Grammys 2010 (T.V.C.)

So Lady Gaga's entrance...what the hell was going on? She falls into a vat...gets fake set on fire and then is performing live with Elton John. Hell of a win, Gaga, hell of a win. She's such a great performer. I loved her pinky spiral dress. It was AWESOME.

Steven Colbert is the coolest white guy ever. It was cute when he addressed his daughter and told her to "stay away from Katy Perry." That's the best. And Lady Gaga is definitely not dating Elton John. And the Pink Eyed Green Peas. And yeah, why wasn't Susan Boyle there? And he used an iPad, I'm sorry, iTampon. Yes, Steven Colbert is cooler than Jay-Z.

Why did "Single Ladies" win a Grammy for best song? No doubt Beyonce is talented. But...I just really don't like that song.

Crazy fan girl update: I am seeing Green Day's American Idiot on Broadway. Their rendition of "21 Guns" is amazing. Billie Joe performed better this time than at the VMAs. I cannot wait to see it. It will be the best musical ever. Nah, it's hard to beat The Lion King. Loved the collective rock jump at the end.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who wasn't surprised by the fact that Taylor Swift won a Grammy for country.

Beyonce has a nice voice but I don't like the song. This dress suits her better than that unitard. And I've never heard of the Zac Brown band. MGMT should've gotten that. I also liked Silversun Pickups, but they aren't really a "new" artist. By the way, Pink is an awesome performer as well.

"Imma Bee" is so nonsensical. Almost as bad as the "Panda panda panda" song. Fergie actually looks really pretty this time. I really like the song "I Gotta Feeling." Even though it's super nostalgic and I can't handle nostalgia, the beat and tune is awesome.

I'm taking a break for Tough Love 2 Finale. I know I'm lame. But yeah. I hope the rest of the Grammys are awesome =D

Deerhoof (M.S.O.)

Welcome to the realm of the completely nonsensical. I actually love this stuff because the songs are short enough to hold my attention span, but catchy enough that I'm not like "damn, that was it?" But the music is pretty chill and easily gets caught in the head. I've been humming "Panda Panda Panda" for the past hour instead of doing my bio homework. Haha, whoops. These guys are really good considering that I am usually not that huge a fan of indie music.


Basic Outline of G.W.D.Y.M.M.S.L. (G.W.D.Y.M.M.S.L.)

Yeah so it didn't work out for NanoWriMo to write 50,000 words in a month, so I'm just working on it at my own slow pace for fun. Here's an outline of what I have a plot so far:

Nadine is a senior in college and she's got some problems: she's got OCD and is highly germophobic, she can't cope with her and her boyfriend getting intimate, her mom has to chose which dad to marry, her brother's dad spends too much time at their house, and her best friend drinks...way too much. This is a chronology of her last semester of high school and her first semester of college.

Yeah it sounds cheesy, I know. But I like how it's coming out. So the characters are:
  • Nadine: the protagonist; has OCD; organizes everything by colors; hates germs; father has no name; best friends are Nat and Mia; girlfriend of Alex; her antagonist at school is Brianna; curvy and likes to workout; going to Brown
  • Nat: Nadine's best friend; has too many issues; very insecure; drinks a lot; parents quite absentee; really smart; going to Yale; she drinks mostly and hangs out with a large crowd of druggie kids
  • Mitch: Nadine's bald brother; he likes philosophy and leads a very schedules life; son of Paul; really caring; can be obnoxious sometimes; hates people; runs his dad's business
  • Mom: Nadine's and Mitch's mom; she's caring but can be easily distracted; author for a living; never married; supports kids at all times; knows everything about everyone
  • Paul: Mitch's dad; really Christian and proper; wanted to join priesthood
  • Dad: Nadine's dad; why he doesn't have, I don't think I'll know
  • Brianna: bitchy popular girl; wants to be part of popular drug crowd but can't; has too much sex; gets in everyone's face
  • Mia: a junior; really likes musical theater; really positive person; helps Nadine when stuff gets too hard
  • Ms. Porter: the school guidance counselor; helped Nat realize her problems
  • Mr. Gutierrez: the English teacher; he'll have a bigger role someday
Those are all the characters I have so far. And I love how even though I had nothing to blog about, I found something to blog about.


