Blogging Will Go On Hold (R.P.)

I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year. So blogging will go on hold. Unless I have something cool to announce.

If there are any...


Rant-ish? (N.a.P.)

I want a guy who isn't a total douchebag, who is absolutely gorgeous inside, who has something cute about him on the outside, who doesn't have any mental disorders (e.g., depression, bipolar, etc.), and who can have a relationship sex-less. I want someone who will stay with me for a long time. Someone who I can love when they are sad and be happy in my place when I am sad. The guy who doesn't freak out over distance, because we'd be together soon-ish. The guy who will introduce me as his girlfriend and won't be afraid to take me home to mom. A dude that won't pressure me to make out with him, and doesn't expect kisses every five seconds. Who will go with me to my silly concerts and invite me to his, regardless of whether or not I'm a fan of the venture (except strip clubs, I'll never go to one).

Why am I posting this? Because I think this is the first time I've concretely declared what I want in a guy. And I'm going to wait. No more stupid like..."waiting period" relationships where you just date people just to get dumped and then discover something awesome. It's stupid. And I sort of feel blinded for my need to be cared for somehow. Exclusively. I care about so many people, like I make sure they're okay. And I want someone who aren't my parents, my girl friends, or my taken friends to do so. And for me to feel the same way.



Jude Law (R.P.)

He's yummy. I saw him on stage today in Hamlet. He looks AMAZING in pajamas.

Just saying.


Where the Wild Things Are (M.R.)

This is possibly the cutest movie I have ever seen. I'm serious. There many cute moments, but sometimes the seriousness seemed rather inappropriate, especially since the movie was based on a children's novel. It seems to resonate more with mature audiences than the youngsters the book was intended for.

The cinematography and visuals were incredible! I think the mix of puppetry and CGI worked beautifully together. The way the camera realistically followed Max when he ran and during the rumpus felt so real. And the wild things were the perfect combination of pretty scary and absolutely snuggly. I totally want a giant plush toy of one in my room...just kidding.

But though there were many childish, fun moments, like the dirt clod fight, the movie also dealt with serious feeling such as betrayal, love, and loneliness. Those parts made the movie a bit kid inappropriate, but it successfully appealed to all age groups.

I recommend this movie for people who like really nostalgic, sentimental pieces. And those who want to feel like a kid again.

Rating: 7/10


Fulfilling the Warning (R.P.)

Yeah, so I didn't make the cut for that scholarship thing I tried out. I guess my parents earn too much money for it or I'm just not good enough for it. But I just hate getting rejected. It sucks. I've been victim to it many times since 5th grade.
But that's because my hopefulness makes me stupid half the time. Okay, MOST of the time.

Warning (R.P.)

The actual post coming in later today will either be ridonkulously happy or really miserable. And there definitely will be a movie review later because I'm seeing Where the Wild Things Are with my two friends.
Today should be pretty good...unless I get mauled by an elderly person again. That would suck.



It cleanses.
It's fresh.
It's an amazing substance.

Is there such a thing
For life and stuff?
Where you just like
Wash yourself with it
And everything is clear?

And you suddenly know everything?


"Dear Gloria, Why Are You Standing On The Edge?"

I'm still shocked.
And my mind is just
Driving me to the edge of

I almost don't want to flirt.
Because that means people
Will start liking me.
And I'll go back on the same kind
Of roller coaster ride
That my mind has been through
These passed few days.

What's killing me?
All the words he said
When we were still together.
The silence now is not golden.
It's a killer.

I'm starting question whether
He meant them.
Or just said them to drag
Me into the deep well of love
I had fallen in,
Just to get sealed up
And drowned by my own feelings.

And yet...
All these "secret" physical
Attractions I've had towards people
In recent weeks
Are coming out.

They're all people
Who are inaccessible.


Music (R.P.)

Airborne Toxic Event is one of the greatest bands ever. Thank you VH1 for introducing them to me.



My heart pines for you.
SO badly.
When my music and my television is off...


I know you want me to be happy
With someone who will "actually support" me.

But I was happy with you.
And I'm still happy loving you.
I still love you.

Because you're you.
Even if you feel like shit,
I know you're not.

And I understand if you can't
Give me the support I need right now.
But I want to support you.
And I am.
I so am.

I just wish that
My heart would stop crying.

I'm afraid of drowning.
And water bubbles forming in my veins.
And my blood pressure going
To record highs because
Of all the salt.


The Complexes I Have With My Subconscious (G.W.D.Y.M.M.S.L.)

Setting: Dream #1

Subconscious Me (S.M.): Hey boy, you're cute.

Subcoscious Boy: So are you...

*They get snuggling*

Real Me (R.M.): OMG!!! WTF!!! ABORT MISSION! *goes back to sleep*

Setting: Dream #2: In an apartment building with ex...in a bed.

Dream Ex: Hey so I wanted to tell you that...*puts arm around her*

S.M.: Yeah...?

Dream Ex: I never actually wanted to break up with you...I mean, I know I'm single and you're taken, but like...if you're ever not...

*They lean in for a kiss...*


Why I'm So Lame: Dream cheating and real cheating are both as bad. The first is slightly worse. Because it can lead to the second. Why do I keep jolting awake? Because I don't want either to happen. Because I am hopelessly in love.


Today Was Good Day (N.a.P.)

I took the SAT but I think I did really well. I afterward scored a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. I actually love Starbucks. It kind of pisses One Guy off, the store, not me buying from it.

Anyway, I then went to Bloomingdales and bought a super cute tube top. I just need a black skirt to go with it. And the black boots I want to get. Abercrombie was quite empty, which made me quite happy. But the fact that I was in Abercrombie with her made Papaya rather uncomfortable. But then we went to a street fair and she had a blast! Besides really cute, inexpensive accessories. I have a feeling that I will blow my entire UrbanOutfitters giftcard on accessories.

Anyway, I also realized that I like guys who are reminiscent of rock stars. One Guy totally looks like Bob Dylan in one of his pics and I think that is super hot...damn, I'm weird.


I Hate Waking Up (R.P.)

My subconscious is really pissing me off. IT NEEDS TO STOP MESSING AROUND WITH PEOPLE WHO AREN'T ONE GUY. Seriously. I have to wake myself up from a dream so that nothing really bad happens. Because I love One Guy. He's so cute and sweet.


What Hurts

I've been going on
Dream-dates lately
That aren't with you.


It's not like
Anything happens,
But it's just like the Sims 2:
It's still cheating
Even if you're on a date
Doing nothing.

And as much
As it hurts you
To read this
(If you ever do)...

It hurts me more.

I hate that my subconscious
Is wandering, pivoting
From every guy I know
Skipping over you.

And it's because
I feel like
I'm not in your life
Right now.

Like I'm being
Skipped over.

And I don't want you
To quit your job
Or do something crazy
Like that.

But I do want to
Capture your attention
From time to time.

And for longer than half an hour.


Stress (R.P.)

Stress has been eating up all my me-time and blog-time so I'm sticking to the random posts for now. They're short and easy...like hookers. Well, the average high schooler's perception of a hooker. I've never been to a strip club so I would not know. Aside from that, I think Kill Hannah has a new album. So does AFI, except I'm scared to be extremely disappointed by the emo direction they've gone in. DECEMBERUNDERGROUND is such a guilty pleasure.