Fun Times

Hanging out after
A long week of work is great.

Watching Charm School 3
When it's mostly about moms...

Not so good.

Talking to One Guy
Makes me feel better.
And I wish I could
Have more time to talk to him
About my problems and stuff.
Maybe not so much problems,
But issues and feelings I'm having.
Because I feel that I can trust him.
I know I can trust him.
I want to.



As I was walking down the street
With my iPod on shuffle, our song came on
And it really got me thinking
Since we made it this far...

It's been almost three months...
Three fucking months.

Because you've got to understand,
I'm pretty paranoid because
Most of my relationships have
Only lasted that long.

And I'm sorry that I'm being a bit
Weird right now, even though you might
Need me for emotional support
Because work sucks, it's fucking hard.

Especially in an economy like this,
You don't need a silly girlfriend
Compromising that form of stability...

So I won't be silly...
But I'll stay your girlfriend. <3


The Ugly Truth: A Movie Review

For a rated R movie, this one was absolutely adorable. Sure, there were many x-rated jokes only teens would make with their friends, but the ending was cute. Papaya mentioned that the change in the female character came out of nowhere, but I disagree.

The jokes were great...I was probably cracking up more than most people in the theater. But I am assuming that I was one of the younger people there. But still. My favorite moment was in the beginning when she initially calls Mike's show and he calls her ugly because she cannot get a guy. The jokes were good, though a bit repetitive...some sounded like things I say on a regular basis.

I think some of the things they said about guys are true: in the end, all relationships lead to the same thing. I bet some people are going to read this and think that they are waiting to marriage...well, that's a relationship, no? Just a bit more permanent...not in the United States, but you get my drift.

And the female in the movie, whose name I forgot, did not change all that suddenly...I mean, how many times have girls been utter bitches before getting asked out by a decent guy and afterwards were the nicest people ever? Like when the guy was calling her back, she already turned a little more laid back. I mean, I would, because One Guy doesn't call me all that often because of shitty service where he lives.

Overall, I thought it was great. Except, definitely worth its R rating.

Rating: 7/10


Do You Know Your Enemy? It's Not Green Day

I have never been to concert as fun as that.
I've never been to a concert that caused such a
Crazy rush of emotions before the band came on.
I've never been to a concert where I started screaming
Like a little hardcore fangirl when the lead singer
Started speaking, let alone singing.
I've never been to a concert with so much graphics.
I've never been to a concert with so much pyrotechnics.
I've never been to a concert where the crowd sang
Most of the songs.
I've never been to a concert where both the opening band
Lead singer and the main event's lead singer randomly
Decided to hang with people in the crowd.
I've never been to a concert where the lead singer tells
People to start rushing forward during a song
Just to get closer to the band.
I've never been to a concert where the lead singer
Told everyone to turn off their cameras and cell phones
To fit the mood of one of their songs since we cannot
Recreate or save "Our Moment" on video.
I've never been to a concert where there's a story told
About arguing with a wife, beating the shit out of some guy
And then telling the wife that you love her
I've never been to a concert where the band randomly
Starts playing
Gun and Roses
Sweet Home Alabama
99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall
Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Show tunes
And Shout
In the middle of their own song.
I've never been to a concert where the band kidded about
Playing a song and then asked the people which song
They should play.
I've never been to a concert where the band stayed
An hour after saying that they were leaving.
I've never been to a concert where people were asked to come
And sing songs
And play a 9-minute song
In front of Madison Square Garden.
I've never been to a concert
Where the drummer not only threw
His drumsticks about five times
But gave out on of his cymbals too.

I feel amazing after that.
Except for the work part.
Waking up at 7:15 sucks.


Daisy of Love (Commentary)

So I've been following Daisy of Love on VH1 (yes, a straight-A student who watches too much VH1, it's possible). It was fun, but the ending was so disappointing and predictable: of course she went with the douchey rock star that bailed on her once. But I guess that's how girls are. When shown a pair of guys, she goes with the douche instead of the nice guy.

I miss my nice guy.


My Ass (An Attempt at Something Stupid and Catchy)

Here me boy,
Don't take a chance,
Don't even try to start
A romance
With me
Because I will
Make you my toy.

I'll tell you
I'm a vegetarian
And your penis
Is no exception
To the "no meat" rule.

I'll make you feel
Just like a fool
And this is what happens
When you hit on taken girls.

Here me, boy,
Don't take a chance,
Don't even try to start
A romance
With me
Because I will
Make you my toy.

I will fuck
With your brain
It will suck
But I'll be entertained.

You're a stupid boy.
You're a stupid boy.

Don't mess with me
Because I'm taken,
You see?
By this dude
Who is hot
And he's everything
You're not.

Hear me, boy,
Don't even try
I don't care if
You're super fly.

Go ahead
Take a chance,
But I'm letting
You know now
That you will be
Quickly shot down.


Personal Best

I think my cycle
Of negativity
Has no end
Because it keeps going on
Into the A.M.

I stay up really late
Crying my eyes
Wishing everything
Would be different.

