I Can Do It

Taken from Hey there, beautiful
There isn't a reason why I can't look the way I want to look.  I mean, there are plenty of obstacles.  Such as homework, class, and illness.  Right now, we don't have homework or class.  But there's illness.

But that shouldn't stop me from getting what I want.  I want to go back to how I was before I let my eating and my non-exercising get out of control.


A thing we all want to have.  And honestly, I've been irresponsible.  But now I can maintain responsibility.  I don't have to subject myself to discomfort.  And the feeling of "oh my God, make it go away."  And by it, I mean my lack of being able to fit into clothing as nicely as I did.  No one should have to feel uncomfortable in their own skin.

So from now on, I am going to be more conscious about what I eat.  And how I eat it.  And how much I eat.

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