Dream I Had Last Night

It was the two of us
Bathed in a soft light no
Lamp or candle can mimic.
And you, in your glory of
masculine perfection,
Come to me and leave a
Spark on my lips.

One spark
Leads to another and more
Until we find ourselves
Revealed in a true state
Of naturalness, fueled
By the electricity
That is our love.

And then we two
Become one, like
Droplets, delicate and small,
Come together to form a
A cloud, large and powerful.
Our voices ring in unison, our
Breaths the string section of a symphony.

And after the final release,
One becomes two again.
And you drape your arm over
Me, like I drape my blanket
Keeping me warm in the
Cold separation that is the night.
Until morning, when we can speak again.


Ten Things I Learned from Taking Woodstock (M.R.)

  1. Naked Hippies Are Not Hot: No, I do not care if it's free chance to see boobs swinging around and whatnot. It's not hot. If it's not mine and not my boyfriend's I do not want to see it.
  2. Don't Eat the Special Brownies: I would be terrified if my parents started jumping around and laughing hysterically the same way they probably were when they were 20 and madly in love. Though it would probably be hysterically funny afterwards.
  3. Don't Get High Before Having to Speak in Public: The weirdest crap comes out of your mouth...like the fact that the concert you're hosting is free and magically over a million people want to join in on the fun.
  4. Dimitri Martin Should Stick to Sketch Comedy: I love the guy. Really, I do. But he can't really seem to act. Like, his role reminded me too much of himself on the show than the Elliot he was to portray on the screen. Good thing I liked his humor though.
  5. Mudslides Are Fun: I really want to do that...I don't care if it's with thousands of other strangers, I just want to give it a spin.
  6. The Woodstock Festival Should Have Its Own Movie: Honestly, there was not enough about it. I felt like it focused too much on the financial and design aspect of the concert and not the music. I learned tons about hippie culture though. Not so much about the music. I'm sure it is super difficult to get lookalikes or something stand in for the actual bands, but a little effort would be nice.
  7. My Parents Are Sane: My mother isn't harboring 97,000 dollars in her closet and is scared of revealing it just so I can stay home and pull them out of debt. I'm serious. My parents are sane compared to that.
  8. Hiring Ex-Army Transvestites As Security Works: I'd rather have a really scary burly man-woman as a bouncer to any party than a scary burly man. GO VILMA!
  9. Bats Make Great Weapons: I'm guessing people in that era didn't like to use guns to ward off unfriendly people. Swinging at people with a bat seems to work better than just standing there threateningly with a gun.
  10. I Like Movies With Plots: It seemed to be having so much potential at the beginning. Then the plot direction died. Really, it did. Along with the music of Woodstock that wasn't actually present in the movie.


The Conflict Everyone Wonders About

Chocolate or vanilla?
Pepsi or coke?
Mac or PC?
Boys or girls?

Rugged good looks
Or beautiful cute curves?
Big bear hugs
Or delicate subtle touches?

What do you do
When you think the
Rugged good looks of one gender
Can totally satisfy your every need?

Though you love the chiseled look
Of a perfect 6 or 8 pack
And the soothing feeling
Of a deep man voice,
You still want the delicacy
That is smooth curves
And voice more melodic
Of a higher range.

People always wonder
How someone with
Such diverse tastes deals
With the cravings
And the conflict of interest.

For me,
It's making myself
As much of a woman as possible.
So I can look at myself
And be fully satisfied.

In all ways.


The Hangover [M.R.]

If I had my blog since freshman year, I don't think the amount of what the hell moments would come anywhere near what these dudes experienced in 48 hours. I have nothing bad to say. It was just a fantastic ride.

Now, I cannot see most trips to Vegas ending well. Like, I've been there but I wasn't there to drink, gamble and have tons of forgettable fun, because I was 16 at the time. But the situations get even more and more bizarre. Most disturbing: the naked Asian man with no junk in the trunk. That was terrible.

I felt bad for Doug though. His friends left him on a roof. I doubt he even remembered getting on the roof. The pictures at the end were funny...and kind of weird. Especially when watching it with your aunt.

I love how this review has no structure. But that's because I have no complaints.

Rating: 9.5/10


My Goals For Senior Year (N.a.P.)

Top 10 List:

  1. Get above a 90 in every subject
  2. Learn to be confident
  3. Finally write my college essays
  5. See One Guy
  6. Have fun
  7. Put effort into speech team
  8. Enjoy my extracurriculars
  9. Become good enough at guitar to get an electric one
  10. Get above 2300 on the SAT


Inglourious Basterds (Movie Review)

Inglourious Basterds Pictures, Images and Photos
Not your average Nazi flick, I have to say. Historically, pretty inaccurate and spot-on at the same time. I liked the movie for its plot and Brad Pitt's character. I didn't really like earliness of the suspense.

