On The Road Again

Taken from cinsomniac
I'm soon to be on the bus back to Ithaca and for the first time, I cannot say when I'll be coming back.  I've told the people I've hung out with that I will vaguely see them soon and that's the best answer I can give.  Because I don't know if I'm going to Georgia, Wisconsin, Missouri, or staying in Ithaca.  Of course I can come back for a weekend or so.  But I also don't know if I will be travelling for my own leisure for a week or two.  But that's all up in the air.  I'm barely aware of what I'm doing tonight besides homework and cuddling.  But it's going to be an interesting week.  And the work week will end once with with "May the odds be ever in your favor."


Resumes and Cover Letters

Taken from deciso
With all the sketching I have been doing this Spring Break, I wish that instead of letters and resumes, I was also including a portfolio.  But then I realize that I am not special.  I mean, I am special.  But not in the sense that values artistry.  I do not have a twisted way of looking at things.  I go to classes and do homework and that takes up more time than anything.  And I'm also not comfortable having my work scrutinized by people who are better, more experienced.  Mostly because I am an asshole, but still.  I prefer having essays and papers read over because there is such a distance associated with it.  Not the same as with something I've poured my heart out for.  But then again, who knows where my life would take me.  So there's no point in stopping, but to continue practicing.


The Hum

Taken from hopingfortheshore
When I hear it, bad news is on the horizon.  And it's not a superstition, like an itchy palm indicating the finding of money or something equally silly.  It indicates that I'm under intense pressure, or under-fed, or have low blood pressure, or something else is wrong.  And then the colors happen and I lose consciousness.  And it happens too often.  And it's scary when I realize it, but it shocks me when my boyfriends who witness it do not seem alarmed.  Unless I tell them.  Or until everyone else is concerned.  And the thing that's the worst are the colors.  They're not dreams.  They're just colors.  And they add to the head-spinning.


Studious Isolation

Taken from hopingfortheshore
I've been in the library, I think, 24 hours this week so far.  All by myself.  I see friends at class and at dinner, but outside of class, it's kind of hard.  I need to do work and people either don't like to do it with other people or they don't have any.  Or they don't care enough about school.  And it's hard being so lonely.  But lonely with something to do.  It's the strangest thing.


Winter Happens in March Now

Taken from walk-lightly
Winter had been absent for far too long.  There were too many days of lovely sun and my winter snow boots were not a necessity.  But then randomly, for the passed few days, winter had returned with full force.  The show had been blowing and then the wind and the chills, but then the sun would come out.  And then disappear again.  Kind of like the crowds in the library cafes.  But hopefully it makes up its mind soon.  There are many fashions that need exploration, such as dresses and delicate shoes.  Maybe someday, someday soon.


Me for the Next Two Weeks

Taken from deciso
I'm going to be reading.
And analyzing.
And reading some notes.
And annotating.
And looking over lecture notes.

I'm also going to be making flashcards,
So lots of typing
And rereading
And clicking through
Information about the brain and the nervous system.

I'm going to crack open my notebook too,
And review
And make charts of reactions
And reagents
And leaving groups
And nucleophiles.

I'm going to do better on round two.
I AM going to do better.