"My Eyes Don't Recognize You Anymore"

Lyrics in title are from "For Reasons Unknown" by the Killers (Totally found out just now that there's a music video)

In two years, so much can change.
I mean, even between this week
And next week,
Major changes can occur.

Like this Tuesday,
My cousin is a fiance.
Next Tuesday,
He is a husband.

But two years ago,
Someone was one of my closest friends.
Now, we're not even communicating
Via social networking
Due to schedule conflicts and general
Lack of communication.

Not every bridge holds its own.
And every connection between people
Needs to be maintained and what not.
Or else it might fall apart.
And you might not have
Time to take care of that one,
Because of the other bridges you built.

What about those that you haven't checked?
In some cases years.
You haven't seen it in years
Because it's 8 hours away by plane
Or because the other end is closed
When yours is open
Or it's 3 or 4 hours away
And you just don't have
Time to go check it out.

I guess those just have really
Strong foundations built.
Strong materials and whatnot.
That's why they don't fall apart.

The highway and water network
Of friendship traffic
Is a quite confusing one.


Miss Anne Thrope said...

It really isn't that complicated. If you care about your friendship w someone you make time for them. Also, as a side note, you ask the other person about themselves instead of talking about yourself all the time. I'm not the only person who feels this way.

Anna said...

I really like this one. I want to cry. I don't like it when the friends I really care about go far away.. :'(