3oh!3 (M.S.O.)

I apologize for the crappy original photography from when I saw these dudes in May 2010.  SO GOOD LIVE.  But anyway, their latest album, Streets of Gold, came out today, and being the good fan that I am, I downloaded it immediately.  I even paid 10 bucks for it on iTunes. And I think it was totally worth it.

These guys have really really fun pop-electro-rap party music.  If you're looking for a deeper meaning, there isn't any.  Well, except for when they talk about how kids are just really messed up on sluts, drugs, and reckless behavior.  When they first came out with the self-titled debut, the music definitely had hip-hop roots.  And then they hit fame with "Don't Trust Me" off their second Want album.  That song definitely had a more pop feel but it was definitely a better direction.  Sure, some may argue that it isn't anything original, but it is definitely the cream of the crop in terms of that kind of music.  I mean, J Bigga and Jeffree Star follow a similar genre, but these guys' voices are way less annoying and the lyrics make sense.  Somewhat.

Plus, who doesn't love an adorable vegetarian and a hot ridiculously tall dude rapping?

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