2008: Ups Downs and All-Arounds

Well, it's the time of year where I think about the year and everything that went on: the good, the bad, and the ongoing.

This little narrative starts January. I came into the New Year 2008 a taken girl: had a pretty cute boyfriend and we had our little puppy love thing going on. I met up New Year's Day with my best friends at the time ("at the time" will be explained later). Whatever you do New Year's, you do the rest of the year, right? Well that proved true for them. They still met up and flirted and stuff. It was cute. Midterms went reasonably well...I got all 90's as was expected and the year started on a pretty good note. Especially since I was sitting in art history one day, and then I saw her: puffy-hair, total-bad ass-seeming attitude. And she was seated next to me. Because of all the drama of the previous months, I was sort of desperate to make new friends. And there she was. her sister went to our school and figured we'd be best friends because I "have an MCR scarf." We clicked instantly and we immediately were discussing all the shit going on in our lives. It was great. No drama...or so I thought.

Moving on to February. My boyfriend was, to say the least, being a douche. He ignored my calls, he stopped messaging me on face book, and we didn't see each other in over three weeks. Worst part: Valentine's day was coming up. I felt like crapper that day. My male friend gave my female friend like...20 dollars worth of Valentine's Day chocolate. I got tiny orange rosettes the next day and I only saw him for like 20 minutes. I sorta wanted a full-blown date, but whatever. At least the thought counted. Then I went to my first indoor rock concert with my best female friend. I sort of wanted to take the puffy haired girl, but she got grounded. The concert was awesome: Chiodos, Coheed&Cambria and Linkin Park performed. I never heard of Chiodos, but they were great and now they're one of my fave bands. We almost met the band, but we were too late to get on the line. But we got some sweet pictures.

In March, I went to Danielle's sweet 16. I cannot believe I let my epic fail boyfriend at the time ruin it for me. I spent most of it angry at him, but overall, it was fun. That was ridiculous though. I almost had to force him to slow dance with me...yeah, not fun. We broke up a week later. That really sucked because I thought I'd be the one breaking it off, but he tried delaying it until we met up in person. That really wasn't fun. So I became an epic fail and decided to give up on the whole relationship thing for a while. When I went on the Greece trip, I didn't expect anything besides ridiculous things happening like college riots and getting spit on by local animals. The trip started off with me falling down a flight of stairs. Much to my surprise, I made two new friends. One was a pre-freshman and the other a senior. Turns out, I started to really like him because he was one of those people you could trust. Drama occurred, there was a riot, and every day on the cruise, me and my girlfriends would go clubbing. Surprisingly, I got attention from guys. It was no surprise that the school thought were going out upon our return.

Cue April. Mom was bawling once again that the pope died, my school life back to where it was. I talked to the guy and we were flirting a lot. He was really sweet: he tutored me in math, offered to drive me home in his black ford mustang convertible. We ended up going out a week later. My parents really didn't like him...just because he was 18. But he was so good to me and he made me so happy that if I could, it'd be silent rave day everyday. The Pope also visitted the United States in April and I got a chance to see him. Though the day was grueling with 8 hours in the hot sun without food and with plenty of water, it was totally worth it. There was also sophomore retreat which was way cute. We talked about families and friends and stuff like that. I also went to my first Bat Mitzvah. It was fun, even though I only knew like 3 people there. It was an interesting day considering I knocked off two religions in one weekend.

Then came May. The most exciting month ever. I went to three concerts: Bamboozle, My Chemical Romance at the Garden, and Loyola's spring concert. Bamboozle was fun. I spent of my time with my boyfriend and two best friends at the time. My two best friends avoided the mosh pits but me and my boyfriend had an awesome time getting attacked by flying beer bottles and crowd-surfers. I also took my first AP test, which I cried after...then went to a concert. Me and my friend got considerably better seats than at the first concert we went to. My Chemical Romance is so cute on stage and Taking Back Sunday were amazing too. Great way to brush off the blahness that was an AP test. At the spring concert, I met my boyfriend's mom. She's pretty nice though she intimidated me at first. Then came finals week. I was really nervous, but I studied a lot, so it didn't go as badly as I thought it would. I really wish I was able to go to prom. My mom didn't let me because of finals week and all the shenanigans that go on during prom. At least I got to go to my boyfriend's graduation. It was one of our most romantic dates ever. I don't even understand what so romantic about it, but it was.

