It's One of Those Nights (R.P.)

So ever get those nights when you want to pamper yourself silly? I'm getting one of those ^-^. Except, I wish I had some bubble bath. Nevertheless, I need to relax and also give myself a pat on the back for not having total meltdowns over everything that's been bugging me.

YAY Self-love.

Why I Fell For You In The First Place

So I know we haven't
Been talking as much
As we used to.

But instead of freaking out
I'm reminding the both
Of us why I fell for you.

I fell for the sweet guy
From upstate New York.
Who first told me
That he loved me
Out of nowhere.

I honestly thought that
We were just friends
And I didn't think you cared that much.

You're also gorgeous.
I think statues should be
Made of you.

And you're really mature.
I love that.
Sure, you play WoW
And D&D
But aside from that
You know what you want
You have a plan.

And you're a gentleman.


College Essay Thoughts

I'm marvelous.
I can do this.
I write these goddamn essays.
In under six hours.
And they will be awesome.
And I won't let my stomach
Distract me too much from them.
And I will prevail.



My First Leadership Position

Five foot two,
Not exactly the most
Person out there.

I've never been chosen for anything,
But I'm kind of running my school's
Engineering team-club.

And I'm excited
And welcoming the challenge.

I can barely keep myself
In line and organized.
But whatever,
I think I can manage.

I think.


Short Entry

My stomach hates me.
My boyfriend's ignoring me.
My stress is attacking me.
My hating-self-voice came back.

This will end soon.
I hope.


Cold (N.a.P.)

I would much rather feel cold than hot. Because cold doesn't require exposing skin. You can layer and layer and hide in millions of layers of clothing.

But my fingers would still be cold. Gloves don't do much. Mittens are just inconvenient...like, imagine trying to take out metrocards and crap with mittens on. I know you can take them off, but exposes my fingers. Which is not good.

It's kind of funny, really. In winter, I have to watch the color of my fingernails. My hands could be cold, but once they start turning white, purple, and even blue, I know I am freezing and need to fix it somehow.

So useless, fashionable gloves, it is =[


Boyfriend Dearest, Where Art Thou?

Boyfriend dearest,
I miss the long nights
We'd have of videocamming
And chatting
About anything
And everything.
I miss when I'd get
A chance to vent to you
About stuff that's on my mind
And you wouldn't be too tired
To listen.
Or tired to the point
That you can't take my

Where are you?
You'd be home at 9:30
But you're not online
Or on phone.
I don't wonder where you
Are because I'm paranoid
About you cheating on me
Or some bullshit like

It's because I care.
I want to know you're safe
And okay
But most of all happy.
I just hope you're
As happy as I am
When I think of you
When you think of me.

I'm still happy being
Your girl.
I just wish I could
Be with you more often.


VMAs (T.V.C.)

So the dance tribute to Michael Jackson was fun to watch. Because Michael Jackson...even though he touched children (allegedly), his music is still awesome. Katy Perry ruining "We Will Rock You"? Not so much. Not at ALL.

But Russell Brand is so funny. I don't know if it's because he's British or what. Commentary on his magic wand tucked in his pants and health care and the clarification on the word "fanny." And Lady GaGa giving him boners. Her outfit was beyond bizarre, by the way. But Shakira's was gorgeous.

And Taylor Swift got best female performer video or something like that. It has a really good, cute plot and song attached to it. But why does Kanye need to be a jerk? Taylor Swift DID NOT deserve that. I would've been about to cry too.

And of course, Green Day wins best rock video. Because they are Green Day. I'm slightly biased because they have been my favorite band since 8th grade. Taylor Swift wins because she performed in the subway. I can't think of many famous people who would do that. I know Metro Station did it, but they're kind of lame now.

Um 3oh!3 live...I'd see them anyway. Because I love them. Lady Gaga's entrance was genius. She's a great performer. I don't care what anyone has to say about that either. No one can doubt: the woman has talent. Bleeding on stage was slightly genius...although kind of weird at the same time. Ok, REALLY weird. At all times.

