Party Rock

Taken from suckmyclock
It starts with a beverage or two.  The party dance.  The, you know, you start moving around a bit and then a bit more, until you get to something that might even sort of resemble dancing. The party rock comes a bit shortly after, when you finally get a little tired and figure "hey, lets keep consuming."  Then it's the party shimmy.  And then the dreaded party sway.  And after that, the party floor.


Death to the Essay

Taken from over-ture
It's summer in Krakow and there are so many other things I'd rather be doing.  Like checking out the city.  Holding hands on a picnic blanket with my favorite.  Enjoy the calm breeze under the trees, maybe enjoying a cool beer.  My head resting on his chest  I would also just want to not be chained to the frustration of writing in a language I am only orally fluent in.  But I must press on.


Dating With Hipsters

Taken from pleasantinterruption
So first we just sat there.  You had your arms crossed defensively and I couldn't tell if you actually enjoyed hanging out or whatever.  I was trying to seem open and stuff and it seemed to work.  I was charismatic, telling stories, sharing interests.  But at first it was hard to tell anything off you.  But as the weather became nicer and the night matured, and we had a few more beers and then went back to the dorm and listened to some dubstep.  And then we kissed for a bit and he walked me home.  I guess that's what dating hipsters is like.


I Want to Make the Future

Taken from 17shells
I will make the future right now.  There will be invisible railways, everywhere, dragging cars full of people every where, traffic free, energy safe.  Everyone will dress sharp, somehow, because everything will be so expensive due to the prolonged depressions caused by economic strife.  But somehow, everyone will be educated and healthy.  Because medicine will be so advanced.  Nanobots fixing everything.  And no, not everyday will be post-apocalyptic and dreary.


A Bit of a Dip

Taken from bowiesome 
As most people know, I am a ridiculous human being.  I'm slinking back into slight insecurity over my body.  I feel totally sick right now because I was a fucking cow and ate too much today.  I think I regained half or all the weight I worked so hard to lose in the previous month.  But I still feel trim.  I guess that's something.  But instead of feeling bad now, I can just plan to eat well tomorrow and not be a cow.  Differences in attitudes help.


My Roomies Are Silly

Taken from pleasantinterruption
It's interesting living with two girls who have boyfriends.  Not a lot, but some of their day is dedicated to communication with their loved ones across the ocean in America.  I don't mind; I don't get jealous about things like that.  The missing, the wondering if they're being good, the wishing they were at that hoppin' bar with you.

But a curious thing happened.  In our class, I am the lone ranger of the three of us who doesn't want a boyfriend right now, but wouldn't mind flirting with a boy.  Or, you know, whatever.  But when saying what kind of "problems" we had (we did a mock get-to-know-each-other warm up first-day-of-language-class interview), one said that my sole problem was that I didn't have a boyfriend.  And it happened the two boys in our class didn't have girlfriends.  And one of them is so cute...


First Days In Krakow

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Not counting two-, three-, or fewer-week-long trips, I don't think I've ever had a proper roommate.  And now I have 3 other girls living in the same room as me.  Two are similar to each other but vastly different from me.  The other is kind of similar but not really, I guess.  We all have stories to share and places to see so that keeps things fresh and exciting.  I might get used to this whole roommate thing after all.


On My Way to Krakow (N.a.P.)

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So, in a few hours, I'll be boarding a bus to the capital of Poland, Warsaw, and then a train to my final destination here: Krakow.  I'll be starting a four-week summer program where I'll be taking Polish language (finally need to learn grammar, yo) and learning about 21st Century literature.  But before all that, I spent some time in Goniadz.
All following photos come from my flickr

There's a river, Biebrza, where I used to swim all the time, but there wasn't much water and it was pretty cold most of the time, so I spent a lot of time walking around and taking pictures of things with my friends.  There were a few parties, but those were at night.  And I'm pretty sure my friend still owes this one kid 10 zloty (around $3.5) for booze.  It's legal for kids under 21 to drink here and it blew my mind.

But, we also spent a day in my home town of Bialystok, where my friend and I saw a play and my mom and I took care of important things.  Like getting my proof citizenship card and a bank account set up.

When I get to Krakow, I'm going to have to move in, meet my roomie, get a monthly bus pass, and settle in and take a little break from vacation and be a college kid again.  I'm excited to meet new people and for all the adventures that await!


A Little Note About Fitness and Nutrition Blogs

Taken from let love grow
I read them because I am genuinely interested in other people's takes on fitness and food and what works for them and what seems to work for other people.  To quell the idea that celebrities are only skinny and trim because they are rich.  That hot girls are only hot because they don't eat and work out a ton.  Stereotypes can be true, but that's a stereotype of stereotypes.  I recently read one that could possibly encourage a change inn my own eating and work out patterns.  Looking good and eating well shouldn't be torture of any kind.  It should just be.  And there isn't just one way of achieving it.  Sure, the first steps are generally the same across the board, but everyone has to start somewhere.  Good physicality, in the long run, has to change and evolve based on a new milestone in life, a new change in attitude, a new environment, but, possibly most dynamically, a change in self.