Not This Again

I hate roller coasters.
So much.

Maybe it's because of
The unbelievable heights
You go to
(And I'm really
Afraid of heights)
And then smash down
Into deep lows (really quickly).
The ascent is faster than
The fall.

And then it's over.

Where can I get off?

I thought I got off it.
But then I found my mind
Thinking about it.

So then I got right back on.

They say you
Have to put yourself
In situations
Where you face your
Fears and stuff like that.

I fear getting on
The rollercoaster.

I'm even more
Terrified of getting off
This stupid ride.

I just don't even
Want to think about it.

I should just get my puke
Bag on, get sick
For a bit
And feel better once it
Starts climbing again.

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