Fashion A La Poland

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la dolce vita
Everything comes from thrift shops.  And from where?  From England.  Fucking England, where everything is grungey and pretty at the same time and I wants it.  Well, not really.  I think I dress well for what I have but seeing half my friend's things, I turn into a fashionaholic, I don't own enough clothes, monster.  Not entirely.  But in my head a bit.  Maybe just a teensy bit.  And I love floral, and I'm just being a tad silly right now.



Taken from lights will guide you home
The flights and bus rides were long, but that was to be expected.  The first night "back" was fun, really fun.  There was a barbeque, there were fireworks, there was the river, alive with culture and most of the town there.  There was also the very fun feeling of jetlag and a hangover the next day.  But that's ok, it's allowed.  I'm in Europe, where it's legal to have such fun.  But it is so cold.  It does NOT feel like summer.



Taken from lights will guide you home
I hope I spend most of the ride passed the fuck out next to my mom.  Hence the coffee.  It'll keep me awake enough to actually get my ass on the plane.  The rest is up to the plane, I guess.  Flying is calming but it's freaking terrifying how alone you.  On board with a bunch of strangers.  No way to communicate with anyone you know.  I guess it could drive a person mad.  But mostly, if you're asleep or completely distracted, you just don't care.  At least, most people don't mind.  Except for those CEOs who need wifi on their smartphones.


Creativity And Hurt

Taken from So Tonight That I Might See
What I do when I'm kind of left alone to my own devices is that I just start getting really creative.  My fingers hurt from playing guitar.  There's papers all over my floor because of collaging for hours.  And I've watched nearly all of Skins and feel slightly sad about life as a result (as in, "why can't I party that much?" or "NO THAT WAS THE SADDEST THING EVER").  And I'd totally be getting tea with people if they weren't already out doing other things.  So, just like when I was leaving college, I'm drinking my own beverages and watching an entertaining film (not a tv show, shocker).  And my toe just hurts so much and my head hurts from making sure I have everything.  I own a lot of stuff.

Last Day In the US For a Bit

Taken from Kelly Montoya
Aside for the obvious missing of my friends, I'm going to miss things.  A lot of things.  Honestly, a lot of stupid things.  Like the construction outside my window.  The horrid smell of the city.  The fancy tea and coffee places around the corner and a little ways away.  The roar of the subway.  The way that there's always lights every where, all the time, and a dark road or alley does not really exist.  Neither do fields, either.  Or giant lakes that have a piece attached to your yard so you can go swimming at 9 in the morning instead of blogging. Just a lot of silly things that make home, home.


Anticipation & Waiting

Taken from ☠ runaw4y ☠ 
I've never been so nervous of travel.  I've been on planes more times than most people and I've been to more places than most people.  And yet, here I am, nervous as shit.  I'm kind of dreading the hours on the plane and the waiting in the airport in Dublin; yes, I'm crossing over in Ireland, another place I've never been to.  And I'm going to be in the unfamiliar part of a very familiar country and it's all just so foreign to me.  Completely fucking foreign and I dislike it.  It's the same feeling I had the first day of school and I hate it, I really really dislike it.


Chilling With the Muscially Inclined

Taken from kitschy living
I love my friends and their talents and how they can kind of walk into music stores and just start playing music and having a grand old time.  I really wish I could do that, but, alas, I am too shy and not good enough.  Legit, I know a couple of chords, a few songs (with those chords) and my voice sounds like most indie folk singers (thank you guys from Neutral Milk Hotel for helping me understand my vocal limitations).  But I like to think I've got some artistic talent.  I can make pretty good collages.  And I am pretty good at arranging furniture and just decorating in general.  But you can't really go into a store and do that.  Someone might get upset.


Relaxin' and Pamperin'

Taken from lights will guide you home
I couldn't work out today.  My throat felt like a desert and I sounded as if I had just been screaming for decades, which honestly isn't too far from the truth.  So I have been relaxing and packing and prepping for 5 weeks in Poland.  Doing things like picking out outfits, seeing which pieces I can mix and match, which I could get the most use out of, and perhaps touching up my nails because they look like I've been out all weekend.


The Boy at the Club

Taken from These Teenage Years have been...
He had the cutest face
And in typical me-fashion,
I pick the tallest boy in the club.

He had glasses of my prescription
And tasted of mint, gin, and cigarettes,
And I was happy.

Not because I got a boy,
But because I got my swag back.


Indie Shit

Taken from Tongue Like Electric, Eyes Like a Child
I got the glasses and now I got the hair.  Now all I need is the style and the hours of sitting around in coffee shops, acting apathetic, and reading all the time.  But I don't want to do that.  I like being my skinny-jeans-and-a-tee-shirt-wearing self while I'm silently worrying about my road test and the fact that I cannot, for the 3rd or 4th week in a row, not shower at the gym because I won't be going there to get my daily sweat on.  But I don't want to be an urbandictionary or a yourscenesucks cut-out definition of an indie chick.  Just because my face vaguely looks it, I'm still myself.  And I still barely resemble my ID picture.


I'm Being An Idiot

Taken from There is no shortcut to a dream
As the photo suggests, I am almost up to my neck in things I cannot even fathom have returned to my mind.  I want someone to pull the plug on it.  So it can go down to a much more manageable level.  I'll be better tomorrow.


