Comfort Zone

Taken from I Think We Need An Uprising
She walked into the room.
No, she waltzed a bit.

She returned to the one
Thing she did publicly regardless
Of what anyone else thought.
And partnerless.

The wooden floors reminded her
Of her childhood.
Or tweenhood as they might call it now.

But it was where she felt

She owned that dance floor.
Like she did before.

My Legs

Taken from Tongue Like Electric, Eyes Like a Child
The aches,
The lack of swelling,
The knee being a total bitch.

Walking being a little painful.
Unable to work out.
Have to eat better.


Discomfort Zone

Taken from once upon a time;
The Girl of the Night award goes to my friend from New Hampshire slash Germany.  She had plowed her boundaries for a boy she wanted and I am not talking in a bad way.  She did what she truly wanted.  And did not let anything that would normally hold her back.  And it was beautiful.

I do that.  Go for it, I mean.  But for me, getting a boy's number is like looking for a needle in a haystack. And you're not even sure that the needle is there.  It was not there last night.  Maybe today it will be.


"We Are Young...Run Free, Stay Up Late...Get No Sleep"

Taken from Tongue Like Electric, Eyes Like a Child
Lyrics in title are abbreviated from "We're Alright" by Travie McCoy

Yesterday my friends and I just sat and thought and talked and laughed and screamed and were the only ones in my suite last night.  And we made resolutions.  And had revelations.  But for the most part, just had fun.



Taken from once upon a time;
I never really hung out with my friends in a party setting where it was just us.  Not frat boys, no random strangers spilling stuff everywhere.  Just a pretty controlled environment with new people and new friends.  And some new music that I am not used to hearing.  But it was so much fun.  And on a side note, I tried a new laid back style.  And it's working well for my attitude.  I can go back to my awesomeness.



Taken from : 1 of 44
Dear winter semester.  Or spring semester. 

Dear semester of lots of work. 

Dear semester of lots of reading when I should be doing math equations. 

Dear friends. 

Dear music. 

Dear awesomeness. 

Dear being tired every night from studying late and being up early to continue studying.

Dear endless packages to return. 

I am tired.


Reading Was Glamorous

Taken from elixir of life;
Reading was glamorous when the main character and narrator were a character I could relate to, not a scientist spewing thoughts at me.  Well, spewing only when I read too quickly.

Reading was glamorous when there was a plot and most things could be taken at face value and the deeper meaning did not have to be delved into too deeply.

Reading was glamorous when you found out about the deeper insights of a person, not the various discovery of scientific facts hanging with loose ends.

Reading was glamorous when the books you read were not over a thousand pages long and felt a thousand pounds heavy.

Reading was glamorous when it provided instructions on how to do something...wait.  It still kind of does that.


Lounging in the Dorms (B.O.A.)

This is a typical "I am going no where today outfit."  I think it's really cute and comfy and I know you can see my legs, but here's a secret: I HAVE LEGS.  Mind blown, right?

The black top is from Esprit, the tank top from Victoria's Secret Pink, and the boot-slippers are from Urban Outfitters.  On really cold days, I also add thigh highs from American Apparel.  When it's in the negatives most mornings, you need to keep warm.


New Uses For Blow Dryers

Taken from Secretly, Secretly...
This morning made me feel like I was truly back.  Everything is normal.  My food is frozen by my fridge, my stuff is mostly everywhere, I'm using purses instead of backpacks to carry books, and the sun rises after I do.  But for once, I have time to kill before I have to leave my dorm for class.  So I worked out and watched the sun rise.  I used my blow dryer to thaw my yoghurt and got frustrated with that so I put it in the communal fridge to see if that does anything.  So much for breakfast.  I should plan an outfit.  After all, you want to get the semester going with a good start.


About Last Night...

Taken from C Ɛ L L A R W H O R Ɛ
It's nice to not take yourself too seriously.  I mean, I was a little embarrassed (again) by what transpired yesterday, but it was different.  Not the "wow I am emotional" kind of embarrassed.  The type of embarrassed that results in "I'm better than that" but still makes for something to giggle about later.  But you know your friends are great when you're all giggling at the stupid things you did.  Pretty sure I have a six pack now.


"You're alright but I'm here, darling, to enjoy the party"

Taken from womp, hello.
Lyrics in title taken from Hello by Martin Solveig and Dragonette (the whole video is good, song starts at 2:51)

I never really knew how to express myself normally.
Oh hai.

