On My Way to Krakow (N.a.P.)

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So, in a few hours, I'll be boarding a bus to the capital of Poland, Warsaw, and then a train to my final destination here: Krakow.  I'll be starting a four-week summer program where I'll be taking Polish language (finally need to learn grammar, yo) and learning about 21st Century literature.  But before all that, I spent some time in Goniadz.
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There's a river, Biebrza, where I used to swim all the time, but there wasn't much water and it was pretty cold most of the time, so I spent a lot of time walking around and taking pictures of things with my friends.  There were a few parties, but those were at night.  And I'm pretty sure my friend still owes this one kid 10 zloty (around $3.5) for booze.  It's legal for kids under 21 to drink here and it blew my mind.

But, we also spent a day in my home town of Bialystok, where my friend and I saw a play and my mom and I took care of important things.  Like getting my proof citizenship card and a bank account set up.

When I get to Krakow, I'm going to have to move in, meet my roomie, get a monthly bus pass, and settle in and take a little break from vacation and be a college kid again.  I'm excited to meet new people and for all the adventures that await!

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