Description of My Style

Taken from dirtylittlestylewhoree
I'd like to say that my style is quite varied.  I like lace.  I like sweaters.  I like hoodies and belted dresses.  I like skinny jeans.  I love boots but only like flats and sneakers.  Hats are my first style love; I usually am not seen without one once September or 60-degree-weather-during-the-day rolls around.  I love giant bags, mostly from the men's sections of stores.  I like men's wallets.  But when it comes to purses, the girlier, but more functional the better.  Plaid and dots and stripes have to be my favorite patterns.  I like shirts with giant stupid logos but usually think I have too much decency to wear them in public.  I also like fingerless gloves and circle (infinity) scarves, especially when worn together.

I'm a little seasonally backward.  I wear maxi skirts and jeans in summer, but shorts and mini skirts in winter.  But that's mostly because in winter, you have the freedom to cover up imperfections and be creative with tights and socks.  Or rather, now I'm trying to use all my bottoms for all times of the year.  But tops are black-and-white: tee shirts in summer, fall, and spring without embellishment, thermals and long sleeves in winter.  Boots, in my opinion, shouldn't be worn year round.  They're a fall and winter thing.  And sandals are reserved for spring and summer.  Sneakers and flats are anytime shoes.

Accessories that aren't meant to keep me warm are still a bit of a mystery.  I've figured out that some necklaces and earrings class up an outfit, while others make them more casual.  Headbands aren't appropriate for all outfits, but for most they are.  I haven't been into rings since I stopped wearing the same 3 with everything.  But now that I've inherited some cocktail rings, I might start wearing those.  Maybe.

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