I love hanging out and spending time with my friends.
Oh hai.

What wasn't fun was that stressful moment while we were being quiet
But the night was awesome regardless of anything.

I have to admit, I had so much fun that
I don't really mind that I only got 2 or 3 hours of sleep.

At least it was such a good night to start first weekend off the new semester with.  And I appreciate all my friends.  The girls, the guys, and the butt faces.

Next to Normal

Taken from C Ɛ L L A R W H O R Ɛ
Snow everywhere
Sun's out for 2 hours in the morning.
Hanging out with friends until sunrise.
Going to bed 3 and later on weekends.
Fridge freezing everything.
Meeting up with people.

Only thing that was unusual
Was working 25 hours.



Taken from the pursuit of happyness
I've never entitled a poem
The same as the day I've written it.

Well, I guess there's a first time for everything.

Like, last night,
I hope...

I hope to God
That last night's stupid
Irrational, really just dumb
Freak out was the first and last of this year.

I'm pretty embarrassed.
I shouldn't even be talking about it.

Let's use a cheesy cocktail metaphor.

You take one part of my life when I was a sophomore
In high school
Mix with one part of my life right now when I am a freshman
In college
Mix with total misunderstanding and people just
Wanting to spend time together
That doesn't necessarily involve you
And garnish with liquid.
Shake violently.

I think I'm getting slightly better
At at least understanding that
When people ask you to leave
A space, it's not because they don't
Like me or just want me gone.
They just got their own shit to do.
And it doesn't involve me.

What I still fail at though,
Is not feeling that nonchalant
Or...I need a better word...
Maybe cavalier?
Or just understanding.

My best friend told me,
For the millionth time,
That just because people go off
To do their own thing, it's not
Because they just hate me.

They were hanging with me in the first place,

I guess the worst bit was just
Random people saw me on the phone.

And I'm not a sad "fun" person.
Just everything gets exaggerated.
And I'm fulfilling my monthly
Feminine activity so that didn't help at all.

And my new goal for the year
Is just win.
All the time.
And I start off the day
Making someone else's day.

And on Friday.
No repeats.
Just win.


The Office Bitch

Taken from handwriting on the wall
Eh, not really.
I mean, not my fault
Everyone who is supposed
To work is generally unavailable to work.

And I understand the hardships
Of long distance relationships.

So I'm working so that
My manager can have a bit of her own happiness
And fun and not have it interrupted.


I'm Not Rushin'! (HUR HUR)

Taken from iheart-myself
Excuse the lame pun,
But I am not going
To attempt to join
A sorority.

Partially for the nonconformity
That has shaped my attitude.

But mostly because
It reminds me a lot of the
College selection process.

You know,
In America,
You don't choose college,
College chooses you.

That's probably true in a bunch of

But anyway,
I am not joining a sorority.

For the people who know me,
Can you seriously see me in one?

Not for me, but probably for a bunch of other people.


Six Hours

Taken from Secretly, Secretly...
Not what was expected,
But was one of the faster periods of my life.
Person after person
Package after package
(I gave people
A total of 63 packages today).
A lot had lockout key issues.
A few had to get information.

All this work during a winter wonderland
And the semester hasn't officially started yet.


Back to This

Taken from * The stars that shine for you ... *
I can't wait to see my room.  My blue and turquoise and gray resort of a room.  Where I get better sleep.  Where there's no noise.  Where there are no parents walking by all the time.  Where I can have my own space.  Where I can have friends over until 3 AM.  Or all night, if I wanted to.  Where I can study until 3 AM while listening to techno until 4 AM if I wanted to.  (I realized most of my life resolves around 3 AM...it's a good time for stuff to happen).


Last Night

Taken from Vivere Momento
Not even sure if the picture
In the gif is of NYC.
But it's my last night.
I am too excited to be
Going on a bus.

Who gets excited over a bus ride?
It's a bit of an awful environment
And there's no food
And some people don't know what
Personal space is.
But it's over quickly.
Especially if you nap.


The Art of Being Cultured

Taken from handwriting on the wall
Steak from a fancy restaurant that serves food in plates larger than the meal.
A musical in the evening about one of the most successful rock bands
(namely, The Four Seasons).
Getting slightly dressed up for the events.
Earlier hanging out with a friend and introducing her to the loveliness
Of falafels in pita.
And later going back to our childhoods at the Disney store.
And discovering a few new things.

