Rain On, Rain Off (B.O.A.)

6/10/10Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

6/10/10 by jladz65 

So I think I am in love with leggings.  They are so comfy and are just like black skinny jeans.  But not made out of denim and actually fit my ass.  Except when I left the house, my legs were fine.  About thirty minutes later, they were burning up.  But then it rained.  And then it sunshined!  And now I don't want to know what's going on.  I also discovered this really cute coffee shop by my house.  Those of you who are fans of Questionable Content should check out Grumpy.  It's like Coffee of Doom except run by dudes.

Shirt is from Esprit, leggings from Tart via Nordstrom Rack, skirt from a thrift store, converse shoes, scarf from Hot Topic, and bag from Coach.

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