Get Him to the Greek (M.R.)

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This movie rules.  Honestly, in terms of sheer ridiculousness, it reaches Hangover status.  The humor keeps you interested, the music is amazing (even though Infant Snow is a fake band), and the characters are just great.

The humor is mostly drug and sex related.  But that keeps pervs like me and you awake during the movie.  What really caught my attention was that each scene seemed to have a joke attached to it.  Such as the bit with the airport, or when they are rendezvousing in the strip club.  The jokes did not flow as well, the movie took a bit to get started, but that is okay.

In Get Him to the Greek, Aaron Greene is given a career-changing and life-altering assignment to get washed-out rocker Aldous Snow to the Greek theater in Los Angeles.  As you can imagine, lots of crazy stuff happens.  But throughout their time together, lots of good music gets played in the movie.  All the songs are attributed to the band from the film, Infant Snow.  I wish they we were real.  My favorite song has to be "The Clap."  More music like that needs to be written.  Actually, there are many Brit-pop bands who write similar stuff.  Russell Brand works well as a frontman and singer.

One of the things that sold the movie for me were the characters.  As Aaron Greene, Jonah Hill plays the timid, music-nerd intern.  P. Diddy plays the CEO of Pinnacle records, which is not too far from the P. Diddy in real life.  Just the way Aaron Greene gets tossed around by the CEO and the rock star makes for great humor.  But how they all detox so quickly from Jeffrey and the other various drugs used in the film, I will never understand.

Get Him to the Greek has been a really fun romp.  I learned something from it: don't do drugs, kids.  They kill creativity.

Rating: 8/10

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