
  10. Taking Four APs (senior year):  Yes, this counts as a moment.  I want to say "oh my God, never again!"  I am going to engineering school.  Doing too much work too often is going to be my life story.
Here are some songs that I think are nostalgic.  So after this, I begin the next chapter of my life: Cornell.  I'm excited to be living outside of home and being surrounded by lots of people all the time.  Today, I am changing the blog tagline from "Teenagerhood...what a ride" to "So I'm in college...how the f*ck did I get here?"

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