Resumes and Cover Letters

Taken from deciso
With all the sketching I have been doing this Spring Break, I wish that instead of letters and resumes, I was also including a portfolio.  But then I realize that I am not special.  I mean, I am special.  But not in the sense that values artistry.  I do not have a twisted way of looking at things.  I go to classes and do homework and that takes up more time than anything.  And I'm also not comfortable having my work scrutinized by people who are better, more experienced.  Mostly because I am an asshole, but still.  I prefer having essays and papers read over because there is such a distance associated with it.  Not the same as with something I've poured my heart out for.  But then again, who knows where my life would take me.  So there's no point in stopping, but to continue practicing.

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