Inception (M.R.)

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This movie is the movie of the summer.  The only thing that could have possibly topped this one is if Harry Potter 7 or 7.5 came out at the same time.  It is nice to finally see a totally original movie that had been thought out to its fullest potential without many plot holes.  The visuals were incredible (most likely because I saw it in Imax for the first time in my life) and the actors seemed so real in their delivery.  The only real complaint I have is the soundtrack (WAAAH WAAAH WAAAH Shutter Island style).

When I started seeing trailers and TV spots for the film, I had no idea what it was about.  Something about dreams and crimes and Leonardo DiCaprio was all I could gather.  So I went into the film with an open mind.  And it was completely encompassed by the sheer awesomeness of the whole dream scape idea-implantation idea.  The most intriguing part is that this is not some futuristic technology (okay, to some extent, it is) but it plays off the idea of how dreams work.  And the audience is stuck in Christopher Nolan's dream.

Now I do not know if the movie was visually sort of perfect or if Imax made it seem that way.  But either way, I was so fascinated and absorbed in the dream scape.  What is really nice is that everything was not in a turquoise or orange filter.  But I think the best sequence of the movie was when they incorporated the idea of fighting in free fall without gravity.  To pull something like that off without it being too fake takes some genius.

And then there is the acting.  Sure, the only total unreality was that everyone remained so focused and calm.  But maybe that is because they were trained professionals.  I know I would be pooping myself.  Ellen Page still looks 16, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt is proving to be quite the actor.  I saw him in 500 Days of Summer and I thought he was good in that one.

The commentary on the soundtrack was a joke.  Not something I would want on my iPod, per se, but it really fit the idea.  The repetition of the drone sort of reminded the reader they were in a dream, since it only happened in all the dream sequences.  Overall, I would definitely not mind seeing this movie again.  I recommend everyone to see it because it truly a work of original genius.  Or go see crappy remakes.  Pick one.

Rating: 10/10 (That hasn't happened, but this definitely deserved it)

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