Insecurity Confessions

Taken from Hey there, beautiful
I've decided I need to take more responsibility for myself while at school.  I'm never going to be the type that's up at 5:30 AM to go jogging in the freezing winter air.  I'm not the type to be up at 5:30 AM for anything.  Unless it's my body just being strange.  But I do need to prioritize.  And good things can come from being a bit smaller.  Like more flexibility.  More alertness.  Wearing those jeans from Diesel that I really want to be able to wear comfortably.  Maybe more drive to do other things too.

At the dining halls, I have to say no to extra helpings, to sauces, and to brownies.  Maybe a brownie a week.  Something balanced like that.  And to not let my friend's plates influence mine.  I like that idea.

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