I sat in a park with Beartrap,
Hoping to spend some time with
Him before Nose-ring Pixie
Showed up, but instead
This older man came and started
Talking to us.

He started telling us things about
His life, like the death of his wife,
How he's getting married so soon,
And I thought two things.

I'm not even entirely
From the city, and I understand
How most New Yorkers and city-folk
Keep to themselves, so how is this
Guy just walking up to us and telling
Part of his life story?  Isn't that a bit terrifying?
I mean, I'd totally say that we're just a
Pair of "college-bound" kids so we're not too scary,
But college-bound kids are exactly what I'm afraid of.

(I didn't say these thoughts were short)
His wife died six year ago and he's back on the
Dating scene.  She.  Died.  Six.  Years.  Ago.
I must be some form of an emotional cripple
Because it took me a year to fully recover from
A breakup.  I mean, he probably still thinks about her
But he's getting married again...I think I would have
Totally caved in his situation, but what do I know?
I'm not in it and I'm just a teenager who gets
Anxious about everything.

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