Three Times a Day, Every Day

Taken from myheartishoney
I think the fact that I drink green tea three times a day every day is contributing to the fact that I am losing weight at a scary rate.  But it's so yummy.  And calming.  I mostly drink it for the calm and the warmth it gives.  I know that sounds strange, considering if I truly wanted warmth, I should just go outside for a few seconds.  But I don't want to melt.  That's what's up in this New York City heat.

But inside, safe from the heat, I can safely drink my tea and destress from everything I need to do.  Like all the school paperwork I need to do to get into a class, and the fact that I have about three meetings to make in 4 days when I'm trying to move in and enjoy time with friends.  But I guess tea will be super useful then.  As it is now.

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