Jon Stewart Taping, OH MAH GAWD (T.V.C.)

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So, I haven't done a T.V.C. in forever, because there hasn't been much to rant about in terms of television.  Actually, I might dedicate an entry on the atrocity that is Teen Mom, don't care which season, it's atrocious.

But, this is a happy entry!  I went with the Black&White Cookie to the taping today of The Daily Show.  Sure, there was a lot of down time between getting tickets and actually seeing the show, but it was a great way to spend time with friends.

So first, this comedian came on and asked a bunch of audience members about them from each of the audience sections, and I have to give credit to any woman who trusts her husband enough to let him out to a strip club on his birthday.

And the he came out: Jon Stewart.  With lighting and makeup, he is actually pretty attractive.  And the guy is SO charismatic.  People asked him questions which he either answered directly or made a joke.  One guy asked him about Julian Assange...I feel like if the Daily Show knew where he was to get him on for an interview, so would the US government.  I mean, I should hope so.  Anyway, Douglass's face when Jon Stewart came on was PRICELESS.  I'm pretty sure this was better than Christmas for him.

So then the show commenced and it was interesting to see all the camera work that goes into the program.  What was even more was watching Jon Stewart on an HD television at the same time as watching him talk live.  Tonight's episode is going to be good; I won't spoil it.  I'm just going to say it ran a little over because of an intense debate that I will let the people who read this form their own opinions.

But overall, it was a very, very good time.  And the best part?  The tickets were free and I greatly thank Hatboy for sending me the link to the reservations. 

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