My Lenten Sacrifice 2012

Taken from b00tyful
Originally, I was going to give up food.  Just having the majority of my thoughts about food, not eating all the time, maybe going on a fast and eating healthy things only when I feel genuinely hungry, but no.

I decided to do something healthier for myself.  So, I am giving up "fat."  Everything having to do with the word "fat."  Feeling "fat," eating "fat," focusing on the word "fat."  Telling people I'm a "fat"ass.  The word is destroying me.  And it's three letters.  And it's ruining my life and my relations with things.  Sometimes, rolling out of bed and getting dressed becomes difficult because of it.  And honestly, I am sick and tired of having most of my thoughts and actions directed by the feelings elicited by one small word.  I am sick of feeling awful about myself.  And by the end of this Lent, I am going to feel better.  It WILL happen.


Girls in Bathrooms

Taken from jamieniicole
I sincerely do not understand.  And I am not saying that to be one of those annoying girls disgusted by my own gender as a guise to be one of the guys.  The girls I know can spend most of a party in a bathroom and I'm just not that type.  Maybe it's because I brought one of my guy friends with me and leaving him alone would be like leaving a lamb with the wolves, but still.  They gossip and scheme, but it's the kind of stuff that wouldn't involve them if they were just left out of the loop.  And I don't like being part of that.  Not all of information that I have is even mine to have and even better, mine to share.  So I just keep it to myself.  And honestly, I have a better time when I go out because of it.


Formals and Just Hanging Out

Taken from pleasantinterruption
It's weird, just the two of us hanging out and spending time like friends even though we totally hold hands every where and kiss and become fairly intimate at night.  We just snuggle, we walk around, we get tea, and play Magic: the Gathering.  It's really nice and reminds me so much of when my best friend and I were almost dating, but not quite.  But this time we are quite.  He takes me to dinners and formals, in front of all his friends and brothers and introducing me as his girlfriend.  We have our quibbles, but overall, life is good.  We're friends and we make out.  So I guess it's okay so far.


Wonder of Winterland

Taken from perfectbucketlist
February decided to be February and winter-y.  The snow started softly falling last night and I was being asked to a birthday dinner by my boy.  And then, of course, afterwards we get into a fight over me being too cold and uncomfortable and not feeling like he's attaining to my needs.  But we did snuggle in the snow, while waiting for the bus.  And then again in the morning.  Everything around us seemed like something from one of those Christmas songs, yet we weren't as happy and lovey dove-y as those songs portray.  But it's work and we're trucking along in our relationship.  And through the snow.


How College Changes Your Views on Nights In (Aka, No Plans for Superbowl Sunday)

Taken from myheartishoney
When I was in high school, Super Bowl Sunday didn't really exist for me until Junior or Senior year.  Some families had get-togethers, some people threw parties.  My family, being perfectly foreign, didn't really care. Until I, one Super Bowl Sunday with no homework, flipped it on to maybe watch the ads.  I've loved ads since I was little and so I would watch those.  So I was watching the American tradition by myself and whatnot.  I had a television in my room, so it was no big deal.  Plus, it was as school night and I had parental supervision, so curfew, aka no going anywhere after 8 PM on a Sunday, was still a thing that existed in my life.

Let's move to college.  I don't remember even remember what I did that Sunday.  Probably homework of sorts.  It was the Sunday after the Thursday where I sprained my finger and hung out in the snow with my friends, just being silly and like children.  Oh, maybe I watched the game with my dorm.  We were a pretty tight-knit group.  But this year, I live in a dorm where no one seems to even know each other.  And everyone I know is already having plans.  And I feel so left out.  And given my experience in high school, it is so hard to convince myself that I am "left out" because everyone else legitimately has plans.  Their own plans.  Not plans they're purposefully leaving me out of.  And my boy is doing stuff with his frat for it where I think they can have girls over.  But we've already spent the passed 24 hours together and need some space and other people to see.  So I totally understand that.  So, I think tonight I'm going to stay in, read a book, and listen to some more Kosher Food class lectures.   And find out the results and watch the best ads tomorrow morning as part of my morning watching videos ritual.