Angels and Demons: A Movie Review

So I know I'm super religious and stuff, but I smart enough to notice that Dan Brown's books are fiction and therefore should not be taken so seriously, especially in a country where free speech is...well...free.

Anyway. It was a really good movie. Very fast paced and amazing, unlike the Da Vinci Code. That seemed to drag on and on and on for the hour after I thought the plot ended. But there were some things that were really funny. And others that were not.

Funny: how similar the new chick looked like the Da Vinci Code chick. They should have kept Naomi Watts. Also how easy it was to get everywhere in Rome. I do not remember the roads being so easy to navigate in Italy, considering how small they are.

Not so funny: how many people burned to death in that movie. Especially Ewan McGregor. Poor misguided priest dude who stupidly played victom. And blowing up the world with antimatter. That can't happen though.

Overall, I think I'd give it a 6 out of 10 on the imaginary scale.


Study Zombie

I need to get out of my house
More often.
My parents suck.
School's almost over though.
And One Guy is amazing =]


Something About a 95 Average Screams "Good Girl"

[In response to people's reactions when I tell them about my personal life. Most of this is exaggerated and meant to be funny. Enjoy!]

I've drank more alcohol
In one night that
Would've made you pass out.

I've hooked up with
Many more guys
Than you can probably dream up.
And it's all because I'm better than you.

I've got the grades
The extracurriculars
To get into most colleges I want.
If my academics label me a good girl,
Well I can prove that labels are only labels.

I walk down my street
And see you tripping balls on a corner.
I think I'm smarter than that.

I mean, I've never tried any of that shit,
But I'm happy of that fact.
Because I get high off life,
And that's not a euphemism for anything.

I've got the grades
The extracurriculars
To get into most colleges I want.
If my academics label me a good girl,
Well I can prove that labels are only labels.


Oreo Smoothie

I feel sad.
Not for myself
But for my friends.
I really want them
To be really happy,
But I think I'm failing miserably.

They're wonderful.
And I hope that they know that.

You make the cutest videos.
I'm sure if made more
You could be youtube-famous.

Poofy hair,
You're not as lively as you once were.
He's a stupid fuck
And you're a pretty, smart chick
So please go back to be being funny.

You're awesome
And I wants you to be happy.

One Guy,
We'll meet up soon!
I don't know when...


Only In Heaven...Or Upstate NY

So I thought photoshop was magic,
Reality TV was magic (don't judge),
Weddings were magic,
But my life? No.

Yeah that's the last thing
I'd expect to have magic.
But I has magic now.
And it's magical.

And it's all cuz of this One Guy
And I really want all my friends
To experience the same kind of magic.
Cuz they are my friends
And they are the best...
Along with that One Guy.


Sex: The Revolution

It is such a good documentary.
Not because it's about sex.
It is a good documentary.

VH1 documentaries are generally good too.
The one about women in the
Hair metal generaion was good too.

Their top 40 specials are great too.

But you know what tops all that?
Spending a day out eating lunch
With my favorite girls
And then chilling the park
Taking silly pictures =]


Year Bullet Reflection

Top 10 Things That Rocked Junior Year:
  1. Theology Class
  2. Surviving Calculus
  3. Bloc Party and Flogging Molly concerts
  4. New friends
  5. Frees with the Black and White Cookie
  6. Parties
  7. Cats's Sweet 16
  8. Awesome score on the ACT the first time around
  9. Befriending the freshmen
  10. Discovering Brown
Top 10 Things That Sucked Junior Year:
  1. Breaking up twice
  2. Slipping in English and calculus in the middle of the year
  3. Calculus AP test
  4. All the random fights I've been getting into
  5. All the work that had to be done the last week of school
  6. Deaths of Nina, Kerry, and Irene
  7. Christian Service with Mr. Blu
  8. ???
  9. ???
  10. ???


It Doesn't END Does It?

I feel like this endless
String of senselessness
Is never going to end
Until this week does
When I'm stressed beyond
Rational thought because
My history research
Paper is crappy.



Little Girl

Little girl, little girl,
Your love is crying.
With no one to aim it towards,
It might be dying.

Is there no one
Left you feel is worth you?
Maybe it's cuz those other
Assholes hurt you.

There's nothing really
You can say...
Except how wonderful is it
That you made it to today.

No way.
No way.
My heart is searching.

Maybe I'm not looking hard enough.

All I know
Is that I've been rejected.
For every leadership role
My school has to offer.

Maybe that's just not the thing for me.



I'm so depressed.
I can't move.
I can't do anything.

I mean, I finished my
Theology paper.
I wrote about a line or two
Of my history paper.

That's okay.
There's always tomorrow.
I just gotta get it done before Friday.

I'm just giving up
So hard, it's paralyzing.
I don't know how to move.

Move on, move back,
I can't do any of that.
Even the guy that loves me
For the nothing I'm worth
Isn't really helping.

And I don't want to
Look for anyone new.
I don't want to get hurt again.
I don't want to know that they're
ALWAYS happy at my expense.

Everyone is always fucking happy at my expense.


Let's Put Nair In Their Shampoo (By Papaya)

Im sick of all these assholes breaking my friends hearts. There’s gotta be something I can do. I think we should get a team assembled- lets put nair in their shampoo

Lets put nair in their shampoo, put a camera in their shower so we can watch them pull out chunks of their own hair and then poo- themselves.