Like that one time
Called my sophomore
Year, I was left behind
By all my peers.

And I remember how much
That sucked
And I won't forget
And I'll bet
They don't remember a thing.

But that's okay.
I guess things
Are all right
Now that I'm hanging on
To some sliver of hope
That I thought
Didn't exist at all.


500 Days of Summer (A Reaction)

This is a reaction to the movie 500 Days of Summer. I write reviews about movies I can find some humor in, like Harry Potter 6. But I have a certain level of respect for romantic flicks.

What do I mean by respect? I mean, I don't think people should make fun of sappy romance flick relationships...unless it's Romeo and Juliet, because they just wanted to fuck. But like...I feel like most romantic movies I've watched have been about couples that didn't work out. And where love isn't actually a thing, it's just some abstract noun, like justice or God. And...I really want to think it's real.

Like in Juno, I want the hope that two people can be happy forever together. And when I say forever, I don't mean a few days that's so good or so bad that it feels like forever. I mean, let's-grow-old-and-live-and-die-in-each-other's-arms forever. The marriage in the 48 percent that works out. This movie, honestly, made me so guilty about the fight me and One Guy had a few days ago. Sure, we were back to being lovey dovey and absolutely silly and we tried lucid dreaming together. But, I just don't want to fight with him.

I don't.

But it's conflict that makes one grow. It's like trees: you cut off a piece to cause many other branches to grow from the hole. At least that's what stem cell class taught me about trees and growth.

I want something to last more than 3 months. Sure, me and SCBFF were together for 6 months, but we saw each other for three of those...well, I guess that counts as more than 3 months because we actually tried to make it last. It's the other 3-monthers that I don't understand. And I'll be so excited when me and One Guy when we make it passed 3 months and onto...something that's a multiple of 3 months.

I will be so happy.


Research and The Gym

I like rain.
The way it pours.
The way it sounds
When it pours.

The way it always seems to pour
In sync with my emotions.
Maybe I'm sad when it rains
Because I doubt it rains
When I'm sad.

Anyway, it also rains
During painfully
Boring days.

Days when all you do
Is read
And read
And do some more reading
Of online courses
And online journals.

It stopped raining
When I met up with
My Grandson though.
She's fun to chill with.
And no, it's not
Supposed to read
"He's fun to chill with."


My Job (N.a.P.)

So I woke up this morning at 8 to go start my first job. I work at a hospital in the Anesthesia department with these really nice ladies. So, I get to walk around an operating room and check out anesthesia and do research.

Also, I get to wear scrubs and the cover things you put on your head and feet to keep germs out. It's fun. I think I'll have a good time.


Why I'm Losing Weight (Not a Poem)

Okay, so I've told some of my friends that I'm trying to lose weight. And the general reaction was: "YOU LOOK FINE" or "stfu."

It's not about how I look anymore. It's BEYOND that. I know I do not look it, but I am close to being obese, according to many BMI charts. So weight loss is not aesthetic anymore. It is to save my health: now and later.

Plus, losing weight will be beneficial to my health, both mentally and physically. Mentally, I will probably and hopefully be over my body image issue, content in knowing that I weigh what I weighed in middle school. Physically, all the working out will make me feel energetic, fruit clears up skin, vegetables apparently help with energy, and MEAT IS YUMMY.

It is really starting to annoy me how badly people are trying to talk me out of it. I really just need support.


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Movie Review

The long-delayed sixth installment of the Harry Potter film saga was definitely worth the wait. Overall, the special effects rocked, key book details were not omitted, and the characters seemed more approachable than in the other movies. The pg rating bothered me though.

I am a big fan of big special effects movies, such as Day After Tomorrow, Lord of the Rings, most horror movies, and most action flicks. But the opening sequence had me...not on the edge of my seat but pretty damn excited. There seemed to be more spell action in this one, similarly to Order of the Phoenix, the movie before this one. The only thing I could really complain about was the lake scene. The zombies did NOT look like zombies. For Lord of the Rings familiars, imagine a giant swarm of Gollum attacking Harry and Dumbledore.

Many people complain that there was too much Ron and Hermione development and not enough about Harry and Ginny. It was there though. And others complain about the lack of Weasley brothers and Weasley marriage reference. People, the movie is long enough as it is; we do not need anymore details. They kept the most important details: memories and Slughorn, Quidditch match, Dumbledore, etc.

I had watched a segment on Half-Blood Prince in which Emma Watson (Hermione) said that it was a movie she thinks everyone could relate to. I totally agree. For teens, there exists much angst among Harry and Draco, and the struggle for love is ever present. For adults, there is the romantic tension between characters and job-tension among the teachers. I, personally, felt really bad for Draco, since he was put up to a task I doubt he had the guts to carry through with.

As for the MPAA rating: NOT PG. Why I think the directors should have made it pg-13: zombies could have been more realistic and scary; sectumsepra is NOT kid-friendly; if I were a parent, I would NOT want my kid seeing so much on-screen kissing and sexual tension; there could have been more sexual tension; and the last reason would spoil too much for those of you too lazy to read the book.

