My Lenten Sacrifice 2012

Taken from b00tyful
Originally, I was going to give up food.  Just having the majority of my thoughts about food, not eating all the time, maybe going on a fast and eating healthy things only when I feel genuinely hungry, but no.

I decided to do something healthier for myself.  So, I am giving up "fat."  Everything having to do with the word "fat."  Feeling "fat," eating "fat," focusing on the word "fat."  Telling people I'm a "fat"ass.  The word is destroying me.  And it's three letters.  And it's ruining my life and my relations with things.  Sometimes, rolling out of bed and getting dressed becomes difficult because of it.  And honestly, I am sick and tired of having most of my thoughts and actions directed by the feelings elicited by one small word.  I am sick of feeling awful about myself.  And by the end of this Lent, I am going to feel better.  It WILL happen.

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