The plot is amazing. Remember that movie, Valkyrie? Same base plot line: let's take out Hitler and his higher officials. Except more exciting, European, and definitely more gore. Basically, it serves as a much better movie. Seriously? It's Nazi-occupied France during the Second World War. That was way scarier in this movie than in Valkyrie, but I digress. The characters were hard to follow in terms of names, but the main ones were truly memorable. The French girl, her laugh is the creepiest thing I've ever heard. Her story is really tragic though. I felt bad.

Speaking of characters, I'm not that big a fan of Brad Pitt. Honestly, I cannot even name the films of him that I've seen...wait, I saw Babel and Sinbad. But I haven't seen the so-called classics like Mr. and Mrs. Smith and the Ocean's movies. Anyway, his portrayal as Aldo Raine was amazing. Especially since it's a Tarantino film, his characters are hardcore and pretty intimidating. I would NOT want to cross that man...even if I were trying to be a brave Nazi Sergeant or what not. The accent amused me too...I haven't heard anything so American since I talked to Spike at Brown (he has a Souther accent). But yeah, loved his character.

Only issue: the suspense started a bit too early. I don't know if it was the movie's fault or if it is because I had seen the Halloween II trailer just minutes before. Like the first scene...I was almost ready to wet myself, but I don't know if it's cause of that or because I know what happens to people generally when a Nazi official comes over to a person's house who is harboring Jews. Or maybe it's because I was half-expecting Michael Myers to pop out and machete everyone. Not sure which.

Overall, great movie. I've already recommended it to most people I know.

Rating: 9/10


Nothing To Write About (N.A.P.)

I've been listening to alot of The Airborne Toxic Event and American Idiot.

Guess what mood I'm in =D


Once Again

So once again
We tried to go to home
With each other using
Words and sounds.

And then my phone stopped
Working or he lost service
Or something else wrong
Pretty wrong.

But I think
I'm being ridiculous
About this whole
Issue we're having
But I guess
My last
Entry was fucking stupid.

Because at midnight
When I fall asleep
He's the only one
On my mind
Even though our relationship
Isn't perfect.

But at the last moment
When my eyes close
And REM kicks in,
He's the only one
I care about.


To Swing Or Not To Swing?

To swing or not to swing?
That is the question.
When times with one person get rough.
Is it worth risking
Their trust,
Their love,
Their respect
For you to get
Something you want?

I feel like a she-wolf.
Like the one described by Shakira.
Ready to do anything
To get freedom
And gratification.

I don't want either.
I just want you.
You won't give yourself.

Where else can I get you?


Just Dance

Dancing in the rain

Poetry slam
At a place where
I felt out of place
With people
I just met
Was a bit boring.

Once it was time
To go home
And relax,
The rain came.

So did the music.
And the dance.
And the songs.

This was after
Having an amazing lunch with
A really good friend.

Today was a great day.


Working Out

Yoga Sun at any beach of the World

On Saturday,
It was an attempt
At yoga.
I could not feel my hips.

On Sunday,
It was an attempt
At flirty girl fitness.
I could not feel any sillier.

It was back to my comfort zone.
My skepticism won.

The next battle?
My skepticism vs. the ab lounge.


Forest Heat, Personal Fail

Forest Foam

Walking through the forest
With a good friend
Sharing good conversation
Avoiding gnats,
Pictures are galore.

Photographs of things
I see at least once a year
With picnik in a new light.

But as for actually doing things?
Walking back through the forest,
Going the same way,
Back to the lake,
I swam.

Not the best attempt.
But an attempt,


My Job In the Hospital (N.a.P.)

So, for the passed four weeks I've been working my hospital job. At first it was pretty interesting, like I got to watch someone get their ACL repaired. Okay, that seemed kind of gross, but whatever. People bleed all the time. Except when I'm bleeding, it's the end of the world. Really, it is. No one would be able to update this blog if I'm dead.

But then it shortly got boring. I haven't filed or organized so many papers in my life. I was getting papercuts from the shredder. It was awful haha. But then this nice lady gave me work to do filling out forms to "grade" anesthesilogists on their work. That was interesting.

My two office mates were the BEST. One had the most psychotic sense of humor and the other is just really nice. They kept me sane during the back pain and shoulder pain of filing. Shredding was fun, at first. It got irritating after a while.

But I think my first real job experience was a good one.



