Teens in Love is Supposed to Be Bull

Now, out of sheer respect for readers, I'll try to tone down the language and refrain from using profranity. That's just a simple disclaimer.

Now, to start off, are teens supposed to be in love? Are they? I sometimes wonder. I mean, they say that you don't know what you want until you're older and by the time you do, you're too old to take advantage of it. I'd like to think otherwise. Well, there's love in friendship, no? When you sit by someone at their worst, taking care of them, or simply talking to someone when their life seems to be in a spiral downward. Isn't that love? When you risk your own happiness to make sure someone else gets their's? Eh, I'm only like 15, what do I know?

The weeks from hell are slowly encroaching. I'm going to hate the week of the 5th, but at least it ends on a good note with a concert with my best friend :D

Wish me luck on my big, scary nationwide AP exam!! Good luck to anyone taking those as well!