Colbert Report Taping, OHMAHGAWD (T.V.C.)

Taken from roflrazzi

So yesterday, like I did in January, I saw a taping of a popular comedy show.  And this time, it was The Colbert Report.  It was a little more disorganized than The Daily Show, but it was fun nonetheless.

A lot of it mimicked the other taping, such as having the opening comedy come out.  And he was just the king of awkward.  I mean, he was funny, really funny.  But the jokes he made were a little more R-rated.  Such as when he turns to a kid and said "say HA as if you injected your penis with heroin...oh shit that's your mother next to you, isn't it?"  Many moments like that occurred.

After many moments of banter, Jersey jokes, and getting pumped for the show, Stephen Colbert came out...out of character!  He's actually not too different, except he doesn't come off as crazy.  He talked about the dynamics between his family and how he keeps a lot of his show persona secret from his younger children so that they don't get confused between their dad and the guy on television.

And then the show started.  And since it aired already last night, it's fine to talk about it.  During one of the parts, he messed up and his face looked like he was begging the camera to fix it.  Which, it did.  Nonetheless, it was great to see such a candid moment.

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