I don't think I'll be the one
That's behind.
I'm a little nerdy girl with
Tons of attitude.
It's spelled itself out well
In my personal essay.
I think I'm a pretty good girl
Except when you piss me off
I can get bad,
So stay off my bad side
And I'll see you at the better end.

Weight loss is starting to get so futile.
I can fit into skinny jeans
And wear frilly skirts.
I don't what's worse than I'm giving up
Or my angry isn't letting me do what I want.


I Want to Give Up

Weight loss
Is getting to be too

Like, there's no way
I'll be as thin
And fit
As the girls at the gym.

My body shape that I inheritted
From my mom's side of the
Really doesn't favor
Short skirts
Or anything too sexy.

Why. Am. I. Trying?


Trip to MoMA

I won't call myself
An artist
Because the last thing
I drew was an emo kid
Playing a bass about
Two years ago.

But I do know
What can be
Considered art.

When my mother and I
Went to MoMA,
I failed to understand
Why some of the stuff
Was there.

A red stripe on the wall
Is considered art.
That's about as absurd
That boyishly-skinny
Women are considered
Beautiful and curvy.

And hair that look like
Your cat had seen a rat
In it and had a spazz attack
In it is super hot.

What I'm trying to say,
It's that because it's
And cool doesn't
Mean it actually takes skill.

Except for some paintings.
Like Picasso and Dali.


Hanging Out for 6 Hours

Hanging out for so long
Wandering Union Square
With the same person
Is so fun.

Getting bitched out
Because dad doesn't
Understand that not
Every family is normal
Is not fun.

Losing three pounds
After eating food I actually like.


Police Women of Broward County (Commentary)

Holy shit, that show is intense. Well, not really. The situations the people they arrest get into. All of them are druggies. ALL OF THEM. It's crazy. And the neighborhood they work and raise kids in is really sketchy.

But I give them credit. I would not be able deal with those people, live in that area, or be a cop. Hence why I'm sticking to pharmacy and interior design.


They Won't Be Around (Song)

When people go to Catholic school
Especially the girls
People expect you to become whores
But not you.

When your dad sent you to a Catholic place
He definitely meant well.
But then you met some teenage kids
And you fell. You fell.

You fell in love with a prickly plant
That can only be grown
On ex-communist sand.
Communist sand.

Yet you fall.
And the people who got you
So hard in love let you fall.

In the place of nowhere
Where are they now?
They're not around.
They're not around.

When we were young I always thought you'd be
the smart, responsible cool kids.
But darlings can't you see?
Your mom's rolling around in her grave.

When I heard you were sneaking out
Passed 11. Nothing good could come out
Of it. You met with bad people
And look at where you are now.

You fell in love with a powdery dust
That can only be collected
On ex-communist sand.
Communist sand.

Yet you fall.
And the people who got you
So hard in love let you fall.

In the place of nowhere
Where are they now?
They're not around.
They're not around.

They won't be around.



I do the same thing everyday.
I file papers everyday.
I fill out charts everyday.

I do the same thing everyday.
I file papers everyday.
I fill out charts everyday.

I do the same thing everyday.
I file papers everyday.
I fill out charts everyday.

I do the same thing everyday.
I file papers everyday.
I fill out charts everyday.

I do the same thing everyday.
I file papers everyday.
I fill out charts everyday.

And then I party.


InStyler (Rant)

It is probably the most complicated hair product I've ever seen. It is a cross between a curling iron and a straightener...minus the hot plates. It comes with a built-in brush, cool. But it seems like it does more curling and flipping than actual straightening.

But I think what got me the most was the fact that they complain that regular straighteners do so much damage. Honestly, they do. But not as much if you use heat protection products and straightener your hair the right way. I'm not an expert on hair, but plenty of articles in magazines and websites say that when straightening, you have to pull the straightener down in one, smooth motion. Not crimp your hair with it as demonstrated in the infomercial.

Haha, I sort of feel this is the kind of rebuttal Josh Hillis would give some new "revolutionary" workout machine. It'd be nice if he could debunk or prove things like Flirty Girl Fitness and that weird ab machine that you swing on.


My Course Schedule (Song Thing)

AP Spanish
AP Bio
AP English
AP Statistics

I didn't get any
Of the fun classes
That I wanted to take.

So instead my school
Gave me all the worst
Classes ever.

My schedule...
Is so packed...

I'm gonna have to wave
My sex life good bye
Put my life love
On the back burner.

Wait, usually when stuff
Goes on the back burner
It sets itself on fire
Maybe that's what'll happen.

My schedule...
Is so packed...

Will I have time,
To take care of myself?
This hectic array of APs
Really truly sucks.

My friends will forget
What my face looks like
Since I'll be so fucking busy.

My schedule...
Is so packed...