And then it was June and my birthday. I went to my first Yankee game the night before. That was really fun because I got to spend about four or five hours with my boyfriend. The next day, I went with him and my two friends to have lunch. I spent most of the day with him. I also went on college tour. There have been blogs posted about that, so read them for yourselves because I am not rewriting all that. It was fun. And then came my sweet sixteen. It was the greatest party ever. It took place at a nightclub and I wore a pretty gold dress. As tradition states, I made dedications to people I care about and who matter. The party ended with the police coming, not because of the people there, but because of the nightclub. It was funny.

In July I went to tennis camp. I felt so out of place because I was one of the oldest people there and quite frankly, too out of shape to dress in short clothes. But spending tons of time with my boyfriend and friends brought my self-esteem up. It was a bit of sad period too. I was packing for my trip while he wasn't even packing for college yet. We had become so close so late, I would have almost depressive fits about him going away. But on our last day together, he assured me that he'd always care. I promised him that too.

August was eventful. I went on my first trip to the west coast. First few days, we camped out. That was horrible and fun at the same time...(I just realized how masochistic that sounds). On the trip, it was me and about twenty Jewish kids I never met before. They were nice, for the most part. I made two friends on that trip. We had fun times unclogging toilets, freezing to death, drying clothes, riding roller coasters for the first time, not gambling in Vegas, sleeping in a college dorm....and more. It was fun, but when I got back, the break down started. I only texted my boyfriend and my friend since kindergarten for the whole trip. My so-called best friends only texted me when they had drama and not so much to just say hi. It was bad. So I nixed the term "best friend" and "friend." For me, now, friend is someone who bitches to you and is willing to listen to your bitching too.

September I went back to school. There were a whole slew of new kids and hearing the phrase "junior year is really important" to the point of puking. Sure, I knew it would be hard, but I needed to see for myself. The classes I took were definitely harder. AP United States History and AP Calculus AB...tough crap, I'll tell you. There were new teachers too, like the Christian Service guy. He brought drama to all and people gave him drama too. So disorganized. English class was its own thing that made a lot of people frustrated.

October was not fun at all. Okay, "at all" is a bit extreme. It was good...until the end. I went to a close friend of mine's sweet 16 where I reconnected with another close friend of mine. It was super fun and the sweet 16 looked gorgeous. Field Day was amazing and there is a whole blog on that too. It's interesting how total strangers can become quick friends and have the greatest time together. And then we had a random break for teacher's retreat and I spent two of the four days at a nursing home. The other two, I spent crying hysterically. I am not going to sugarcoat it. My boyfriend and I...well...we broke up. And I hate talking about it. Because...ugh...I'm not even going to talk about it much. It was bad and Halloween was less than cheerful. It was really fun, don't get me wrong, but there was that gloom of just being broken up with someone I really cared about.

November had the most birthdays ever. My new friend, my other friend, my friend from middle school, and my cousin all had birthdays. They were fun, I guess. The other friend's birthday was a little awkward though, I have to admit. I also had to endure the stress of a group project. I hate group projects so much. Thanksgiving was cool. My neighbor didn't come, he annoys a lot of people. It was my cousin's birthday so it was great to spend time with her.

And here were are...in December. Pretty chill month. I went into a bit of an academic down but that fixed itself. I finally got the Christmas concert overwith. It was such a success! People were congratulating me all week long, it was awesome. Christmas at Loyola was cute too. Buying people presents is the greatest joy this time of year. Presents are also really awesome when you don't ask for them. I made a lot of new friends and met up with a lot of friends. It's been great. Christmas makes you appreciate the little things in life.

Well my year was eventful, and I'm looking forward to next year. That should be really fun...hopefully.


