Prom (N.a.P.)

Prom in status updates! Same format as with the Cornell entry.

"Joanna woke up this morning at 7:30 AM. At least I had to be up this early. somuchtodo."

"Pilates at 8 AM to prevent that fat bitch from entering my field of vision."

"Hmm...why is it so hot outside? This does not bode well."

"Getting my nails done. French tips are actually really cute."

"OMG WTF! I thought we had this afterprom shit in the bag last night..."

"Thank God, I am getting facebook on my phone."

"My hair looks really good, now onto makeup."

"Aw, shit, I shouldn't have ordered that many tickets for afterprom."

"OMG. I don't think I've looked this good since my sweet 16. I FEEL SO THIN."

"I think me and Arizohta are looking spiffy :)"

"Why am I so early to everything today? Knee Replacement must still be getting ready."

"Aww her house is really cutie. AW DOGGIE! Omg, he's eating my prom date."

"Aww Ms. Innocent looks really pretty. Man, everyone will."

"So everyone's here, except for Designer Boy, who will be late. Who's surprised?! :D"

"Haha, I don't remember the last time I was in a limo...haha it lights up. SHINY."

"Okay, I figured out how to get into a car. SHIT I RIPPED MY DRESS. Hopefully, there is enough rouching to cover it up."

"The Water's Edge is gorgeous! I wonder who else is here."

"That...that's not a prom dress..."

"Man, her date is awkward. He's a bit uh old."

"Aww why won't he introduce her to us."

"Cocktail hour was fun. Now give me some DANCING, BITCH."

"Lol, I dunno half these songs but they're danceable. Yeah Papaya for dragging us out onto the dance floor."

"The view of Manhattan is so pretty. This is such a great location."

"Haha, the teachers are so cute dancing to Bad Romance."


"Woooo that was fun. Now to take my prom date home and go to that comedy club thing."

"Everyone in my group is exhausted and the other people are not in prom gear. Haha awkward."

"I feel bad for Photographer being the token Asian. STOP MAKING JOKES AT HER."

"Omg, poor Ms. Innocent. I don't think she can relate to any of this."

"Haha, that was funny. But now I really want to sleep."

"Home: 3:30 AM. Woke up: 10:15 AM. What the fuck. Oh well, at least last night was REALLY FUN. Seniors 2010!"

Prom down, graduation and my birthday to go. :)

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