Fashion Disaster Day (B.O.A.)

Today's school dress down theme was fashion disaster or mismatch. Many kids were like "I'm going to cry on my way to school." I cried waking up because I can't believe that I used to dress like that in freshman and sophomore year. I guess now I take more time to look good but still have that slight edge. I don't know. It's an improvement though! A lot of kids' outfits weren't horrific though, which was disappointing. But it was still a fun day nonetheless.

The white striped hoodie is from American Eagle, the green thermal is from Urban Outfitters, pants from DKNY, skirt from Tripp from Hot Topic, shoes are vans, socks from Esprit, scarf from Hot Topic, and underwear by aerie. Pardon the dumb face.


There Must Be a Full Moon Out

Girls have PMS.
Boys have GKW.
What's GKW you might ask.
GKY: God Knows What.

Girls have their crazy hormones
Guys have their strange disease
When every dude go crazy.

And then they go berserk
When girls go crazy as well
But maybe it's a bit of all our faults?
Only time can tell.

It just gets and worse
But there's light at the end of every tunnel.

Or at least, once it's hit
Rock bottom, there's no where
To go but up.

Right now there's just a new pit,
Formed by pent up rage,
Filled with bodies and bodies...
Or is that my tummy talking?

In my subconscious, the angry have
Tentacles, the annoyed have strobe lights,
And the annoying have umbrellas for heads.

Half the dudes I know
Are a combination of the first and last.
The girls they know
Have strobe lights that spin really fast.


Redneck Day at School (B.O.A.)

This week at school it's spirit week and today's theme was cowboys and Indians day. About three kids did the Indian part. The rest of the school looked like a plaid-and-bandanas monster puked on it. EVERYONE wore plaid and bandanas. The hardcore kids bought hats and boots. I didn't bother taking a full pic of my outfit, so I'll just talk about the top, hehe. Plaid shirt by Esprit, undershirt by Silence and Noise from Urbanoutfitters, and the bandana is from a birthday party I went to a couple of years ago. I tried braiding my hair, but that was a fail because it's so freaking layered. And did cowgirls wear red lipstick? Somehow I doubt it, but it makes me feel pretty.

Tomorrow is twin day, but I'm pretty sure I'm just going to come in with my uniform. Unless MG(squared) couldn't figure out was going on with her people.


People Have No Decency

I did not.
No, I did not.

I did not have to see

You fuckin' perv.
I did not have to
See that.

I've tried to erase
You from my mind.

I couldn't even sit
Down in the subway
Because of you.

Fuckin' perv.


How To Host a Murder (B.O.A.)

So this weekend I went to Pennsylvania with Alice Dork and her family to play this murder mystery game. I had so much fun. Her brother is possibly the most adorable thing on the planet! He's about six and just this ball of energy. Christ, I can and cannot wait to have kids.

To the left, we have my outfit. Dress and white shirt from Esprit, jeans by American Eagle, undies by aerie and boots from EasySpirit.

I played the part of Randy Shetes, an actress of many sorts. Some sorts aren't as clean as people can assume from the name. We were trying to figure out who killed Sir Roger. The clues were all kind of misleading and playing with a bunch of drunk people just gave me and Alice Dork an advantage. Playing darts for the first time and getting out of amateur-stage pool was really fun. Don't get me started on watching Disney movies: best stuff ever!

But I got oddly nostalgic for the mother country, Poland. Like the town and the house reminded me so much of it. I had so much fun though. But I'm like exhausted right now.


This Weekend Will Be Fun (R.P.)

Alice Dork invited me to her country house for a murder-mystery party. I'm super duper excited. I've never been over at a friend's house for the weekend. Well, in America, that is. In Poland, I'd like move into my friend's houses for weeks. Haha, good times. Man, I miss that place. Anyway, I'll give a full partially detailed description of what happened tomorrow.


Shoes (R.P.)