I See How It Is, Computer

Taken from dirtylittlestylewhoree
Technology fails.  And see that pun I did in the title?  Yeah. Or a reference.  I think that's a reference.  But seriously.  Or technology doesn't fail.  Commercialized technology fails.  People who know the industry and know the coding do much better than the kids who buy their stuff pre-made.  And it's a struggle between those who want to do harm and those who just want to surf the web.


Wub WubWubWubWub Wuuuubbbbbbbb

Taken from http://ooowls.tumblr.com/
The lights, the music, the boys; there were SO many pretty boys, I was just astounded by all the pretty in one place.  The venue was beautiful, clearly had that gorgeous vintage feel, the mesh of the old with the modern...although, I could say that my outfit fit the mood, but not entirely.  It is something I need to work on, but not something horribly difficult to fix.  And it does not matter to me that I did not talk to any of the pretties; I just really wanted to dance.



Taken from :1 of 78
Dressed to impress.  Heels making me above-average height.  Makeup to accentuate everything I love about my face (my face).  Accessories that sparkle.  A new set of frames to call more attention to my eyes.  Lipstick to make my lips look sultry.  A new top.  A new venue and new dancing.  I want to dance my toes off until an hour my parents deem unholy.


Playing With The Puppy

Taken from Believe in yourself.
Today I went over to my friend's house and saw the sweetest thing.  It had eyes full of joy and promise.  It had been rescued by my friend and her family from the darkness of a shelter.  Her name is Eva and she is the sweetest thing.  And we wandered around the city a lot.  So I took the opportunity to take pictures.  And once again procrastinate on making an appointment for a driving lesson.


Colorful Fruits

Taken from Time is ever Fleeting.
Strawberries.  Raspberries.  Cherries.  Avocados.  Watermelon.  Cantaloupes.  Melons.  Bananas.  Blueberries.  Blackberries.  Lemons.  Tomatoes.  Peppers.  Grapes.  Zucchini.  And other things with visible seeds.  They make diets easier.  And more delicious.  And add a layer of flavor to the blandest of things, like unflavored, no fat, unsweetened yogurt.  I try to eat them as much as possible.  Even though my parents do not believe me.

Blog Announcement (R.P.)

I’m moving all the outfit stuff to my LookBook.nu page.  But I’ll still keep posting them on twitter and tumblr.

This is mostly because I got a tripod and can take pictures of myself and my outfits more easily.


I Wanted to Wear My Vest (B.O.A.)

On a birthday shopping spree with my mom, I bought a wonderful vest from Free People that I am in love with.  Since it wasn't too hot out today, I gave it a test run and I am in love with it.  Also, it was quite sunny today so I wore my hipster glasses because they have a 400 UV and are awesome sunglasses.  I felt really cute. But feeling cute was a little distracting when I drove today.  But honestly, I just dislike driving.  A lot.

The tank top is from Banana Republic, shorts from American Eagle, shoes are Converse from a thrift store, the bracelet from Lord & Taylor, and the glasses from Urban Outfitters.

My Birthday (B.O.A.)

Well for my birthday, I went to brunch with my parents and I wanted to look cute.  So I wore this outfit and later got a tripod for my camera. As a result, I will be posting more outfits more often.  I do not want to make a separate blog for it, but I might have to double-up on entries.

The top is from American Eagle, the scarf from Lord & Taylor, the jeans are BDG through Urban Outfitters, and of course I wore shoes which we sandals by Steve Madden girl for DSW.


As Long As I Still Have Free Time

Taken from Time is ever Fleeting.
I am going to vent my boredom and other random annoyances and random inspirationals on this blog.  My muscles ache, I can barely bring myself to do anything because of the tiredness.  Although, figuring out how to get more energy is a must.  I am 19 and that means I have more access to fun things in night life.  But I also want to do wholesome, creative things I cannot do amidst classes, such as collages and artworks.  I think I shall get started on one right now.  And take more photos.  Definitely more photos.


It's Been 19 Years (And Counting)

Taken from la dolce vita
So I'm 19, and I like being excited for my birthday.  Because celebrating another year of existence, at least for me and all my various illnesses and allergies and random incidences, is a pretty big accomplishment.  But I like where I am now a year and a day after high school officially ended.  I found a very fun, hip, smart group of kids to hang out with.  I met a few people who I grew close to, you know, the types that you always want to talk to.  I reconnected with one of my best friends.  I survived freshman year of college.  And I managed to change majors.  God know what'll happen this year, but I am ready for it!


My Body, She Aches

Taken from the pursuit of happyness
All this working out.  And no visible results.  Well, that's an utter lie.  My stomach is harder, my calves have absolutely no fat on them, but I'm still insecure with my thighs and legs and they ache a lot.  They say no pain without gain, so I'm hoping these aches are signs of progress.  And I really want to sleep and take a day off, but I must keep going.  I have spinning today.  And I'm going to a class and a run on Friday to make up for not working out over the weekend due to a graduation, a housewarming party, and my own birthday.  Excitingness.

Blog Schedule (R.P.)

Three times a week.  I don't know when yet.  But seeing my next semester schedule, it'll probably be Tuesday, Thursday, then either Saturday or Sunday.