Lets put something they’re incredibly allergic to in their food, watch their faces blow up like balloons so they kinda look like chipmunks, then watch their parents frantically rush them to the hospital…. Maybe that one’s not such a great idea

Let’s hack their facebook, hack it yea, and send a message to every single one of their guy friends saying “I have something to confess to you, I’m gay and I’m in love with you, and I always have been”… hehe I like that one.

Lets call his parents house, say we’re the principle of his school, and he was caught outside with weed and crack and heroine and meth and E and other drugs… and he knocked up a teacher.

So Much For Best Day Ever

I have absolutely no energy in my mind to write this in poems because I'm so pissed off. I'm so silly. I'm a silly little girl with silly expectations of finding silly true love and stuff like that. Part of me feels like it won't happen to me. But another part of me feels like if I try hard enough it will.

But I want to stop trying. I almost want some like guy friend of mine to confess that he's been in love with me since we've met or some silly thing like that. And I know that the one guy who does is someone I'll turn down because I'm not attracted to them sexually.

It's so stupid. I wish I were blind something so that sexual attractiveness would not even have to matter. I do wear high-prescription glasses but I don't think that counts. But let's stop talking about the theoretical.

I am pissed off because I apparently did nothing wrong. I was doing everything right...apparently. And I just feel so retarded...so INADEQUATE. And I don't care if what I feel sounds stupid. Most people act stupid when they feel. And I obviously acted very stupid.

So maybe I should just stop fucking feeling to stop being stupid.

And I seriously feel like I'm asking for way too much. I want good grades, so I have them. Can I have them with a side of love? No. That's such a dumb idea. Why? I hasn't worked out. And I guess it might never.

So I'm just going to sit here and brood until I feel better. And Tila gave me SUCH a headache. Not even those friends are helping.



Fun Stuff

Hanging out,

Yeah, I'm busy =]


Almost Done!

From 6 to 3.
But those three will suck.
Especially community service.
Because as much as I love Jesus
And helping people,
I am not helping anyone
Or Jesus
While writing an 800 word
Essay about the magnificence
Of Mohatma Ghandi
For a 1/4 credit course
That has a pass-fail grading system.



Too Many Essays

I have
One (theology)
Two (history)
Three (theology again)
Four (calculus)
Five (another calculus)
Six (Spanish)

Essays to write by next Friday.

My life will suck until then.


Being Sick

It sucks the life out of my life.

I have no energy, no real motivation
To do anything.

That's every other day.

But I'm on so many medications
I'm tripping something weird.
Like the song "Obla-dee Obla-da"
Is stuck in my head.
And I don't even like the Beatles!
(Sorry to all who are offended by my personal taste).

Then there's time yesterday
I tried saying that Jesus
Was God's son in my theology notes.

I ended up saying that Jesus was
A gay's song.

That was pretty failsome.


One Down, One To Go

Sitting in a classroom,
Rows close enough to cheat
Off one another
Except everyone has a different test form,
This is the highlight of AP season.

Once I get passed that,
Everything is easy.

I turned to the first through
About seven pages.
That part was great.


Free response?

Bombed that shit.

Oh well.
If I get a 1...
That will suck.
I'll be so happy with a 3.


Stress Eating And Asian Food

I've been eating a lot lately.
And I hate it.
But it's either suffer through hunger pangs
Or eat and they go away.
And I bet I gained about
All the inches around my waist
That I worked three solid months on losing
And somehow kept off.

It's funny how when I'm stressed
My body image gets hit hardest. =[


Victorian Dinner Parties

I am so tired.
To the point that I don't remember things.

And the things I remember
Are not really relevant
To the life that I have to live.

For example,
I was studying
For my calculus AP.
And then I found myself
In my bed at 7:30.
And then I woke up
And I was in a pretty frilly dress
With Cave-boo
At a Victorian dinner Party.

We danced and flirted
And drank fancy champagne
And hung out with people
Like Dorian Gray
And then I opened my eyes
And it was almost 8.

I sighed and I gasped.
I really need to keep studying.


"Nobody Ever Had A Dream 'Round Here"

I have that song by the Killers stuck
In my head.

I like doing things that release

But it's the way I feel when they're released that
I don't really like.

I start getting really loopy and can't focus.
It's what being drunk would feel like.

I've never been drunk, so I can't compare the two.
I've never been high so I can't compare that either.

But being in this weird daze of happy
Feels pretty good.

But I have so much work to do. >.<


Fine Waste of Time

Studying for AP tests sucks.
You know what else sucks?
Waking up early
To go take a practice test
That you probably already took
And wasted 2 hours starting it.

It sucks.


Das Wetter

It's pouring outside.
Like pouring pain
And chaos
And other things you can pour.

And it's almost like the raging feelings
In my head.
Or maybe it's just
The hormones.

I like the feeling
And idea of being in love with someone.

But it's the repression
Of it that hurts.

I really want to let you know
That I love you.
And I know I remind you a million
Times a day.
And I know I think about you a million
Times a day.

But I feel really bad talking about it,
Because of the company I'm in.
For their sake.

I don't want to feel like the reason
For people thinking unhappy thoughts.
That just makes me a shoddy person.

But I know I love you.