So Steve Madden might actually be my favorite brand of shoes. It's so hard picking just one pair that I like but I think I really like these. I love the lace-up and the heel, because since I'm really into fashion right now, I should get a pair of legit heels, not wedges. They look hot in flare jeans, which I wear a lot, so that makes me excited.

Ra-ra-ah-ah-ah Ro-ma Ro-ma-ma-ah (N.a.P.)

That's the outfit PBD and I wore for the Lady Gaga concert at Radio City Music Hall. It was incredible. The music and performance was awesome. My tube top is from Free People, undershirt is from Esprit, skirt from Tripp, tights from Hot Topic, boots by Steve Madden and undies by aerie.

But Lady Gaga is one hell of a performer. The concert felt more like a dance party because everyone was just rocking out. Plus, there was so much techno. SO MUCH techno. I'm guessing the person doing the remixing was Space Cowboy, since he's Gaga's DJ. She played basically all her popular songs and played some acoustic piano. People who went to the concert cannot say that she has no talent. She does and it showed.

The atmosphere at the concert was just awesome. Everyone seemed psyched and enthusiastic. I honestly felt like I was at the gay pride parade, since many of her fans swing that way. People got insanely dressed up for it. I thought I was a bit slutty, some girls forgot to wear pants. Some outfits looked a bit nightclub-ish but others were outrageous. I had to do double-takes on many guys because their outfits were so good and they looked exactly like Lady Gaga herself.

My favorite moments were Dance in the Dark, Poker Face, and Bad Romance, but Semi Precious Weapons were an awesome band. Too bad they flaked out for the meet-and-greet after the show. I never knew glam rock was so fun. Jason Derulo was cool too, except I'm not too big a fan of his music.

Overall, it was a great gig. So proud to be a "monster" tonight!


Infected Mushroom and VnV Nation (M.S.O.)

These two "bands" are absotively addictive. VnV Nation is awesome futurepop stuff. I discovered them through Mindless Self Indulgence, but originally I didn't think much of them. And Infected Mushroom is just WOW. Their music is made of crack. It's amazing though and sort of an acquired taste thing. But I'm into anything innovative and slightly bizarre. Definitely check these guys out though!


No Hablo Español

I just took my
Spanish midterm,
The fiasco that it was.

I told my parents it
Was fine because
If I said otherwise,
I'd be so dead right now.

I don't understand
How spending 5 hours
In a day working on
A language could come
To no avail.

But whatever,
I have two other
Tests to visit
Along my midterm


Trance (M.S.O.)

What trance music is: music so steady and consistent that three songs could go by and you won't notice. It's quite awesome for studying. Think Tiesto and stuff. I went on a downloading rampage and added about 100 songs to my iPod. I might turn into one of those crazies that has maxed out their iPod Classic's memories. Nah, I'm not at that point yet. But seriously, this stuff is teh awesomez.

"School Is So Boring, I Skip All My Classes"

I didn't want to
Tell you to your face
Because you'd just
Complimented me
By thinking I was older,
But of course school
Is boring when you
Skip all your classes.

I'd much rather be
Sitting through a God-
Awfully long stats lecture
Than sitting at home
Or in a free
Doing absolutely nothing.

Like even though
I don't go to crazy
Parties and waste my
Time all day goofing off,
I'm definitely not bored.

I find ways to entertain myself.

Even though I'm
Typing up bio notes
For a study guide,
I am thoroughly
Entertained by all the
Trance music
Electrohead recommended.
(Thank you very much)


Puma Cabana Racer Sneakers (R.P.)

These are possibly the most fantastic sneakers I've ever gotten for the gym. They are comfy and don't squeeze my feet awkwardly. The price I got them for was awesome too: I wound up only paying 5 bucks out of my pocket thanks to gift cards and coupons. It's nice not working out in Vans or Converse.

Pray for Haiti (R.P.)

No, I did not just realize that there's mass devastation in the country of Haiti due to an earthquake. But I think we should pray for the people and donate money if we can. There are plenty of nifty things out there like texting Haiti to a number and donating ten dollars. I did it. So should you.


Maybe I Shouldn't Have

The relapses
Keep coming
More often than not
I don't if it's pms
Or if not.

I mean,
So negative again.

