How a Fling Works

I dare you, say it.

"I l...
I luh...

Say it, I dare you.

"I luh...oovee...

Haha, it's okay.
I can't bring myself
To say it either.

I mean, that word
Usually comes up
In my mind's association
With someone else,
Someone I don't think
I've met yet, but
Not you.

That's okay.
We both know
The phrase burns holes
In our throat and our
Bad habits have done
Enough damage as it is.

But um, yeah.
I think if we averaged
Out how much we care
About each other, it's
Possibly a 3.
Because there's 2 points
For caring because we're human
Beings and one because
We're friends, I guess?

Either way...
Current goal: have fun.
The feelings can
Come much later
With people who are
Better for both of us.

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