First Tests and My Weight (Two Things I Can Never Really Succeed In)

Well...that was a bit of a fiasco. But not as much of a fiasco as last year.

First AP History test last year was an 80. This year, it was a 93. I was sort of happy, but OF COURSE, my too-demanding mother thought I failed at life. First math test last year, I got something in the 80s. This year, it was an 86. First English test last year, 85. This year, 92. First science test, 92. First science quiz-test thing, 100. Obviously something has changed. Perhaps my learning habits or something like that. I have no idea. But I feel like I am burning out. Oh well, as long as I am still doing well by Christmas, I will be okay.

Now, my weight. How much more do people want?! I have lost four or five inches off my waist, my fat percentage went down about a percent. I am really scared of getting any smaller, my ribs are already showing and so are hip bones. I do not look fat. Yet I am somehow ten pounds overweight. Losing weight is just really hard. I workout everyday, I do not eat junk food, and I maintain a constant weight of 140-142 pounds. I only reached 139 about a month ago but that was when I was barely eating and playing tennis eight hours a day. Ugh, I think I am healthy, I do not get sick often, maybe once or twice a year. Well standards of weight are not going to change anytime soon. So whatever.


Why I Hate and Love People

Hate People: They flake...A LOT! I get so annoyed with them sometimes, it makes me cry and say things that I definitely do not mean. For example, I am refusing to talk to some of my friends because they all ditched me Friday night. Um, yeah that really sucks and it makes you feel like shit. And some people, are fakes. They pretend to be your friend just to get something out of you--like an awesome study for a class. I am worth more than that. I do not just sit around and study all day. On the contrary, I actually hate sitting around and studying all day. But that is exactly what an 97.6 average and glasses means. I am much sexier than that, seeing as I watch fashion shows religiously to make sure I do not look like a nerd. Some people are liars too. They date people with no intention of having it last as long as possible and therefore, take a gander at other people and think about getting together with them. That is so wrong. Usually, the guy is more than genuine and doing that is called being a bitch.

Love People: They wait for you on street corners and do crazy things with you. Like drink while watching Little Miss Sunshine and grinding with you along to "Super Freak." That was the best night ever. The drinking was a little disappointing, since I never drank before, so I assumed I would be gone by 2 shots of hard liquor. I was perfectly fine after 3.5 shots and beer. My friend who was with me was out of it after a shot and a beer. But it was fun, to say the least. And then I chilled with my other friend who, though she was an hour late, showed up. And we had fun trying to pronounce German and trying on ridiculous clothes. My friends mean a lot to me. And friendship is a two-street. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of that and therefore need to get slapped across the face with karma.


First Days Back

They were...meh. Well, nah, I really should not say that. I have somewhere between a 90 and a 100 average in everything because I actually do my homework and stuff because I am dilligent like that. Friend-wise, it is fantastic, I guess. I chat more in class nowadays too because frees are for homework and I tend to space out socially while doing that...unless I am chatting online.

So, I ended last year tied for second place in the class and on the first honors roll. Yeah, I will not go further into my study habits or intelligence because frankly, I have no idea how that happened, considering how rough last year started.

This year, junior year, started off rather smoothly. I am not stressed out yet, no one is giving me any trouble so far...well, except for my best friends who keep flaking on me on Fridays. It is very annoying and I really want to get down on the issue. Well, yesterday it rained a lot, so I can see why hanging out would be a little inconvenient. Oh well.

Now I have new friends, so I can expand my circle of people to hang out with. Except I do not really have the courage to ask for new people's phone numbers, let alone to hang out. I really feel uncomfortable calling someone if I have not known them very long, does not matter if there is a crisis.

The classes are allright. I mean, I cannot complain...except for physics. The teacher drones on and on and on and it is really hard to focus on what he is saying without being so annoying by the way he is saying it! Speech class should be fun, considering it is really interactive and stuff. So far, I have to write an introduction about my friend as if we got together 10 years after graduation. That should be fun.

I wonder what else this year holds for me...