Predators (M.R.)

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Where do I begin?  I would say at the beginning, but I will just burst out laughing hysterically.  Sure, it might be advertised as this sci-fi, action, adventure flick.  It is actually a comedy disguised by gore and suspense.

Predators is about a bunch of people that free fall onto an island where something is hunting them.  Or are they hunting something?  Either way, they are royally screwed because they first think that they got abandoned in some jungle on Earth, but turns out that they are in the land of the predator.  It features Adrian Brody, Topher Grace, and Laurence Fishbourne, so if you like talented actors, people from That 70s Show, and Othello, you are going to love this one.

The acting seemed kind of real, except Adrian Brody's character seemed too bad ass for his own good.  He was so bad ass, he did not even reveal his name until the end of the movie.  Now, me and MG(squared) walked into the movie thinking it would be one of those shenanigans where everyone dies at the end or there is an epic moment of deus ex machina and everyone gets saved.  Neither happens.  Whoops, spoiler.

The suspense was great, but the music honestly ruined most of the scenes.  I just could not take it seriously.  As if they have not updated the soundtrack since Arnold Schwarzenegger fought the original predators in that Guatemalan jungle in the 80's.

Special effects department ruled.  Except for the fact that the creatures' blood was Inca-Kola-colored and shined in the night when everything else was pitch-black.  And it was a bit of a shame that the directors chose not to develop the characters' back stories more.  Then again, it would have made the viewer actually care about some really crappy people.  It was a move for the better.

Rating: 7/10

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