My Roomies Are Silly

Taken from pleasantinterruption
It's interesting living with two girls who have boyfriends.  Not a lot, but some of their day is dedicated to communication with their loved ones across the ocean in America.  I don't mind; I don't get jealous about things like that.  The missing, the wondering if they're being good, the wishing they were at that hoppin' bar with you.

But a curious thing happened.  In our class, I am the lone ranger of the three of us who doesn't want a boyfriend right now, but wouldn't mind flirting with a boy.  Or, you know, whatever.  But when saying what kind of "problems" we had (we did a mock get-to-know-each-other warm up first-day-of-language-class interview), one said that my sole problem was that I didn't have a boyfriend.  And it happened the two boys in our class didn't have girlfriends.  And one of them is so cute...

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