I Kissed A Boy

This was never the way I planned
Not my intention
I got so brave, drink in hand
Lost my commitment
It's not what, I'm used to
Just wanna try you on
I've got the hots for you
Caught my attention

I kissed a boy and I liked it
The taste of his lack of chapstick
I kissed a boy out of habit
I hope my boyfriend don't find out
It felt so wrong
It felt so right
I think it means I'm in love tonight
I kissed a boy and I liked it
I liked it

Well, I think I knew your name
It sorta matters,
You're my experimental game
Just human nature,
It's not what,
Nice girls do
Not how they should behave
My head gets so abused
Hard to obey

I kissed a boy and I liked it
The taste of his lack of chapstick
I kissed a boy out of habit
I hope my boyfriend don't find out
It felt so wrong
It felt so right
I think it means I'm in love tonight
I kissed a boy and I liked it
I liked it

You guys are just magical
Soft skin, thin lips, so kissable
Hard to resist so touchable
Too good to deny it
It's a big deal, it's scandalous

I kissed a boy and I liked it
The taste of his lack of chapstick
I kissed a boy out of habit
I hope my boyfriend don't find out
It felt so wrong
It felt so right
I think it means I'm in love tonight
I kissed a boy and I liked it
I liked it

*Disclaimer: I felt like spoofing Katy Perry. I have nothing against lesbians/ bisexuals.*


Happy Holidays!

Last Christmas, I had a reasonable list of everything I wanted.
This year, I had no idea. I have friends, I don't have friend drama, I have clothes, I have good body. I'm happy. Well, someone sorta representing a boyfriend would be nice too. But that can wait.
My mom actually got sort of annoyed that I didn't want anything this year. So she like took me shopping and asked me to point out all the stuff I like.
It was really odd.

I still need to buy prezzies for people that I'm seeing tomorrow. But yeah. This weekend will be fun.
I hope.

Seeing my best friend on Tuesday was fun. I haven't seen him in almost six months. He hasn't changed much. It's hard to tell, considering we talk every second of our lives...well I talk to him. He sorta responds.

I always liked Christmas. It's been a good time. This year, it was okay. My aunt had to work late, and my uncle got sick, so no one came. I sigh in whateverness.


Anarchy, Government, and The MTA

To clear something up, I'm not an anarchist. Hard to believe, I know. Government is a great thing! Honestly! Without it, life would go something like this:

Dude 1: *pokes*
Dude 2: "Yo, man, wtf?!"
Dude 1: "I can't poke people no more?"
Dude 2: *pulls out gun and shoots Dude 1*

No laws, no one say that shooting someone is wrong. We'd live in chaos. Sure, the world needs a degree of chaos to make life interesting, but some of it is just unnecessary. Like drama. Chaos NO ONE needs in their life. Thankfully, that's left mine, so yay.

Government needs to bail out the MTA. I am no expert, but raising the fare and cutting service? What is that going to accomplish? I have no idea. But there's an issue when a subway is 5 seconds away, and the last train in front of it left the station about 20 minutes ago, and it is standing there for 10 minutes "approaching." I was almost late for seeing my best friend. I was pretty angry, because now, whenever I have a quote of time to hang out with someone, I have to call my parents when I get out. Because once, the suwbay ate 40 minutes out of the 2 hours I had.

And I only needed to go 5 stops.

Go figure.


Skinny Little B_tch

I saw a book of that title in some store but I forgot which one and it was a guide to being fabulous at any weight and any age for any and every occasion. Too bad that I don't have it.

Anyway, on to the main topic. I lost ten pounds, 7 inches off my waist and about 3 or 4 off my hips. And now, I'm tinier than most of my friends that I was half-jealous of for being tiny. Now, there's nothing to be jealous of. I look fine, I finally have clothes that fit well, and people are starting to take notice of me. Life is good in that regard.

Academically I'm going in a downward spiral. I have no clue WHY. It could be the insomnia/ nightmare complex. Like recently, I haven't been getting much peaceful sleep because some horrid dream would scare me and wake me up at like 3 A.M. and then I would not get back to sleep until 4. That's why I did not do so well on the ACT this time around. I got a 27 when last time I got a 29. School has it's ups and downs and the down is now, I guess. I almost failed a Spanish test. That ALMOST NEVER happens to me. Especially in Spanish! And math has always been a problem since sophomore year, so if that's plateauing in the 80's I will be very happy.

And I don't think I'll get into the college that's a bit of reach for me at all. Seriously. People are telling me "Oh it's a joke if they won't accept you there." Not really since everyone they accept has similar grades to mine. So I just have to pick up my pace and stop wussing out through panic attacks. I just gotta get my head into this whole school thing.