A Little Note on My Classes This Semester

Taken from brisaemmim
So I think I've got it figured out.  The most time-consuming class is a tie between physiology and intro to psych.  The least time consuming in terms of getting homework done will be physics, math, and nutrition.  The classes I will find easiest are physics, nutrition, and psych.  The hardest, without a doubt, will be math.  Math will also be the most time consuming in terms of understanding (I already have an office hours schedule going...I am very cool).  I do two extracurriculars: Polish club and soccer.  It'll keep my life interesting and school-free enough that I feel like a human being and not just some book-bound, skillful reading android who occasionally solves complex math equations.  Or draws graphs.

Books, Books, Books

Taken from brisaemmim
I don't think after college I'll be picking one up for a while.  Or I'll get so sick of reading textbooks, taking notes on everything, scrutinizing the details, and cramming it into my head....well, I'm not cramming yet.  More like trying to fill a suitcase for a short trip with all the clothes I could ever possibly need.  I think when I get the time to read a non-textbook will be the best day of my life so far.


First Day

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It was the first day of classes and I wasn't even done setting a schedule that won't make me die.  Well, my current now might, just because of all the reading, but the reading is fine.  It's the understanding that might be the issue.  Which why I read with a pen in hand and a notebook on the desk.  Unless it's just review.  Then not so much.  But so much running around!  And I've still yet to buy books for one of them.


"Far Above Cayuga's Waters"

Quotes in caption taken from Cornell's Alma Mater
Pic taken from hinylon
Tomorrow I go back off to the abyss of cold, the land of friends, the fields of learning, the pastures of hanging out, the gorges of adventure, and towers of knowledge, and insert other places followed by nouns here.  I'm all packed up and ready to go; the SUV might as well be spilling somehow.  If SUVs can spill of course.  So, a new a semester is starting and holy God, I hope I survive.



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My cupcakes won't be as amazing as thin mint cupcakes.  But they shall be made of love, happiness, and friendship.  For I am having friends and we will be baking the happiest cupcakes ever.  As a last party with my friends.  It'll be the best.  And the yummiest.


I Am Not

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I do not fit the profile of a well-dressed young New Yorker.  Maybe on some days but for the most part, no.  And that's not a bad thing.  I feel comfortable in shorts, some tank top, Chucks, and a necklace.  I don't feel the need to go all out with my accessories every day or stack on bracelets.  I give props to the girls who do, but that is not me.  I do not live as if the world is a runway, because that means every looks and scrutinizes everything you wear.  But that does not imply that I do not know how to dress.  I just do not dress fashionably as if it'll determine the outcome of my day.


Description of My Style

Taken from dirtylittlestylewhoree
I'd like to say that my style is quite varied.  I like lace.  I like sweaters.  I like hoodies and belted dresses.  I like skinny jeans.  I love boots but only like flats and sneakers.  Hats are my first style love; I usually am not seen without one once September or 60-degree-weather-during-the-day rolls around.  I love giant bags, mostly from the men's sections of stores.  I like men's wallets.  But when it comes to purses, the girlier, but more functional the better.  Plaid and dots and stripes have to be my favorite patterns.  I like shirts with giant stupid logos but usually think I have too much decency to wear them in public.  I also like fingerless gloves and circle (infinity) scarves, especially when worn together.

I'm a little seasonally backward.  I wear maxi skirts and jeans in summer, but shorts and mini skirts in winter.  But that's mostly because in winter, you have the freedom to cover up imperfections and be creative with tights and socks.  Or rather, now I'm trying to use all my bottoms for all times of the year.  But tops are black-and-white: tee shirts in summer, fall, and spring without embellishment, thermals and long sleeves in winter.  Boots, in my opinion, shouldn't be worn year round.  They're a fall and winter thing.  And sandals are reserved for spring and summer.  Sneakers and flats are anytime shoes.

Accessories that aren't meant to keep me warm are still a bit of a mystery.  I've figured out that some necklaces and earrings class up an outfit, while others make them more casual.  Headbands aren't appropriate for all outfits, but for most they are.  I haven't been into rings since I stopped wearing the same 3 with everything.  But now that I've inherited some cocktail rings, I might start wearing those.  Maybe.


Food Perfectionism

Taken from iheart-myself
The dumbest thing about my mentality when I start working out again, is that I get into this mentality where everything I eat needs to be perfect.  Even the chocolate I eat has to have as little sugar as possible.  I can barely enjoy food even though food enjoyment points at diet success.  It's a stupid mentality I have to kill.  Because it's going to do more harm than good and stress makes your body hold on to the things you don't want and even make more.  Which is absurd, but happens.


