A Little Note About Fitness and Nutrition Blogs

Taken from let love grow
I read them because I am genuinely interested in other people's takes on fitness and food and what works for them and what seems to work for other people.  To quell the idea that celebrities are only skinny and trim because they are rich.  That hot girls are only hot because they don't eat and work out a ton.  Stereotypes can be true, but that's a stereotype of stereotypes.  I recently read one that could possibly encourage a change inn my own eating and work out patterns.  Looking good and eating well shouldn't be torture of any kind.  It should just be.  And there isn't just one way of achieving it.  Sure, the first steps are generally the same across the board, but everyone has to start somewhere.  Good physicality, in the long run, has to change and evolve based on a new milestone in life, a new change in attitude, a new environment, but, possibly most dynamically, a change in self.

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