And today?


Jon Stewart Taping, OH MAH GAWD (T.V.C.)

Taken from it'scompromisethatmovesusalong
So, I haven't done a T.V.C. in forever, because there hasn't been much to rant about in terms of television.  Actually, I might dedicate an entry on the atrocity that is Teen Mom, don't care which season, it's atrocious.

But, this is a happy entry!  I went with the Black&White Cookie to the taping today of The Daily Show.  Sure, there was a lot of down time between getting tickets and actually seeing the show, but it was a great way to spend time with friends.

So first, this comedian came on and asked a bunch of audience members about them from each of the audience sections, and I have to give credit to any woman who trusts her husband enough to let him out to a strip club on his birthday.

And the he came out: Jon Stewart.  With lighting and makeup, he is actually pretty attractive.  And the guy is SO charismatic.  People asked him questions which he either answered directly or made a joke.  One guy asked him about Julian Assange...I feel like if the Daily Show knew where he was to get him on for an interview, so would the US government.  I mean, I should hope so.  Anyway, Douglass's face when Jon Stewart came on was PRICELESS.  I'm pretty sure this was better than Christmas for him.

So then the show commenced and it was interesting to see all the camera work that goes into the program.  What was even more was watching Jon Stewart on an HD television at the same time as watching him talk live.  Tonight's episode is going to be good; I won't spoil it.  I'm just going to say it ran a little over because of an intense debate that I will let the people who read this form their own opinions.

But overall, it was a very, very good time.  And the best part?  The tickets were free and I greatly thank Hatboy for sending me the link to the reservations. 


A Little Informal Today (N.a.P.)

Taken from kitty revival
So, I'm keeping things informal today.  Like, I usually try to have some form of structure when it comes to the paragraph poems (mostly because I'm too lazy to figure out where to break it).  But today I just want to talk about working out and stuff.

I've been doing a lot of it recently.  I mean, I jump rope at least twice a day, 15 minutes a round.  And I've gotten so much better at it!  It's really really exciting.  Like, I can do side-to-side jumps which doesn't sound like much, but for me, it's great.  I can jump a lot without the rope catching onto my foot.  It's great!

I still need to work up to getting through a second circuit of that Tron workout I'm trying to do.  It's just so hard!  After the first one and the jump rope cardio, I want to like...collapse on my bed and stay there haha.  That sounds horrifically lazy.  But I'm working on it!  The sucky part is that back on campus, I won't be able to jump rope, but I realized I could go to the gym really fast in the morning and do 1000 meters or so on the erg machine because that doesn't take as long as, say, trying to do 30 minutes on the elliptical, even though that's a definite time frame.  I'm just trying to figure out ways to stay active on campus so I don't derail my liking of my body too hard too soon.


Record Sales Went Up This Year

Taken from :1 of 35
I went to a record store.
Between the discs and the dust
It was a pretty fun experience.
I hadn't seen that friend in a while.

But I don't get records.
I mean, I can see the appeal,
But I wouldn't want to do it for myself.

But it was still nice to get
Food and see my friend.

Even though I did not partake
In the purchasing of music.

I bought a CD last night though.
Does that count?


Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader (M.R.)

Taken from Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere
The third installment of the Chronicles of Narnia series, for me at least, was a super fun ride that mainly stayed loyal to the book but added in a few details to retain a bit more fluidity and excitement.  Voyage of the Dawn Treader is an adventure featuring Edmund and Lucy, since Peter and Susan cannot return to Narnia, with a new companion, Eustace.  I thought the actor portraying Eustace did an excellent job and the special effects weer great.  I have to admit though, I am tired of having to wear glasses to watch a movie.

I feel like the artists for the show made the ship perfectly, although the design makes it seem not fit for the ocean.  The amount of subplots added to the movie enhanced the experience, because for the most part, not much happens in the book.  Well, not as much as in the other novels.  So I thought the bit with the dragon and the serpent was excellent.

The character that stole the movie for me was Eustace.  I mean, I felt most attracted to King Caspian, but he was not a main character, more like an appendage to the plot.  Eustace was delightfully annoying, the way he was in the novel.  He was super exaggerated in the beginning, which makes his turn around at the end so drastic that the audience can relate.