Overall, though, I liked the movie, especially since I am great at ignoring the fact that I read all the books.

Rating: 8/10


Been Getting Really Bad At Posting

Know why?
There's nothing to post about.

There probably is.
I'm just lazy
And bored
And really bored.

I wish someone could come
To my house
And visit me.
*cough cough*
ONE GUY *cough.*


I Wish I Wrote A Song Today

So I'm sitting here
In my 3oh!3 shirt
Looking like a hiphop artist
Without attitude
And wishing that I
A Song
About something totally
And pointless
But hey.

I'm chilling with a super cool
Friend tomorrow.

And for your
I'm not talking about
Harry Potter.


Bally Total Fitness

I'm so used to feeling out of place.
Either interest-wise,
And other-wise.

I felt the age-wise
Out of place today at the gym.
But I didn't feel
Out of place.

Which is nice.
I didn't get that at Brown.

Damn, skinny chicks xD


First Morning Back [Song]

I woke up this morning
It was weird having to walk a mile
To the bathroom
To my morning whizz.

After I had eggs for the time
In three weeks
My mom said to check my
SAT scores.

Collegeboard tells me they were crummy
And then my mom went
On a tirade about how I'm amoral.

Mornings aren't my favorite
Time of the day.
Mornings are my least favorite time.

Mornings aren't my favorite
Time of the day.
Mornings are my least favorite time.

My dad went to the farmer's market
And got me my favorite yoghurt.
Since I'm used to eating thousands of portion
A day, I chug them one by one.

My mother gave me cherries,
Which are supposed to cleanse my system.
I ate those one by one
And now I have a bad case of indigestion.

Mornings aren't my favorite
Time of the day.
Mornings are my least favorite time.


Brown Summary

Top 10 Things That Rocked:
  1. Spike and Live
  2. V Dub
  3. Anatomy Lab
  4. Stem cell class
  6. The Mall
  7. Dye jobs and meat jobs
  8. Trip outside R.I.
  9. Cool floormates
  10. Spacious dorms

Top 10 Things That Sucked:

  1. Final presentation for B.M.E. class
  2. Long ass lectures in stem cell
  3. Creepy neighborhood
  4. Anatomy lab
  5. Nothing being open before noon on weekends
  6. Not having a roommate
  7. Teachers losing/ rejecting random assignments
  8. ???
  9. ???
  10. ???



Okay so I've been really bad about posting, but that's because when I'm by a computer, I'm either doing homework or doing homework. Yeah, it sucks, but I have about two presentations to do this week and I hate group projects. And I dislike quizzes amidst having two presentations to do. But aside from that, my sunburn is peeling indecently and it's super itchy and BLAH!

But a lot has been on my mind. For whatever reason, my body image issue is seriously affecting me right now. It's consuming my mind. Like, I go to the gym for an hour every day after walking for what feels like forever...and then I eat a lot and feel horrible but satisfied with what I ate and then I start not liking my body all over again >.< It's so stupid. Maybe it's because I am stupid and not as smart and collected as I like to think I am.


Came On Your Own

So I'm still at Brown and I got a sunburn. So I've just lost my beautiful pale status so now my tan is accentuating all the fat on my body and it's gross. And I'm taking a day off all to myself. I think I'll do lots of homework, some summer reading stuff, cleaning my room, and other things.

Oh yeah, by the way, aerosol hair color does shit to your hair. Like, your hair feels all wirey after washing it and smells really weird. Looks like its time for coconut smelly stuff. But the blue looked cool while it lasted, even though combing my hair was next to impossible and it could only really be seen in the back. But it's not something I would want permanently or even temporarily again. I might try spray-in red or auburn to see how I'd look as a red head but that's about it. Mr. Negative has a really nice hair color, but I don't like copying my friends...only people I don't know.

I'm almost done with the script to my stem cell class presentation. I hate using powerpoints so I'm just going to make ilustrations and use index cards and be really old school about it. But for my group project for biomedical engineering involves a 5-page paper and actually designing something that would potentially work. Oh, did I mention that I barely know the kids I'm working with? Yeah. It sucks. But I'm a good people person. I like being open to new people and ideas and stuff like that.

But I probably should put a shirt on. I'm sitting in the dark on a Sunday morning in jeans and a bra and my laziness is pervading into my eating habits.


Sometime Around Sunset

[Tribute to Airborne Toxic Event]

And it starts...
Sometime around sunset.
At least thats when
The night for lovers
Full of passion begins

And they stand
Under the streetlights
Arms clasped around each other
Faces attached like they've seen each other in a while
And they look so cute
Sometimes you can't help
But smile.

And you think
Why can't that be me?
They're kissing and laughing
And holding onto each other.
And everything's blurry
They don't even care to notice
The tears that are falling from your eyes.

And your eyes
Feel like theyre burning
From crying so hard.
You can barely laugh
At the inside jokes you made the week before.
And in general everything gets harder
And harder some more.

And there's everything you want
And everything you can't have
And everything you want
And everything you can't have
And everything you want
And everything...