The Talented

They're those kids
And men
And women
Sitting on stoops,
On subways,
And in cafes.

They usually are accompanied
By an acoustic guitar,
But sometimes there's
A bass guitar,
A violin,
A harmonica,
Maybe even an accordion.

These are the kids
And men
And women
Who don't get
Enough recognition for
Their talent
Because there are others
Forced into an instrument
Who treat music
More as a science,
A how-to,
Than an art.

Or maybe they're
The kids who don't have
The connections to
Great music schools
That cost too much
And don't even excel
In genres other than
Classical music.

But these kids
And men
And women
Have a special spark.

As Daniel Tosh would say,
"For that, we thank you."

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