Overall, I liked the movie and it is something I would see again.  But warning: this is the one with the most Christian subtext.  Yes, even more so than The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

Rating: 8/10


Insecurity Confessions

Taken from Hey there, beautiful
I've decided I need to take more responsibility for myself while at school.  I'm never going to be the type that's up at 5:30 AM to go jogging in the freezing winter air.  I'm not the type to be up at 5:30 AM for anything.  Unless it's my body just being strange.  But I do need to prioritize.  And good things can come from being a bit smaller.  Like more flexibility.  More alertness.  Wearing those jeans from Diesel that I really want to be able to wear comfortably.  Maybe more drive to do other things too.

At the dining halls, I have to say no to extra helpings, to sauces, and to brownies.  Maybe a brownie a week.  Something balanced like that.  And to not let my friend's plates influence mine.  I like that idea.


Another Weekend of Snow

Taken from * The stars that shine for you ... *
It's a good thing that this time the snow fell, all my friends are out of their homes to go to school.  School, some place I'll be in two weeks.  And the snow and me barely waking up to an alarm so that I don't wake up too late are taking me back to upstate.  I almost feel like I'm there mentally.  But physically, I'm stuck in the city snow, running errands that will definitely take under an hour due to ease of travel.  Like, picking up food to eat at the supermarket.  Or seeing some friends.  Though the trains will be crowded.  I'll miss those when climbing the hills.


Meeting Up

Taken from iheart-myself
Kind fruit and nut bars
Aren't kind.

I think 2011 will be the year
Of various lip deformities and discomforts.

First a cold sore,
Now a swelling.

Silly Brazil nuts.

But at least I sat
And talked with
A very cold friend
And enjoyed our not
Cold tea with scones.



Taken from Capital Strength and Conditioning
Today, I am starting working out hardcore.  I start with a strength workout inspired by Olivia Wilde's workouts in Tron and a lean, female boxer inspired jump rope routine.  With eating the "8 super foods ever day" diet.

Eating spinach, yogurt, tomatoes, carrots, blueberries, black beans, walnts, whole grains, and appropriate substitutes every day.  Along with other healthy things like lean meat and fish.

I can do this.  I am determined to eat less shit.  You know what they say about people who eat junk.

They become junk.


I Can Do It

Taken from Hey there, beautiful
There isn't a reason why I can't look the way I want to look.  I mean, there are plenty of obstacles.  Such as homework, class, and illness.  Right now, we don't have homework or class.  But there's illness.

But that shouldn't stop me from getting what I want.  I want to go back to how I was before I let my eating and my non-exercising get out of control.


A thing we all want to have.  And honestly, I've been irresponsible.  But now I can maintain responsibility.  I don't have to subject myself to discomfort.  And the feeling of "oh my God, make it go away."  And by it, I mean my lack of being able to fit into clothing as nicely as I did.  No one should have to feel uncomfortable in their own skin.

So from now on, I am going to be more conscious about what I eat.  And how I eat it.  And how much I eat.


"Look Alive Sunshine"

Taken from live.love.reblog.
I wish I felt as alive
As some songs make me feel.

I've never woken up at noon
Before in my life.

I've never been in bed for so many hours.
From 6:45 PM yesterday
To today, actually.

I hate waking up in the middle of the night
To take care of myself.

I really want to work out,
But even walking to the
Bathroom around the corner
Takes too much effort.

I even laid down in my bathtub
For a bit because it's like a bed.

Please, powers of the universe,
Make this go away.


To The New Year

Taken from kelly montoya
The friendship between my stomach and I
Will not be a very good one this year.

Tea is a good friend.

Like, imagine if my stomach
Was that one girl at the party
Puking her brains out
And the tea were the person
In the bathroom with her,
Rubbing her back and holding
Her hair back.

It's a pretty good camaraderie.
But it needs to not have to be formed
So often.

I just want to have a normal
Relationship with my stomach.


It's 2011, People

So, as usual, I make resolutions for the year to maintain some form of goal orientation.  Last year, they were mostly to make 2010 vastly better than 2009, which I think it was.  I mean, I seriously didn't spend as much time wallowing on my own (damn, that was candid).  Anyway, here are the resolutions to make 2011 better than 2010!

  • Before and after I go to lecture, I will learn the stuff taught in class very well
  • I will do my pre-labs before the day of the lab
  • I'll lose all my college weight...
  • ...and keep it off...
  • ...but still feel really hot in the process
  • I will date more and stop kissing so many people
  • I'll make new friends...
  • ...but not forget about the "old" ones
What're your resolutions?