Strobe Kisses

Taken from iheart-myself
The lights, the bass, the buzzing, the crazy scantily-dressed kids I'm pretty sure aren't over 16, the amazing DJs, but I think what the best part was being there with my boyfriend.  We danced, we bobbed along, and the music was pumping and it really felt like all was right in the world.  Even though there were scantily-dressed kids and I felt slightly insecure but he was there with his attention on all on me, even before I joined the other people in their shenanigans, so that was awesome.  It was just a good night all around.


Anticipation, Man!

Taken from myheartishoney
I've never been so anxious and excited for anything in a while.  My heart is just fluttering with the anticipation of seeing him, my 6-foot-tall rail of a boyfriend who is the nicest boy I've been with to date.  Pun definitely intended.  But I cannot wait to see his face, his wavy (probably shortened at this point) brown hair, his blue-green-can't-decide-what-color-they-are eyes, and just all of him.  And I can't wait to snuggle him again and just spend time together again.  Not as awesome as when he had met in Poland, but pretty damn close.


Taken from sunshinerosepetal
Last night I went out to dinner with my friends, two of which were in a relationship and one I related to at some point.  And they expected it to be awkward.  But I came to the conclusion, that things are only as awkward as you make them.  Although some things are always awkward, like waiting 30 minutes for a cop to show up.  And then them calling to let you know that they arrived.  And then trying to find them, only to get told that the current situation could not be resolved.  So that just makes everyone a teensy bit annoyed,  but at least hanging out has diffused the tension a bit.  And food is just always delicious.


Reconnecting Over Italian Goodness

Taken from iheart-myself 
It was nice to chill again.  We hadn't in a few months until today.  Though it might've been a tad rude to be totally excited about my boyfriend and my twin coming back, but it was still a nice time.  The rain didn't even kill it too much.  Though it deflated my skirt a lot.  But it's interesting when you don't talk forever and then all of a sudden you do and you realize things have changed.  And you just have to adjust.  And then things are fun again.


Three Times a Day, Every Day

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I think the fact that I drink green tea three times a day every day is contributing to the fact that I am losing weight at a scary rate.  But it's so yummy.  And calming.  I mostly drink it for the calm and the warmth it gives.  I know that sounds strange, considering if I truly wanted warmth, I should just go outside for a few seconds.  But I don't want to melt.  That's what's up in this New York City heat.

But inside, safe from the heat, I can safely drink my tea and destress from everything I need to do.  Like all the school paperwork I need to do to get into a class, and the fact that I have about three meetings to make in 4 days when I'm trying to move in and enjoy time with friends.  But I guess tea will be super useful then.  As it is now.


The Art of Sleeping

Taken from deciso
I greatly dislike sleeping in.  What I mean to say is that I love the feeling it gives me physically when I wake up but emotionally, I just feel like I wasted a whole day.  Even though I woke up at 10 AM, which is early compared to most Americans aged 16-24 on weekends.  But still, I do not like feeling and thinking of all the things I could've accomplished.  But my bed was just so comfortable.



Taken from 17shells
I think I enjoy being outdoors more than I do being indoors.  I prefer being outdoors chilling with someone and doing nothing than being indoors with someone doing nothing.  Air conditioning just makes me feel worse and I guess that makes sense because it's not natural.

I can't wait to go outside and feel slightly better.  Just because it's the sun and it's awesome.  And once I get back to campus, I won't be having it for much longer.  Which is kind of lame.


Fashionista at Last

Taken from myheartishoney:
The sickness is mostly gone at this point.  I can actually look good while going outside because I've had the energy to put better clothing on.  And accessorize.  And put some of the outfits I planned out in my style journal to life.  That was the best part.  Though the one I wanted was a bit too fancy, I toned it down a bit and I feel so much better now in actual clothes than a random shirt and sweat pants.


On Sickness

Taken from sunshinerosepetal
I want to lay in bed all day and at the same time be out and about to make myself laugh and just be jolly and active.  I'm also lying in bed because of awful cramps and missing my boo and missing human beings in general.  And all I do is make collages and draw and read and looking over my scheduled life for the next three years and being terrified and the list goes on and on and on.

I need to learn how to shut my brain off.


On The Beach

Taken from pleasantinterruption
It's just so serene.  Sure, there's a breeze blowing and the waves can be loud and those freaking birds making their awkward squawking noises, but it's just so calm.  You lay there like a bum under the shade, or under the sun if you do so dare, for hours.  And the sun is just so warm and friendly and awesome, especially after a few weeks of mid-fall weather.  You could read, you could listen to music, you could be stressed out--it's just a little more relaxing while laying on the sun.  I couldn't've had a better day yesterday.

