It's been scientifically proven
That lightning does actually
Strike the same place twice,
Sometimes more than once
During a storm.

I don't want to say
It's been storming for
Two years straight,
Because that's a bit dramatic
And honestly, not true,
But hot damn, I am not
Letting the lightning
Strike twice in the same way.

Because shit does not
Happen the same way twice.

Sure, two years ago, I might have
Been angry enough at the miscommunication
To lash out like some dumb teenager,
But I won't let it happen again.

I am pretty embarrassed that I let that
Happen.  But I guess when you're angry
Enough, nothing really matters except
How angry you are.

So I guess I have to stay away from
Anything that could call attention to it.

But I really shouldn't have to.

I have other friends who maybe
Don't know me as well as MSCBFF,
But who are definitely more available
And could be there for me when he isn't.

And I can't just sit around waiting for when
He's available.
But then again, as I learned from
Waiting for Godot,
Life happens when you're waiting
For something.
Again, perhaps there are things
That are more worth while to wait for
Than someone who is perpetually busy
Until some form of a break comes.
And I don't mean that in a condescending
You be busy, boy!
Go live your life.

And so will I.

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