About A Girl

Note: This poem comes from the MOST personal piece of writing I have, called The Mean People Suck Notebook.  It's filled with lots of random stuff, I let my friend doodle in it, but I let no one read it.  Here's a sneak peak of what's in it.  It's pretty on par for what's bugging me right now.
I kind of want to be that girl
Who has guys hanging onto
Her more.
The one guys would kill
To be matched up to.
She's got so many options
She doesn't know who to choose.
She's so scared of getting hurt,
She doesn't play her cards right,
All they want is a passing glance
But she doesn't give them time.

I guess she always comes off
As a little aloof.
And her lack of dates
And snuggles are solid proof.

But then again she really doesn't
Need to get distracted.
She's got enough on her plate,
So excuse the way she's acting.

Maybe one she'll break out
Of her cocoon and
Let someone in close enough
To share her space.
Man that'd be awesome
Except I won't be that girl.
Because I'm not calloused,
Unapproachable, closed-off,
And inexplicably unattainable.
My friendliness and openness
Make people like me.
And it's because of those people
That I write and stick
Around to help out.

Without them I am nothing.

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Stranger Anthony said...

Really good. You'll get that guy. :j