Prince of Persia (M.R.)

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Stop being distracted by the poster.  Yes, that is Jake Gyllenhaal, a white dude, playing a Persian.  But this is a movie based off a video game, so as long as he remotely resembles the dude in that, I think it is fine.  That being said, Prince of Persia has been one of the most fun action films I have seen in a while.  The movie did well in the plot, stunt, and suspense departments.

The movie tells the story of a man named Destan, who was taken off the streets of Persia when he young by the king, thus making him a prince of Persia.  After a successful raid and a framed murder, the prince must run away and uncover the secrets of ta weapon that can reverse time.  During the movie, I find myself actually caring about what happens to the characters, especially Destan, even though he does possess ungodly strength.  The movie's plot varies from the video game's because the video game focuses more on monsters and Armageddon caused by the Sands of Time.  The movie just touches on that.  So even though making a video game based off a movie based off a video game sounds silly, I guess people want a game that would mimic the movie.

The stunts performed by Jake Gyllenhaal, probably mostly enhanced by CGI, match video-game style improbability and awesomeness.  Many transition scenes mimicked that of a video game, when you cut away from the hero for a bit to learn a bit of back story.  The fight scenes are like those in a game and sometimes I wanted to just grab a controller and help Destan out.  But me with my gaming skills would not do much.

Scenes involving Destan escaping various armies and fighting off baddies ("boss battles" as I called them during the movie) had me on the edge of my seat.  Bwrah cradled herself a lot, but given that the movie seems like it is being played by a dude on expert mode, nothing bad would happen except for a cut or two.  Even when things got hopeless, I wanted to know how to it would be resolved, and the possibilities were endless.

In short, Prince of Persia was a great way to start off the summer movie season.  I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys action movies that do not feature many explosions and can actually be remembered.

Rating: 9/10

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