Britney won best pop video with "Womanizer." It's a great, catchy song and not annoying, unlike "Single Ladies." The mere mention of the song title gets it stuck in my head. But Green Day performed "East Jesus Nowhere," which I have a feeling will be the next single/ music video. They are crazy good live and I get a rush whenever I see them perform. Beyonce's "Single Ladies" should be forbidden off the air. It's probably the greatest brain crack ever...for the reason mentioning above.

T.I. won best male video...I have nothing to say about that. Haha, shocker, I know. And then Muse performed. I love them almost as much as Green Day. Their new album will be amazing. I can feel it. Well, I've heard most of it, but that's besides the point. Anyway, Eminem won best hip-hop video. I like "We Made You"--pokes good fun at all my favorite reality TV shows, especially rock of love. Because it was the best.

Lady GaGa took home best new artist and P!nk is performing several feet above the stage with a sticker covering her nipple. The acrobatics is quite amazing. I mean, it is about being high and the melody is befitting of the performance. And I doubt most people can sing hanging upside down.

I think I'm done. I'm tired, but this was a good awards show.


I Hate the Way I Get

I hate the way I get
When I PMS.
When I'm upset
And crying
Because my boyfriend
Doesn't want to pass out
At work the next morning.

I hate the way I get
When I PMS.
When he says "bbs"
And my mind tells me
That he's not chilling with the 'rents
And rather getting heated up
With another girl.

I hate the way I get
When I PMS.
When I feel that deep down
I'm no good.
For anyone,
Anything, or
Any cause.

I hate when I read
Into things too much when I PMS.
When a "happy" (a simple
Phrase meant to make me smile)
Needs a definition
Or an explanation.

I hate the way my
Mind just goes off on tangents
That have to do with nothing
That just get me so upset.
Like that I'm not going to make
It through the year happily.
And how he's probably never going to move
And stay in upstate New York-Canada.
And that we'll never see each other.

Someone tell my head that what it's
Telling me is all bs?


The Vampire Diaries Ep 1 (T.V.C.)

So, due to all this vampire pop culture stuff strolling around (Twilight, True Blood, etc.), I decided to check out this series. From the previews, it didn't seem as ridiculous as Twilight, and not as pornographic as True Blood.

Now, I have read the first book of Twilight and did not find it exciting at all. But this, I feel, seems grounded in more real emotions. The Elena's parents died in a tragic accident, so it's understandable that she keeps a diary and to herself. The guy seems more real...not a sparkly perfect pale guy who skulks around rooms at night. Stefan, the vampire, has some real conflict going on, unlike Edward. Plus, there seem to be more high school experiences: class, drinking parties, chilling at bars and stuff. This mimics True Blood more, since one of the key settings is the bar where Sookie works. The soundtrack is fantastic. It is very upbeat and fits the mood and definitely teen friendly.

In terms of conflict, it goes between friends and family, which is refreshing since it lessens the Twilight-ness feel of the show. I am a sucker for family conflict in movies and stuff. If that's not enough motivation to check it out, Stefan's brother is really hot.

I actually like this series. Although, you never know can come next in terms of series quality.

Rating for the first episode: 7/10


Sleep (G.W.D.Y.M.M.S.L.)

Setting: Evening, online


PMSingMoron92: *cries*

SweetAttentiveBoy007: *Snuggles*

SweetAttentiveBoy007: But hey, I'm gonna go to sleep. I know it's only 9.

PSMingMoron92: Aw...

SweetAttentiveBoy007: I have to put my clothes away.

SweetAttentiveBoy007: And make my bed.

SweetAttentiveBoy007: I love you. *kisses*

PMSingMoron92: :( okay.

*SweetAttentiveBoy007 signed off*

Phone of PMSingMoron92: Text me at least?

Phone of SweetAttentiveBoy007: I'll try.

Phone of PMSingMoron92: So you're actually going to sleep and stuff?

Phone of SweetAttentiveBoy007:...yes.

PMSy Girl: UGH I THOUGHT HE CARED ABOUT ME!! BLAH he's probably screwing some other chick, or coming out of the closet. Or maybe I'm not good enough. THAT'S WHY I CAN'T GET INTO COLLEGE! I'm not interesting enough, I have nothing to talk about. Maybe I should just send them my blog. NO! The neverending stream of blahness would kill the administrators. God, I'm so hungry, but I don't want to be a fatass...