I already got into
My first college
And it's not enough,
I want to know
About everywhere else
Right now.

It's just so weird.
I was positive for
A bit.

Oh well,
I just gotta keep

That's all I can say.


It Better Be Obvious (B.O.A.)

Title is unrelated...or is it? Haha, I just went to see Sherlock Holmes with some friends (see movie review below) and since I'm pmsing, I had a huge urge to dress cute. After changing about 4 times, which is a record, considering I usually change at least 10 times before settling on a tee shirt and sweatpants. It's pretty bad. But it'll all be over tomorrow!

Shirt from San Francisco, white tee from Esprit, skirt by Kimchi Blue for Urban Outffiters, tights from discount DKNY, underwear by aerie. I wore boots too which were from Steve Madden.

Sherlock Holmes (M.R.)

I saw Sherlock Holmes with a bunch of friends and I cannot say I was too impressed. The movie was fun, but lacked a certain wow factor. The plot was great, the action was great...I think what was missing was a ounce of sexual tension between Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler. Maybe, I cannot quite put my finger on it.

Well, as people can tell from the trailer, Holmes is on a case to solve a mystery about Lord Blackwood rising from the dead. Since it's a movie, you probably know how it ends. I had no issues with the plot, since the action sequences were really well-timed. I think what bothered me the most were the scenes where we would explore nit-picky details. It was interesting, yes. But I feel it might have been more effective for the audience to think "OH! That's what that was!" during the actual scene. Another thing that irked me was that Hans Zimmer did the music. He's the guy that scored Pirates of the Caribbean and his stuff worked then, but I think it should have been more minimalistic and less Irish-sounding, considering that the film takes place in London.

I was kind of disappointed that the movie did not feature more of Holmes's and Watson's bromance. In the trailer, there was so much of it and honestly, it features a few scenes or recuts them so that they're not actually in the movie. Sorry to everyone who wanted to see Rachel McAdams in a corset. Speaking of Rachel McAdams, there was not enough sexual tension. Sure, they were flirting and having some non-consensual kisses, but there could have been so much more. It really played out like sloppy makeouts, genius edition. At some moments, the film felt a bit like Angels&Demons. I would say why, but that would give away too much of the plot and I am trying to keep this as spoiler free as possible.

Overall, I cannot say it was my favorite movie ever. But three cheers for having a plot and being fun to watch

Rating: 7/10


At the Gym and My Midterm (N.a.P.)

My English midterm went pretty well, I think. I don't want to jinx it because not many people in my class were too happy leaving it. Some of the essays were tough and I don't think my arguments were as solid as I would have liked them to be. I mean, it's kind of hard writing essays about stuff you don't care about, like should-be award-winning sows.

But you know, today must be "Joanna sees really really attractive people in the street" day. Walking to my dentist's office, I saw so many. It was crazy. I saw this one dude at the gym who looked like a leaner version of Robert Pattinson. It was AMAZING.

In other news, I'm never going to have to get my wisdom teeth removed because they don't exist.


"Sound of Listening"

Listening's an interesting skill
One that is useful
In class,
In life,
And can be abused
During tests.

Like my Spanish AP midterm.
It was quite useful
This week because
We were getting
Notifications about

It's quite useful
When talking to
People, really.

Speaking of quotes
From my English teacher
I should get started on
Studying for tomorrow's

Luck :D


Jump Rope, My New Exercise (N.a.P.)

So since I've started senior year, I feel like my gym membership has to waste. I only have time to go once a week, if I'm lucky, so I resort to finding new ways to work out at home. I've heard suggestions about jogging but I have really weak knees. So I tried jumping rope, which actually has more to do with the ankles. And it's fun! You should try it!


What I Wore (B.O.A.)

So today I wanted to experiment with patterns so I did. Even though you can't really tell, I wore a vertically striped shirt from Esprit, a horizontally patterned sweater vest also from Esprit, black slacks from Esprit, tank top by American Eagle, and underwear by aerie. Played out better in my head, but it was still interesting. That's what I get for wearing clothes that don't fit me anymore, haha.

Something Everyone Will Enjoy (R.P.)


It's a fake informercial, but I'm proud of all the work the team put into it. Go us!