Krakow (N.a.P.)

My stay in Krakow could be summarized by a month-long booze and crappy eating fest with some studying and dating in between.  You might think I'm joking, but I'm really not.  So let's do a week by week run down.

I moved into this lovely building where my room was attached to another by a bathroom and we had a communal balcony.  How many dorms in American have balconies?  That's what I thought.  The first day I met my roommates and went to the downstairs bar to meet people.  Everyone seemed pretty chill but were pretty tired from coming into the dorm that day.  The second day I took a placement test and got into level B1, which is for people who can speak but not spell good.  We had two teachers per lesson, a vocabulary teacher and a grammar teacher.  I also took an afternoon course in Twentieth Century Polish literature.  That was fun, I guess.  After classes, my roommates and I checked out the Polish night life and did a lot of this:
Mm, yep.  That weekend, we went on a rafting tour, which was fun but kind of scary at the same time.  This one kid got heat stroke, passed out, and threw up because of food poisoning.  Forty-four other people got food poisoning too, which was kind of scary so they closed the dining hall downstairs.  I avoided it and got to enjoy this lovely view:

I went exploring the town with my uncle and grandfather (not actually related, of course.  I have a strange habit of calling people relatives).  But I also started spending a lot of time with this lovely human being:
He is my boyfriend now and we complement each other very well.  So I did less partying and more dating.  Well, that's not entirely true.  I did go out for my roomie's birthday to this fancy club.  I still can't decide if I actually liked the club or not, but some things will never be known.  That weekend, we went on a hiking trip in  further southern Poland in the town of Zakopane.  In true TKF form, we arrived an hour and a half late and only go to see the crappy waterfall, not the cool one.  Hanging out was fun though.
And then afterwards, my fake family and I went to the absinthe bar to enjoy a few drinks and a few more bars and basically turn into the best shit show of the century.  Because that is what cool kids do after hiking and midterms.

The third week was another week of exploring the city, but also kind of melancholy because the three-weekers were leaving so everyone wanted to spend as much time with them as possible.  But I also met my boyfriend's brother who came for what we called the three day accelerated course in drinking.  He wasn't actually part of the program, but we made him feel like he was.
We also had this cute, course-wide bonfire where there were contests and singing and, of course, kielbasa.  The sad part was, it had rained so much that day that it screwed up the fire wood so we didn't have an awesome burning inferno on the dorm quad, but the sausage was good and everyone had a good time.
The last day of the week was the closing ceremony for the three-weekers.  My boyfriend and I skipped it to go to a Morrissey concert.  It was SO MUCH FUN.  I only heard a handful of songs before, but this 50-something-year-old man had true stage presence.  And the dubstepper I'm dating liked him, which was totally bizarre.  But I had a ton of fun.  And then afterwards, we went to the closing ceremony after party, which for many people, was another shit show.

The first day of the last week, we went to a salt mine.  It was pretty awesome.  It's so bizarre how it's all underground and still really preserved.  In addition, there were salt statues there a few decades old and they haven't come apart yet.  I got really light-headed and giddy from the lack of oxygen, so my friends had a hey-day with that.
That week was also a cultural excursion for me.  My boyfriend took me to an art museum and the next day me and my other friends went to the zoo while he was packing and stuff.  The zoo was surprisingly a lot of fun.  Polish animals are interesting, mostly kind of slow because of the crappy weather.  I've never been to a Polish zoo before and I haven't been to a zoo in general in years.  But making jokes and enjoying one of the few good days was a nice experience.
We also had the four-weeker closing ceremony, which was really cute.  There was a slide show, musical performances, and the giving out of diplomas.  I got an A in both my classes, which made me ecstatic to the point of tears.  So we also had an after party and I had a lot of fun with my friends (my boyfriend couldn't be there because he's backpacking for a week and kind of fell off the face of the Earth).  But the next day, we went out to a fancy place to get nice deserts and later went out for drinks together for the last time.

Poland this year was an amazing experience.  I met a ton of great people, fell in like, learned a language, and started to appreciate my Polish culture a whole lot more.


Oh Home

Taken from sunshinerosepetal
I flew by myself yesterday.
All alone in an airplane.
Well, not all alone,
There were a few hundred other people on the plane too.
But I knew none of them.
Some of them had families with them.
Others had people to call when they landed.
My mom had my sim card, so I couldn't
Exactly call anyone.
And the first person I'd call is Snugglestick.
But he's in a forest somewhere.
He's backpacking.
No service, no internet, no computer.
No contact until he gets back on the 9th.
I need to be responsible and independent.
And hang out with cool people.
As in, everyone else I haven't seen all year
Or haven't seen in a few months.