Sleeping Next to Someone During a Heat Wave

Taken from nocturnalwishes
Well, you can't guarantee much sleep.  Sleeping next to someone during a heatwave is like trying to sleep under your favorite blanket in the same conditions.  And what's the worst, is people radiate heat.  Unlike blankets, which trap heat, but I guess people do that too.  And all you want to do usually is snuggle.  Because what else do you do in bed.  Oh wait...I need to get my mind out of the gutter.


My New Room!

Moving in such a pain.  Trying to figure out where things go, what things stay, what gets put up on the wall, what gets put on a desk.

How to arrange books without having a book shelf.  And buying English phone booth bookends literally being the only solution to a lack of book space decision.  And also pairing it with your random jewelry holders and the melted-wax thing that happened as a result of boredom.

Praying to God that your parents picked out a great color for your bed spreads that goes with the rest of the room. And finding more shelf space and then also sneaking art blocks behind the nightstand. With more jewelry. And a clock hanging above it that doesn't quite work.

And here is my work-space, where I managed to put things I need and arranged them such that it looks almost intentional and somewhat decorative but functional, while secretly loving and hating the fact that I have too much stuff that I use all the time.


It's My Birthday!!

Taken from pleasantinterruption
Dinner party with friends and brownies for breakfast that were made by my bf the night before?  What more could a girl want!  And everything was happy and nothing was sad or annoying.


When My Boyfriend Thinks He's A "Fatty"

Taken from f1ame
It's always putridly frustrating.  Like, really, I get that, at one point or another in his life, he was probably obese, but that was then.  This time is now.  He's a handsome, tall-ish boy with a slim build and lovely arms and legs and the comfiest chest ever.  So he should shush and just accept that.  And it makes me really sad, because how am I supposed to feel good about myself when someone who's at an appropriate weight for their height feels inadequate?  He blames his recent so-called weight gain on being happy, but what?  Would he rather be a sadface and not weigh as much?