Book Suggestions? (N.a.P.)

I've been in a major rut with that reading thing. The last thing I remember reading was Vampire Academy by Rachelle Mead. Awesome series, by the way. But I kind of want new stuff to read. The last books to really catch my attention were Faerie Wars by Herbie Brennan, and that's all just teen fiction. I want to read some really good adult nonfiction, so all suggestions are welcome.

I'm open to anything except for chick lit, unless it's amazing. My friend tried introducing me to trashy beach novels, but wow that failed. I went to Barnes and Noble with Alice Dork and kind of saw a few books that might interest me. Don't know to what degree they will deliver, though.

What books have you read that were awesome?

It's Really Cold Out There (N.a.P.)

I wanted to wear a cute tunic sweater today but couldn't because of how freaking cold it is. It's 16 degrees outside. I'm sure it's colder where other people live, but I hate having "I wanna dress adorably" days and not getting to. But going to Urban Outfitters hopefully will make up for it.

I've been SO into fashion and looking good recently, it's kind of scary, haha. I browse lookbook.nu for inspiration because I think I deserve to look that good all the time too. I'm trying to get away from jeans and band tees to skirts and nice tops and edging away from sneakers and moving onto bootie or sandals. It's really fun. I just need more clothes that actually fit me. And the weather needs to get warmer.


The Streets At Dawn

Walking towards the subway
On a Saturday dawn,
The streets belong
To the pedestrians.

The free spirits,
The kids who wake up
Way too early to
Get to somewhere
That they'll be
For way too long.

But I saw plenty of
People on the streets
This morning.

People maybe on their way home,
People heading to Long Island
Like I was.
People just riding the subway.
Who knows why they were there.

But the important is:
There were no cars.
The streets belonged to us.

Chaminade (N.a.P.)

Speech tournaments drain souls. Seriously. If it isn't sitting in rooms for an hour three (or four) times in a day listening to people speak, then it's waiting endlessly for announcements to be made. But even though no one made it to finals and our school didn't remotely qualify for a team trophy, it was fun.

Me, Black&White Cookie, Innocence, and ToeTOEFL were there and it was boatloads of fun (that's five people, not four, by the way). Me and the Black&White Cookie have a bond over racial comments, political jokes, while Electrohead and I spent a good portion listening to techno music and stuff. God, I miss having a free with them. It was too much fun.

But anyway, speech tournaments have people I would probably not get along with. Like, I've tried and it hasn't worked out. My school's team in general is quite antisocial. We keep to our own. It's kind of amusing because Pink Sunshine was trying to scout out boy candy and she was like "you're theory is absolutely correct!" The theory is that there are no cute guys at speech tournaments. If there are, then they are either not on a speech team, gay, or on our school's speech team. It's proven true too often. I'm sure people will take offense to this and think I'm being stereotypical. It's just observations.


Oh My God, What WAS That? (B.O.A.)

Haha, sorry for the bad pic and crappy cell phone quality. I'll try to use my normal camera when taking the outfit pics. And dammit, this looked much better in my head. Well, green shirt by Esprit, necklace I got from my friend, Japanoholic, the dress I bought in the huge department store in Paris, Le Temps. Tights I bought in American Apparel and the shoes I bought in Loehmann's. Underwear provided by aerie.

Don't you love how organized my locker is? It's because all I need to do is sort of know where everything is. Because once I try to organize it, I'm like "OH NOEZ WHERE'S MY *insert class here* BOOK?" Yep, that's my AP Spanish Barron's book in the corner. Go me for overextending myself.

It's funny because one of the colleges I applied to asked if I wanted to go into their honor's program. Tempting, but I kind of wanted to do that whole regular classes thing at least my first year at a college. And plus, all my AP scores would catapult me into like sophomore year classes anyway. Ugh...so much work.

But um, yeah. I took a Statistics test today. Title says it all. Because that's ALL there is to say about Stats tests. At least at my school. I hope we get a mega curve or something because if not, I shall cry. Lots.


I Relapsed (N.a.P.)

