First Day at Work

Taken from duh-da
It almost feels like a first date.  You get all dressed up nice and fancy to make a seriously good impression on your co-workers and your supervisor and, if you ever get to actually interact with him, you boss.  You say all the right things and suppress most your odd-ball, weird-ass personality just for the purpose of seeming like a competent employee.  You even get coffee or something beforehand because you need caffeine to wake you up and make you feel calmer.  In addition, walking in with a large cup of coffee seems to be a sign of almost being a legitimate human being.   And working a 9-to-5 seems fairly all right as well.  And your eyes hurt so much from using a large, bright iMac that you can't bring yourself to finish a blog entry you started 3 days ago.


Just Hanging With My Friends

Taken from t0psshop
I have about four days of summer vacay before I have to go to work.  And even though there's no major responsibility, but I still need to pack everything up.  And I need to see people I like to hang out with before they go home or whatever it is they need to do.  It's nights like these where I feel lonely because I have nothing scheduled, but everyone else does.  And all I want to do is hangout.


Can't Help But Think

Taken from m-a-r-i-n-a-r-a
I know it's finals and I should be worrying about grades and stuff.  But I think both you and I know that I have written enough about how much it sucks to be alone, studying for hours a day.  So I will write about the recent developments in mine and my boyfriend's relationship.

We have been together almost seven months now.  SEVEN.  That's the SUM of half my high school relationships (while, in the meantime, everyone else I knew dated people for years).   Am I jealous?  Maybe a bit.  But I'm happy now and we have made leaps and bounds in our relationship.  And we recently started saying "I wuv you,"  which is almost like "I love you," but with only some of the commitment.  And he's invited me to spend New Year's in California with him.  I mean, I know it's forever away.  But it's something that's an actual plan.  I like plans and thinking ahead.  And it's all exciting and terrifying, but I like him.  And that's all that matters for now.