It's 2011, People

So, as usual, I make resolutions for the year to maintain some form of goal orientation.  Last year, they were mostly to make 2010 vastly better than 2009, which I think it was.  I mean, I seriously didn't spend as much time wallowing on my own (damn, that was candid).  Anyway, here are the resolutions to make 2011 better than 2010!

  • Before and after I go to lecture, I will learn the stuff taught in class very well
  • I will do my pre-labs before the day of the lab
  • I'll lose all my college weight...
  • ...and keep it off...
  • ...but still feel really hot in the process
  • I will date more and stop kissing so many people
  • I'll make new friends...
  • ...but not forget about the "old" ones
What're your resolutions?

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