Ugh, I didn't get the chance to take a picture of my outfit today, but I seriously looked awesome today. And people noticed. I wore a lilac, v-neck sweater with a white collared shirt, black slacks, and a chain necklace. Oh and I matched my eyeshadow. I looked really professional and pretty.

That is, until I relapsed into negativity. I was sitting in the senior section, observing the girls in my class and thought "Damn, I wish I were that skinny." But, no worries. One little thought isn't going to kill me. Plus, I think my body image is getting a bit more realistic. I was browsing American Apparel's website and I saw some cute things I liked, but knew that they weren't meant for girls of my shape. And you know what I thought? Not "oh my God, I could lose a few pounds," but "that's okay." I mean, I looked cute today. And that's really what mattered.

But yeah, I mean, when I feel good, everything else is good. Even though my life flashed before my eyes when I accidentally bumped into my old history teacher. Scariest moment this week.


"You're A Dancer, You're Not a Lover" (N.a.P.)

The title is unrelated, I just really like the song. But I was sitting in the speech meeting today talking with Electrohead about religion and whatnot and I mentioned how I disliked the campus ministry director because of how she runs the Mass. And in turn, I got called a "bad"Catholic, jokingly.

Anyway, sit tight, kids, because this is a rare opportunity where I talk about my views and religious beliefs and stuff. For one, I think the Church should revert to Latin-esque Mass because a little too much has been left in the hands of the people. Sure, it's awesome that people don't need to fear the altar and Eucharist like the plague and lay people can read at Mass, but sometimes it gets a bit far. Like lay people reading the Gospel and saying a homily that has nothing to do with the Gospel that was just read. That's a priest's job because he goes to seminar school for that. Sure some priests go too much by the Bible, but they're well-versed in it and should know the most accurate interpretations.

People complain about the Church being outdated and closed-minded. Sure, there are closed-minded people in every institution, but Vatican II happened for a reason. And I know there have been complaints about the Church not supporting the government on issues like abortion and gay marriage, but it's a free country, no? Church, and other, people can be against those things if they want to be. Me personally? I'm not getting either one of those things, but if someone wants, hey, it's a democracy, they can and should be able to. Except I only agree with abortions in the case of rape because irresponsible people should be taught to deal with consequences (disclaimer: not saying every pregnant teen is irresponsible, but if you decide to have sex and whoops! there's a baby. You should have to deal with the consequences). But like I said, if people want to, they should be able to.

And it's important to acknowledge the fact that the Church takes note of new ideas such as these and forms doctrine about them. Or refines a view to make it truer to what Jesus had stated thousands of years ago. Take suicide funerals, for example. In Shakespearean times, a suicide was not allowed a Christian funeral due to a state of mortal sin. Nowadays, they're treated like everyone else. Hell, even people who cheated on their wives, molested children, and murderers receive Christian funerals. Because Jesus would probably forgive them too.

From what I learned, the heart of Christianity is the belief in God and Mass and whatever, but it's also about not treating people like shit. By that token, gay marriage should be allowed, but gay sex is a bit taboo because it doesn't lead to babies. But like I said, I'm not getting one.


8:45 Am - 3:01 PM

My mind is a high way.
Thoughts going back
And forth.
Receiving information
And giving it.

It's 9:25 AM.
It's English class.
Nothing's happening.

So I think.
A lot.

What am I going to
Do about this nasty hunger
Pang I'm getting right now?

I kind of want a burger,
But I don't feel like
Wasting my money.

I also don't need to eat anymore crap
Food because I've already devoured
Two pizza pies this vacation
While at JETS.

Damn, I have a really
Good feeling about that

I hope my old math teacher
And the JETS judges
Panel like it too.

Ugh, I have to go to the nursing
Home today. That's gonna
Take years, considering how
Meticulous that nun is.

It's 9:26 AM
This was a longggg day.


Blogging (N.a.P.)

I spend way to much time looking up webcomics. And the webcomic community isn't even my scene. So this morning I decided to go look up some blogs and get in touch with other people who used blogger. I came upon some cool ones, but then I checked the dates. Some haven't been updated since 2007.