Why I'm So Lame: I am a PMSing moron when I'm PMSing. I say the most ridiculous crap ever. Thank God I am rational enough the know that I am a moron when I PMS and that's why my boyfriend won't snuggle with me in cyber land. I wish cyberland were real. We'd be getting it on every week and snuggling every second that we're not offline. Is the lameness infecting your head yet?


Party Hard? (G.W.D.Y.M.M.S.L.)

Setting: Basement, tables with alcohol and orange juice and coca cola, two chicks in their undies and two fully clothed.

Clothed Chick 1: (laughs hysterically) I think I've had way too much fun.

Clothed Chick 2: I don't think I've had enough fun. More Jack please?

Undie Chick 1: (pours some vodka) I think I'm going to die alone.

Undie Chick 2: I think I'm going to die a virgin...it's been a year.

Clothed Chick 2: It's been 15.

Clothed Chick 1: (points fingers at both of them) Stop being mopey!

Clothed Chick 2: I'm fat...

Clothed Chick 1: (Unnecessarily loud) NO YOU'RE NOT! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

(Two girls in undies have disappeared)

Clothed Chick 1: I think they went to relieve their loneliness.

Clothed Chick 2: Goddammit. I wish I was into girls.

Clothed Chick 1: I am...screw my boyfriend!

(Proceeds to make out)


Why I'm So Lame:
I didn't have any fun. Well not with that stuff. But I did get unnecessarily loud. And Clothed Chick 2 never said that. She's doesn't wish she were into girls. I just made it more crude to conceal the happiness that's called a heart-to-heart afterwards. And no, I never said screw my boyfriend and no girl-on-girl action took place that night.

Sorry, guys.

Being Happy Has Killed My Blogging Skills

It has.

And I feel stupid writing
About what makes me happy
Because blogs are pretty
Characteristic with people
Either A) Being insecure
B) Being unhappy
or C) Talking about dreams and whatnot.

You know what?
I'm going to be creative
And start writing a

It's like a novel...
And a blog...



Tool Academy 202 (T.V.C.)

I don't think girls should hit guys. If they do, they deserve a smack back. That's a double standard that shouldn't be accepted. Like, sure it's lame that a girl does one guy and she's a whore and guy does ten girls and he's a hero, but NO ONE should have to go through physical abuse like that.

I do think mild flirting is okay. Like if you think a girl has a cute look, you can compliment her as long as I get compliments too. I get attention too. I dislike double standards, obviously. But these couples need to start talking more or the girl should stop being paranoid, like the chick whose boyfriend collects numbers. If he's never cheated and just has the numbers and does nothing with them, it should not be an issue. If One Guy got a few chicks' numbers and I was still the main girl in his life that he dreams about at night and thinks about during the day, I'm okay. As long as there's not physical contact other than a hug.



Needing an Intervention

Nice breasts
Covered by
Band tees
And obnoxious
Neck scarfs.

Hair teased up
Breaking the
Holy laws of physics.
Adorned by
And weird colored

That's how they do it
On Myspace, now.

Pretty eyes
Enhanced by
And neon.

Black nails,
Bright shoes,
Tighter pants,
Oh my.

Skinny bitches,
With fat egos.
Short kids
With high self-esteem.
Get over it
And learn the new me.


Oh Myspace

If you're pretty and you know it
Clap your hands.
If you're pretty and you know it
Clap your hands.
If you're pretty and you know it
And you really want to believe it,
Then if you're pretty and you know it
Clap your hands.

If your boobs are cantaloupes,
Jump up and down,
If your boobs are cantaloupes,
Jump up and down.
If your boobies are like giants
And you do not wanna hide it,
If your boobs are cantaloupes,
Jump up and down.

If your boyfriend is gorgeous,
Give him a hug.
If your boyfriend is gorgeous,
Give him a hug.
If your boyfriend is gorgeous,
And you want to acknowledge it,
Then if your boyfriend is gorgeous,
Give him a hug.

If you're an asshole and you know it,
Don't give a fuck.
If you're an asshole and you know it,
Flip them off.
If you're an asshole and you've got an ego
And you've no need to conceal it,
Then if you're an asshole and you know it,
Don't give a crap.