Getting It Together

Taken from Tongue Like Electric, Eyes Like a Child
I want to be fit like those
Sucker Punch girls except
With not so drastic results
And in not the same time span.

I just want to be as tiny
As I can be without losing my
Overall shape, but making it tighter.

But I don't want it to take precedence over
My academics.

I want it to be supplement.

So I can carry a 10 pound and over tote bag without wanting to die at the end of the day.


I Like Spring

Taken from Paper Tissue.
I used to like winter because of the romanticism.  The potential to snuggle up to someone while wearing a thick wool sweater in front of a fire while sipping a cup of hot cocoa.  Going out at non-absurd hours when it's really dark and playing snowball fights and sledding.

I'm starting to like spring more though.  It's warm.  You don't have to study indoors.  You can run around and play and stuff without worried about getting your clothes wet or your fingers cold.  But most of all, the sun's out.  I never though I'd say this, but I really miss the sun.


Taken from closer ❦ to the sun
I hope that one day I'll lose it.

And it'll look like something
From an indie movie.

Except there won't be any
Fancy camera angles
Or lights coming from everywhere.

There won't be a person,
Who will come and take care of me.

I'll lose it enough to seem fine,
So no one would suspect a thing.

And then I'll go out
And go party,
Just enough to not remember a thing.

And I'll spent the next day
And maybe even the next week
Recreating myself anew.

And I'll come out of it
Completely detoxified
And no one should recognize me.

But all that effort
For a taste of self-discovery
Just does not seem worth.

I don't want to be the girl
Who goes home with some random
Stranger and doesn't even know their name.

Red Riding Hood (M.R.)

Taken from closer ❦ to the sun
Since I was traveling most of today, I am a little delayed on posting this.  But anyway.  This movie is a classic fantasy love triangle wrapped in a nice package of little red riding hood and other wolf lore.  Even though this movie was directed by Catherine Hardwicke (who did Twilight), my friend and I decided to give her a fair shot.

I thought this movie was a lot of fun.  In a sense, it is an awesome date movie.  It has suspense and action to satisfy a guy's needs and some romance to satisfy a girl.  I know it bothered people that the girl usually goes for the not as secure relationship, but isn't that where conflict comes in?  Anyway, I thought it was a great plot and me and my friend were guessing the whole way through who the wolf was.  I don't know if it was entirely warranted but whatever.

People have complained that the period piece did not have enough intricate clothing and no one sounded British.  Um, does everyone in that kind of movie have to be British?  Also, the plot takes place in a village, where it seems like no one has much money.Who said it was a period piece anyway?  I feel like the story could have worked in a modern village too.

All in all, this was a good, fun, action-filled, romance-filled work that everyone should go see.  Be it seriously or not seriously.

Rating: 8/10


Not Enough

Taken from p.heartache
I didn't do enough work this break.  Not at all.  I feel like there's a huge mountain looming over me and it's entitled Mount ThisWeekaManjaro.  And there's Mount NextWeekevest.  I just need to get there.  See my friends in between.  Maybe sleep.  Maybe.  Is that even a thing anymore?



Taken from life is wine
Learning an instrument,
Like programming,
Takes patience.

But there's a difference between the two.

I like one of them.

And the other doesn't take all break.
It takes years.


Female Six Pack

Taken from the pursuit of happyness
I have a problem.

I see it forming
And my first instinct is to start eating more.
To make it go away.

It's SO unfamiliar.
Like, what is this?

I mean,
I guess it takes some
Getting used to.

But it's still freaking strange!


Colbert Report Taping, OHMAHGAWD (T.V.C.)

Taken from roflrazzi

So yesterday, like I did in January, I saw a taping of a popular comedy show.  And this time, it was The Colbert Report.  It was a little more disorganized than The Daily Show, but it was fun nonetheless.

A lot of it mimicked the other taping, such as having the opening comedy come out.  And he was just the king of awkward.  I mean, he was funny, really funny.  But the jokes he made were a little more R-rated.  Such as when he turns to a kid and said "say HA as if you injected your penis with heroin...oh shit that's your mother next to you, isn't it?"  Many moments like that occurred.

After many moments of banter, Jersey jokes, and getting pumped for the show, Stephen Colbert came out...out of character!  He's actually not too different, except he doesn't come off as crazy.  He talked about the dynamics between his family and how he keeps a lot of his show persona secret from his younger children so that they don't get confused between their dad and the guy on television.

And then the show started.  And since it aired already last night, it's fine to talk about it.  During one of the parts, he messed up and his face looked like he was begging the camera to fix it.  Which, it did.  Nonetheless, it was great to see such a candid moment.


This Stuff Is Making Me So Mad

Taken from :1 of 64
My blood is boiling.
My blood is boiling.
My blood is boiling.
Because of matlab.

My head is pounding like,
My head is pounding like,
My head is pounding like,
A drum.

My tea is boiling,
The sound's annoying me,
The clacking's annoying me.
Check it out.

And it's supposed to be spring BREAK.
Not spring ANGRY.


The Rationale Behind No Pants

Taken from the pursuit of happyness
The purpose of a Lenten sacrifice
Is to take on some personal challenge
To make you a better person.

And being a better person does not
Only mean improving how you relate
To others, but could mean improving
How you relate to yourself.

By not wearing pants,
I am forced to just deal with
My insecurities more constructively
Than just putting pants on and pretending
Everything is okay.

It makes me own up to how
I feel about myself.

I'm getting used to the idea
Of people seeing my legs
All the time.
And I'm getting used to me
Seeing my legs all the time.

And it's weird.

But strangely liberating.


Getting There

Taken from ~sassy turd~
I've never been so stressed out.
I just want some thing to go right.
Or at least stabilize.
Or not be so stupid.

But I got my friends.
I got my hugs.
I got things.

But I don't think I got
Anything going for me.

But it's freshman year.

What the hell do I know?


October Boys

Taken from p.heartache
They're cute, fun, and polite.
They seem to be into the same things I'm into.
Or maybe not exactly the same,
But pretty darn compatible things.

And they watch decent TV with me.
And everything is good.

Thy seem to be smarter than me,
But that's just what I need.


My Body is An Asterisk

Taken from life is wine
An afterthought.

A thing I don't really think about too much
Or care for particularly.

Until I realize it's actually pretty important.

Like a footnote.
Or a footer.
Or I'll call it whatever I damn well please.

But it's my body, let me do what I want.