Which frustrates me because since there are so few updates, the blogs kind of lose interest. I lose interest in my own blog when I haven't updated in a few days. But that's because I am crazy about posting. Well, not so much crazy as absolutely on time with getting a daily blog entry.

Speaking of posting right on target, I greatly admire Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content. No matter how messed up his sleep schedule gets or how hectic his personal life is, he always manages to post every day. Even if it's not a "legit" comic, he still gets something up. And that keeps it interesting. It's sort of like bands that one amazing album and then you have to wait a few years for the next one to come out instead of them coming out kind of consecutively. Well, that can go two ways. Green Day waited for 5 years after American Idiot to release 21st Century Breakdown and that was incredible. The Killers come out with an album basically every other year and they've been going down a very perilous slope. Damn you, Brandon Flowers and your ego.

But it also happens in relationships too. Once there's a lull and the other person isn't as "exciting" anymore, it just gets boring.

As those Rémy Martin ads say, STAY INTERESTING (drink responsibly).


All the Right Moves

(Inspired by OneRepublic's song of the same title)

I used to be that girl
Sitting in a corner
Kind of scared of everything
That's around her.

She didn't think she
Had anything to offer
But then something kind
Of clicked inside.

I noticed I've got
Some beauty and some brains
And that makes me actually
Kind of awesome.

I realized
Appendages don't matter,
Like the size of your wallet
And your reputation.

I've got plenty
Of friends in plenty
Of places.
I'm not going down.

You can say all you
Want, but your words
Aren't going to get to me.

I know that I've hurt,
I've been laid to waste,
That glass structure
That used to be me
Is broken.

And it takes some time
And it takes some strength
To fix everything
And put it back to normal.

But it won't exactly
Be the same
And I kind of had to learn
That the hard.

And I don't think
Anyone can bring me down
I've gotten better.

I think I'm all right,
I think I'm okay.
I've returned to health.

And honestly
Things cannot have been better.

Nursing Home, JETS (N.a.P.)

All these issues I have with getting forms signed at the nursing home I volunteer at are getting on my nerves. Like, I don't think it's reasonable for me to have to wait three days for the lady to sign the forms. She disappears whenever she seems to want and doesn't tell anyone. It's kind of annoying.

But the JETS video's primary filming is done! My heart goes out to Arizohna, Cats, ToeTOEFL, Alice Dork, Sits In Front, ADDZone, FemiRose, Columbia, and PRST. Thank you for all your hard work during the year and whatnot. Maybe we'll make it to finals? I think we can. Our video is clever and awesome, and in loving memory of Billy Mays.

School comes back to haunt me on Monday. Let's see how good I'll be with daily blog posts then.


New Year's Day (B.O.A.)

Sorry about the crappy cell phone quality pic. But first outfit for actually try to look pretty day! Yay! I had lunch with three friends and I wanted to look somewhat cute. Sweater courtesy of the country of Peru, jeans by American Eagle, underwear by Aerie. The sweater used to be soooo tight on me when I got it. But 20 pounds and a few inches lost later and it's kinda baggy.

But according to what I did today, this is what I'm expecting in 2010:
  • Lots of essay writing.
  • MONSTER!!!!
  • Cute outfits
  • Lots of makeup
  • Meeting up with friends
  • Arguing with my mom
  • Cute people
  • Church time
  • Loads of music
  • Having my instrument playing sessions rudely interrupted
  • Phone calls with friends
I'm somewhat superstitious. I mean, I don't exactly do things out of fear, but there are cute ones that are so "what if" factors. Like, what if it were true that whatever you do on New Year's Day and how good it is is a sample of the rest of the year? That'd be pretty sweet.

But anyway. I hope everyone had a great day either hanging out, spending time with family, or nursing that hangover.

It's 2010, Bitches

I called it a random post because it isn't long enough to be a not a poem. But I've got me some resolutions.
  1. Not turn into a total freaking scene kid when I move out.
  2. Get into and go to a college I really like
  3. Make new friends
  4. Maintain current friendships
  5. Organize a bimonthly get togethers with human beings
  6. Not cry as much
  7. Take two days a week to actually look nice
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! (I said it in the last post, but I'll say it again)
Three cheers for 2010!