Total Fiction

Note: This one is based off a dream I had last night.  It came to me when I woke up from it at 2:45 AM, but my mother thought I had been up until that hour, so I couldn't write it down.  Enjoy!

He looked like wood-boy when I found him.
He had twigs in his hair, mud on his face,
But so adorable with the blanket wrapped
Around him, mug of hot tea in his hands,
And this really calm serene look on his face.

"What happened, boo?  Why weren't you in chem class this morning?
I was so worried!"
I asked, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"Babe, I forgot to tell you, but sometimes I
He said, without an ounce of concern.

I looked at him,

"Sleepwalk."  He repeated.

I said, with a slight chuckle, as if a 20-year-old
College kid could answer the bonus
Question on the "why people sleep" test.

"Well I don't know why, but everytime
It's happened,
I've had the most beautiful dreams."

What the fuck did you dream
About, then, the night when
I didn't see you in the morning.
The morning after we spent our
One millionth night together.
Did you forget to take your sleep
Meds because they induce nightmares?
Why did you forget?
How could you leave me like this?
Getting that phone call
The next morning, from your cell phone,
Expecting it to be you but instead
It was the campus police, asking if I
Knew where you were, asking if I
Perhaps held you hostage somewhere,
Was the worst moment of my life
So far.  You said you loved me.
I guess your subconscious thought
Otherwise.  Now mine hates you but wants
You back at the same time.  This is such torture.
Come back to me, please?  Maybe in a dream
And tell me everything?  I want to know
Everything that happened after we fell
Asleep that night.  So that I could
Finally have some

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