Bat Shit Crazy

I've realized
That not all
My breakups lead to me
Going crazy.

None of them did.

Sure, I cried a lot.
Sure, I started working
Out and dieting a buttload.
Sure, I ignored some people.
Sure, I learned a ton of stuff.

But I never
Acted out,
Went on a drug binge,
Went on a eating spree,
Never really hated people
(Except for one person,
But that's got
Nothing to do with a breakup).

Didn't feel it was necessary.
Plus, relationships
Last a few months.
Break-up shock lasts
A few days.
Addictions and really
Bad spur of the moment ideas
Could last years.

I've heard horror stories
Where a woman finds out
Her man is gay and
Just goes completely crazy.
I can see how that works,
Losing trust in what other
People tell you.
But who am I to give advice?

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